Reasoner on Stossel: Nick Gillespie Talks Four Loko Ban


Reason's clean-shaven Nick Gillespie joined Fox Business' Stossel to discuss the FDA banning caffeine-infused alcoholic drinks and whether the government should limit choices in order protect the public.

Air Date: January 6, 2010.

Approximately 6.19 minutes. 

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  1. Jacket. Facial hair. Discuss.

  2. From the screen grab it looks like the stache is gone. Stossel’s is still there. I guess it was always there.

  3. two words: irish coffee.

  4. I think The Jacket decided his symbiotic host (Nick) was not big enough for both the Stache & Him. There was a showdown late one night, where in a drunken fit it came to a head (no pun), and they were like, “Look, bitch, this isn’t working out… it’s You or Me… so what’s it gonna be? Thow down!!” (bitch slapping ensues)

    … cut to the Stache, asswhooped and humiliated, dragging Nick into the bathroom crying… “im sorry… I tried… I thought we had something special…. but you just wont let that other thing *go*… maybe it was never meant to be.”

    As Nick lathered up and prepped his razor, he thought…”Yeah, well, I was never really that into you anyway.”

    1. Dayum! That there is Sugarfree-quality ‘splainin of things. AND…pretty much how I see it going down.

      Well done, G!

  5. There is nothing new about adults combining caffeine and alcohol. Who hasn’t enjoyed a rum and Coke, Irish coffee, Kahlua or espresso martini? The question should be what levels are appropriate. We believe that large, sugary, high alcohol, high caffeine “juice” drinks are dangerous and should be of concern to regulators and the public. Moonshot ’69 is a beer for beer drinkers that has been enjoyed by craft-beer lovers since 2004.

    Get them! Not me!

    1. Yeah, a bit of a cop out.

      The issue with the Four Loko / Sparks etc type products was primarily driven by a (BS) concern that they were “products marketed to kids”. Basically, the format of the product is *too much like* their superpopular Teen Energy Drink counterparts (which I should add have also by themselves been subject to hysterical scrutiny) The can, the coloring, the flavors… basically, “Kids drink with booze? Oh noes!”

      (surprisingly, Boones Wine, Cisco, and Mad Dog 20/20 have survived for decades… go figure)

      The fact they decided to go after these drinks them for “formulation health dangers” I believe was a strategic afterthought. Of course, once they did that, they had to also apply their ban to obviously adult-marketed beverages… basically, kill off a few perfectly reasonable products in an effort to make it look like they actually cared about the ‘dangers’ of Caffeine+Alcohol, as opposed to alcoholic products that sorta looked like they were tryin to get teens wasted. There’s a long history of this sort of thing… See ‘banning flavored tobacco’ products. “Flavored? Clearly an effort to get little jimmy hooked on nicotine… come for the raspberry, stay for the horrible addiction!” People in congress love to find little stupid things like this to do, mainly to make it look *like they’re doing something*… Who cares if they ruin a few entrepreneurs, destroy innovation in the process… It’s what they do!

    2. And lets not forget a drink popular with high school kids, college students, and adults, the Jagger Bomb. Also, various other mixes of liquor and sodas.

    3. And lets not forget a drink popular with high school kids, college students, and adults, the Jagger Bomb. Also, various other mixes of liquor and sodas.

    4. I saw her pull that line right when the FDA banned her drink. Fucking pathetic. Once the FDA tastes blood, its thirst will never be slaked. She will reap what she sows.

  6. I’m on an itouch and I’m not findings version on rtv

  7. Yeah – how many “bad cop” stories is it gonna take for Stossel to shave off the cop ‘stache?

  8. Gillespie on Stossel, Stossel on reason…. just build a treehouse for fuck’s sake.

  9. “Reason’s clean-shaven Nick Gillespie”

    So he’s no longer a hairy Reasoner?

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo…

  10. I saw cans of Four Loko on the shelves of a local store yesterday. Who knew the rebellion would start at a Quik-E Mart*
    (Real withheld)

    1. That should be (Real NAME Withheld).

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