Using the Internet to Protect Your Crotch


As we push through the second week of 24-hour coverage of America's security crotch grab epidemic and head toward Thanksgiving, Jerry Brito at Tech Liberation Front reminds us to take a moment be grateful for the tools we have at our disposal to organize civil disobedience:

  • It was John Tyner's cell phone video recording of his encounter with TSA, which he posted to his blog, that really galvanized folks to take action.
  • The Fly With Dignity campaign was conceived and organized by folks collaborating on the Reddit community.
  • It is through online social networks that the meme of Nov. 24 as National Opt-Out Day has spread.

Without the internet, we would have been at the mercy of the news media to get the word out about citizen frustration. Complaining would have been relegated to writing your congressman. And organizing a wide-spread protest would likely have been impossible.

Without Internet-powered resistance (and perhaps even in spite of it), a low-resolution future of naked despair threatens:

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  1. Still no Oz reference? Janet Napolitano may not resemble Shillinger but the intent is there.

    1. I really liked Oz. Great acting. It all got to be a little much though. That guy doing the funny Allstate commercials was great in that show.

  2. Saw this on NRO today.

    I know it’s opinion, but if a person were to be devout enough to wear a burqua, wouldn’t it make sense to refuse a body scan or intrusive pat down for religious reasons?

    The theater gets better every day.

    1. No shit: Saudi women who went to the hospital (Aramco, Dhahran) had no problem with Western doctors looking at their twats, but they insisted on keeping their faces covered. Go figure…

      1. That’s actually pretty useful information.

  3. I speak for myself that when I see so many infringements upon my freedoms that humor is a great tonic. Here’s a TSA caption contest:


    1. “This is taking Obama’s Stimulus Package to a whole new dimension!”

      Lolz… there’s a good joke there, but it needs some work..
      How about:

      “I had no idea ‘Obama’s stimulus package meant’ paying the TSA to stimulate my package.”

      or something like that..

    2. “I’m not really flying today, I was just feeling neglected at home”

  4. Gawd I love my job!

  5. And besides, who doesn’t love an Old Fashioned?

    1. That’s right. TSA agents are rapists! They want to rape and fondle the ugly, flabby, sweaty public, just for kicks!

      1. Now, now, Nancy. You’re not the only kind of passenger at airports.

        1. I’m the exception. They give me a pass because of my awesomeness.

  6. God bless you Al Gore.

  7. if a person were to be devout enough to wear a burqua, wouldn’t it make sense to refuse a body scan or intrusive pat down for religious reasons?

    They should also think planes are forbidden images of birds, and GTFO.

    But hey.

    1. They should also think planes are forbidden images of birds

      Nice try; but that would obviously be some made-up cult, not a real religion.

  8. a low-resolution future of naked despair threatens


  9. The video of the day seems to be the three-year old begging the TSA to stop touching her.

    If that gets wide enough circulation, I’m guessing the TSA is going to learn that there is no force on earth strong enough to protect them from the enraged American mother.

    1. This. I’m wondering exactly what form(s) the government backpedalling will take. Guess I’ll keep monitoring the Internet.

      1. Adjustments will be made where they need to be made and there will be more to come.

        1. Hey, that’s a good one for the caption contest!

    2. Wishful thinking. As far as I can tell, most of the stupid shit going on is caused by the American mother, or people claiming to represent her.

    3. the enraged American mother

      Would that be the same American mother who voted for George W. Bush (twice) and fully supports The War On Terror??

      1. Possibly, but didn’t the more intrusive pat-downs just go into effect a few weeks ago? Which party
        has had the power since 2007 to defund TSA and/or legislate more reasonable
        security? Oh yeah, the one that is scared shitless of being labeled pro-terrorist. We already know that the other one is scared of being pro-liberty.

      2. No, that’s the American mother who voted for hope and change…

    4. Then, the video of the day will be mommy being beaten, tazed and taken down in front of said 3-year old, providing a lifetime of traumatization for little Sally.

      1. Poor Sally. Life as an American child is so traumatic.

        1. Hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, or so I’ve heard…

          1. Look, we don’t have the Soviets to compare ourselves to anymore, so we need some home-grown totalitarianism to scare future generations towards freedom… or something like that.

    5. That’s the American mother holding the little girl while the TSA agent touches her, right?

      1. ^^THIS^^

        Somehow, Mothers and Fathers are convinced that some day-laborer-turned-federal-shitbags are doing their patriotic duty letting (albeit grudgingly) some stranger touch your kids roughly and inappropriately.

        Fuck that piece of shit Mom. If you’re willing to put your kid through that for something so menial as a flight to grandma’s, don’t you think that’s going to screw with your child’s perception of ‘inapproriate contact’ in less obvious situations? Way to fuck up.

        1. EDIT:
          Somehow, Mothers and Fathers are convinced,albeit grudgingly, that they are doing their patriotic duty by letting some day-laborer-turned-federal-shitbag touch their kids roughly and inappropriately.

      2. That bitch is no mother. She’s a state dick sucker.

        My wife would have fucking gone off on the TSA agent if that were done to our child.

        I would have beat that TSA agent until I was tased/shot.

        No way does a government thug touch my kid like that.

        1. You sound like a delightful couple.

  10. “…a moment be grateful for the tools we have at our disposal”

    I would have preferred it said “be grateful for the tool we have in our hand…”

    You know, I don’t know what all the bitching and whining is about. Every time I get felt up, the whole US goes on alert as the TSA groper shouts, “OMG, he has a titan missile in his pants”

    Sure, its embarrassing, but the bevy of hot stewardesses and 30,000 foot sex make it all worthwhile.

    1. Know what you mean, bro. I have two penises.

    2. TSA groper shouts, “OMG, he has a titan missile in his pants”

      He means obsolote, out of fuel and decommissioned.

      1. I thought he meant volatile, sensitive, and never actually been deployed.

    3. You know what else is a great tool?


  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v….._embedded#!

    Kind of funny how it goes – one section of the gubermint thinks any texting of nude photos is illegal, while another section of the gubermint thinks looking at naked bodies is mandatory, and touching as well, even touching children…
    funny how things that are wrong when you do it are required, necessary…and good for the children when the gubermint does it…

    1. You said Bro: For the children…

      1. ‘You said IT Bro…’

  12. Apparently, we’ve gone from doing it FOR the children, to doing it TO the children.

    1. Who is the pederast in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood…?

    2. That is how the libertarian proverb goes:

      “Anything the government does for you, it winds up doing to you.”

      1. Yes, but only because the Elite think of us as sheep…

  13. Humorously, one of the Google text ads on the H&R front page is “Earn a degree in Airport Security”.

    1. I could probably obtain enough “know how” to be an “Airport Security Officer” in less time than it would take me to fill out a WalMart Customer Satisfaction form.

      1. Yeah, but unless you do it through official channels you’ll end up on the sex-offender registry.

    2. Only registered sex offenders need apply…

  14. A side note, they said there were two differences.

    They listed hair bands and the breasts.

    Uh, what about the whole penis / testicle thing?

    *bangs head*

    1. Not to mention pulling back the foreskin.

      If someone were to ask me what the two differences between a man and a woman are, I damn sure wouldn’t mention hair clips.

  15. I understand the fear that the reach of government sofaras going beyond the airport searches and searching people ‘out on the streets’. However, if I have to go through a full body scan who cares? It’s not like I am going to ever see this person or (these) people again. Its not going to be put out on the net with my name on it. They probably see so many people in a day that one blurs into the next… See one you see them all… The problem is, if we profile, then we get accused of “Profiling” and all the rhetoric that goes along with that! If somehow a terrorist got through with something that could blow up or harm a plane load of people, the “cry” would be not enough was done! So, what is it going to be people??? Seems most of us thought this was a good idea and now that it’s being implemented, many ‘don’t like it’. Remember where the ANGER SHOULD GO = to the TERRORISTS WHO WOULD LIKE NOTHING MORE THAN KILL OR HARM AMERICANS,OUR SOLDIERS, AMERICAN PROPERTY, CITIES, ANYTHING IN THEIR PATH. When are WE ALL going TO LEARN THE THREAT IS REAL ???? For myself, I would rather throw caution to the wind and be protected on my flight 20,000 feet up in the air…

    1. And this is what I have to compete with on election day. Seriously, we’re fucked.

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