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Reasoner on Varney & Co.: Nick Gillespie Says "Radical Republicans" Just Ain't Radical Enough When it Comes to Cutting Spending!

| editor-in-chief Nick Gillespie appeared on Varney & Co. to explain why he's underwhelmed by the budget cut proposals of the new congressional Republicans and why he'll continue to hold their feet to the fire. Air Date: Jan. 19, 2011.

Approximately 5 minutes. 

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  1. Yo, Varney….Shut your limey mouth and let The Jacket speak.

    Man, the moment Nick brought up defense spending, the single biggest tax-eating machine in the country, those Fox News ‘conservatives’ just start frothing at the mouth, don’t they? I thought Varney was going to have a stroke for a second.

  2. Nick holding his ground. I’m Loving it

  3. He will continue holding their feet to the fire. I love the puffed-up self-importance of these fringe nutbars. You tell ’em, Gillespie!

  4. Nice work, Nick. Only problem with this clip is the lack of mustache.

    1. No, the mustache stays gone!

      1. well at least we know if we need to court the Log Cabin Repubs for any reason, we’ve got a plan of action with the ‘Stache….

  5. I’m so proud of you Jacket!

    (I do miss the handlebar though)…

  6. Varney and the other pundits are struck speechless that someone would go on TV and make a sincere and passionate argument.

  7. Exhibit A: Why I would simultaneous watch a “News” related program produced by Fox and contemplate why I haven’t killed myself while hearing the likes of Varney whine about they haven’t had enough time to do anything. Fuck you, you had years to do something about it and all you did was make it worse. Oh well, it’s worth it to see all those assholes that supported Bush realize they are disingenuous shitbags.

    1. Yes, I too am upset that Varney & Co. increased the size of the federal budget. It’s an outrage, I tell you.

  8. “You’re not being realistic.”

    If ‘realistic’ means doing things they way they’ve always been done, it’s definitely time to ‘take drugs,’ ‘dream,’ or *whatever* Varney thought Nick was being.

  9. My question is did the governor of Wisconsin give big tax breaks to big business and than not have the money to balance the budget and now is trying to make that money up by taking away from the union workers?

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