On The Other Hand, There's Viagra, Penicillin, & LSD


Here's a recent Reason.tv video that's boining up the youtubes about the law of unintended consequences rearing its ugly head like a redheaded stepchild from Hell on wheels that keep on toining when it comes to artificial reefs made of steel-belted radials, ethanol, and ObamaCare.

Watch it and learn and laff a little, but for god's sake, live, dammit, live!

Speaking on behalf of unintended consequences? The discovery of drugs ranging from Viagra, penicillin, and LSD, and other stuff like microwave cooking, brandy, Teflon, and chocolate chip cookies.

Note that the tragic dimension of unintended consequences attaches itself like a lamprey to public-sector derring-do rather than quaint lab accidents and kitchen-based discoveries.