Sports OKC Mayor Sacks Lingerie Football!'s Nanny of the Month (Nov 2010)


This month nannies banned beverages that mix booze with caffeine and one top official even hinted that the feds may disable cell phones in cars.

But this time top dishonors go to the heartland mayor who sacked the Lingerie Football League.

Presenting's Nanny of the Month for November 2010: Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett!

Approximately 1.17 minutes.

"Nanny of the Month" is written and produced by Ted Balaker. Associate Producer: Alex Manning. Opening animation: Meredith Bragg.

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  1. I heard season two of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is going to feature Nucky Thompson getting wealthy off of black market lingerie football.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to this football league. I’m getting a ticket for the LA franchise. Capitalism at work!

    1. And yet there are those who would deny the existence of American Exceptionalism.

      1. lol…. Porn and Sports FTW!

        I do prefer LA productions to all the German Latex and Japanese Tentacle bukkake. [Montreal produces some nice stuff though]

  3. That was a pretty damn good hit at about 0:45.

  4. Heartlandless mayor.

    What a horrible person.

  5. In other words, Homoerotic=OK. Go watch a bunch of guys sweat on each other in little to no clothing.

    But don’t watch women doing the same thing. That’s objectification. Unless, of course, they’re on the sideline where they belong.

  6. The main problem is the city owning venues in the first place.

    1. That, and, in some cases, even if the city doesn’t own the venue, you still need a permit. Fuckers did that in my town. The promoters of Bonnaroo wanted to do a weekend festival here. The Mayor actually went through a lot of trouble to get them here, and set up a rough agreement with the land owners, but after some public objection, the City Council denied the permit.

  7. This guy is a bigger douche than simply not wanting scantily clad women playing football. Tax increases and the government intervention and even direct purchase of business and property are all part of his bullshit, too. He and the last two mayors are absolute parasites. It doesn’t matter if it is a defunct GM plant, a professional basketball team or stupid ass Bass Pro Shops, the “city fathers” will have their mouths planted securely on the taxpayers tit. They actually make some of the national politicians seem less than pure evil.

  8. Well, OKC is the epicenter of cow tipping. Why tip cows? They can’t run off when they’re laying on their sides, like sheep tend to do.

  9. A league of thier own.

    Fucking HOT, and some good hits there too.

    As for the UFC being homo-erotic I think it depends what you bring with yourself to the viewing experience…

    A cool chick I watch it with does love it when they end up in North-South. We keep waiting for someone to tap due to tea bag, lol….

    1. As for the UFC being homo-erotic I think it depends what you bring with yourself to the viewing experience…

      Lay and pray is for sissies. Either stand and fight, or work a submission. Hugging another man on the ground and throwing pillow hands at him should be punishable by castration.

      1. This. I blame the refs. If they aren’t advancing their position QUICKLY then stand them up. Instead they say “let’s work, guys” for a full minute before doing anything.

        1. Lay and pray is an issue and gets addressed more or less…. its complicated.

          There are clear cases of pure lay and pray, other cases may well be an epic struggle of position, to inflict or defend a submission. Submissions can come from strength and hard work, but the best are sprung like a trap.

          Sometimes a struggle on the ground is a battle placed upon a hair trigger, once inch means victory or defeat.

          1. Defend it all you want, but it’s still homoerotic. It has its roots with the Greeks, after all.

            This is coming from someone who was a college wrestler and enjoys the UFC. But you have to call a spade a spade.

  10. Not surprising it is Oklahoma. That whole steers and queers thing.

  11. Mayor Nanny, one word: faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

  12. Maybe they could start a team of Satanic lingerie football girls.

  13. I’d watch a team of Satanic lingerie football girls play. It sounds like a very kinky and pleasing experience.

    1. its a nice base to work from

  14. The mayor of OKC is most likely the pussy-whipped husband of some fat and/or ugly cow who is just bitter about women more attractive than her appearing in public. Something similar to this happened here in Texas a few years back with college cheerleaders and some pussy-whipped state legislator.

  15. Taking a different tack, when you’re behind the wheel you focus on the driving. No phone calls in other words, because it does put you and the people around you in peril. If it takes disabling cell phones when a motor vehicle in underway, then you disable cell phones.

    Common sense aint all that common, and it won’t hurt you to do without your cell phone while you’re driving.

    1. It is ok Allen. Sometimes the grownups can talk and drive. It will all be ok.


  17. I spent a month in Oklahoma City one weekend.

  18. I happen to know that the participants in regular-football-clothed women’s football have often been contemptuous of lingerie football. I’m sure they’re bothered that their “serious” game doesn’t have the spectator appeal that the lingerie game does.

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  20. h for November 2010: Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett!

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