200 Years of Health and Wealth Data for 200 Countries in 4 Minutes


Start your weekend off right with this short, snappy data-driven video about the astonishing growth of health and wealth in the world in the last 200 years.

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  1. OK, that was frickin’ cool.

  2. Yes, yes, yes… billions of people living three times longer with a hundred times the wealth. Whatever.

    What about the polar bear all alone on that little piece of ice?

    1. It’s sad that what you said is pretty much the sentiment of all the liberal commentators on Youtube. No, let’s not continue with what we are doing in the last 200 years. You know, that free market/capitalism thing that has just been shown to be extremely successful for the entire world. There might be an ecological collapse and push us all down into poverty! Let’s go voluntarily back into poverty instead and make it inevitable.

  3. My God, look at all of that income inequality. We must return to 1810 for fairness’ sake!

  4. Yeah, whatever. We’re doomed, I tells ya, DOOOMED!

  5. Did you guys catch the life expectancy drop in China during the Cultural Revolution? It must have been on the order of 30 years lower average life expectancy. Holy Crap!

    1. I guess murdering over 40 million people has a negative effect on life expectancy.

    2. That was fucking insane. Someone should make an annotated version pointing that out and send it to all the Maoist cocksuckers (and that whore Friedman) out there.

      1. Not true, not a bit of it, Mao and his cadres were supernaturally smart.

  6. And yet, a gloomy, despairing view of the future is often treated as a sign of intellectual sophistication. Go figure.

  7. That’s fantastic.

  8. None of this would have been possible without government.

    -Joe Biden

  9. Very cool, and while I find the addition of “green technologies” into his list of things that made the last 60 years so prosperous and healthy, overall the the presentation is a giant boot to the crotch of the anti-globalization/anti-free trade jackholes.

    1. what he means by “green technologies” is the agricultural “green revolution” of the the past 60 years and the increased yields that came with it, Norman Borlaug and all that

      1. OKay…never mind.

  10. I’ve been watching this dude’s videos on TED the last few days. He’s fucking ridiculously cool. I recommend all of them.

  11. ew York Times columnist David Brooks at the American Enterprise Institute yesterday, the ostensible topic of debate was “How much government is good government?” But for a

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