Reason's Nick Gillespie on Freedom Watch and Red Eye Tonight


Reason's Nick Gillespie will appear on Fox Business' Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano tonight at 8pm ET. The topic: The ways in which environmental and immigration policies are screwing with the pursuit of happiness in California's Central Valley, the subject of this recent Paul Feine-Alex Manning joint:

He'll also be on Fox News' Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, which airs at 3AM ET.

Update: The topic for Freedom Watch has changed and Gillespie will be talking about outta-control spending and whether the new crop of GOP and Tea Partyish members of Congress will actually push for reduced expenditures in the coming year. Other guests include Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Ralph Nader, Steve Forbes, and business writer Charles Gasparino.

Here's Gillespie's most recent Freedom Watch appearance (on January 13), where he talked about ObamaCare and corporatism: