Post-Midterm Map


Update: Hope not for justice: Harry Reid, who by any yardstick deserved to lose more than any other Democrat including Nancy Pelosi, has won.

Update: Deep Thoughts: The conventional wisdom is that this election is on a par with previous Republican midterm landslides in 1946 and 1994. Following that pattern, you should bet on President Obama to get reelected in two years. More Deep Thoughts: Given that Blue Dogs, TARP opponents and spending-cautious Democrats have suffered most, will the takeaway be Repudiation of Runaway Government or Voter Anger at Moderates?

Update: Marijuana initiatives failing everywhere. Counterfactual: If Prop 19 had been on the ballot in 2008, when it was Democratic voters who were motivated to come out to the polls, would it have passed?

Update: Yes there's been an election and yes our country is still going down the shithole. Ben Bernanke expected to start half-trillion-dollar QE2 tomorrow.

Update: Kasich takes governor of Ohio. President's support comes to nothing in Buckeye State.

The Shover Robots are back in the lead:

Pusher Robots gain.

Interesting to see which districts get called first in California: the obvious ones.

Prop 19 declared dead with less than 10 percent of the vote counted. Boxer leading. On behalf of California, I apologize to our nation.

NEXT: A Farewell to Feingold

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  1. Notcher fault.

  2. On behalf of the nation, fuck you, California.

    1. What Joe said.

      1. If it’s any consolation, this means your pot will remain tax free. I still recommend that any of you who don’t want to live in a commie hell hole move somewhere else, though, and help depopulate California.

    2. My folks were born in Calfornia, one of my four grandparents was. California still has some anti-statists within its boundaries. Red vs. Blue doesn’t quite tell that story. In fact, that story is a hard read in any state. Yes, I’ll agree that California becomes more and more hegemonically Leftist thanks to carpetbagging East-coasters. But that’s the game. May freedom prevail.

      1. I’m still here. If it’s any consolation, there are no doubt many tears being shed by leftists right now, even in California.

    3. Amen, but no need to apologize on anyone’s behalf.

    4. Yes, fuck us, CA. I hate us. I’m unemployed, I want to move somewhere else. God damn us to hell.

  3. You’d better apologise, Cavanaugh!

  4. Washington state will not privatize liquor sales.

    On the up side we probably won’t be getting an income tax and sales taxes on candy and pop will be repealed.

    Oh yeah and Wine Common Sewer…


    1. I can’t believe the liquor sales won’t be privatized. How can anyone vote to continue to have their liquor sales experience be similar to going to the DMV? Fuck, people are stupid.

      But Gates’ income tax looks like it’s going down in flames, which is a lot more important.

      And back in the “suck” column, it looks like Patty Murray gets to keep on going to DC. Fuck, that old bag needs to get retired.

      1. But Gates’ income tax looks like it’s going down in flames, which is a lot more important.

        Indeed it is. My faith in 64% of humanity has been restored.

        I don’t know what’s going on with the other 36%, though.

        1. The liquor privatization strikes me as being very similar to Prop 19; many, many people are afraid of both themselves and others having freer access to drugs.

          1. They probably don’t see any problem with the status quo and figure that’s safer. I talked to someone who was worried that the liquor would be on a low shelf where children could just walk off with it. Shoplifting alcoholic toddlers, apparently.

            Of course, other states don’t seem to have this problem.

            1. People are stupid. We know this. At least Washington is otherwise totally sane about beer and wine. Look, I’m from CT. No alcohol sales on Sunday or holidays, ever. All alcohol used to have to stop being sold at 8PM (now 9PM). No alcohol at gas stations, delis, bodegas, etc. Only package stores. Only beer–no wine–at grocery stores.

              State run liquor is retarded, but open sales on beer and wine makes up for that.

      2. Yeah, it looks like Patty Murray of “bin Laden’s daycare centers” will survive, alas.

    2. What the fuck is pop? Either way, Prop 19 going down is a travesty.

      All it took was Meg and Carly coming out for it, and it would have passed in a landslide. Fucking statists one and all. Looking forward to 2 more years of a stupid-ass law that the cops want. The thick blue line is masturbating en masse tonight to this shit.

      What a shame. Fuck, I wish I lived in Somalia tonight.

      1. Somalia: Looking better everyday.

      2. What the fuck is pop?

        If you live in the East coast they call it soda…in Georgia they call it Coke.

        “What flavor of Coke you want with your meal?”


        Weirdest fucking conversation ever and it happens in every Atlanta drive-thru everyday.

        1. Eh, we call it coke in North Carolina too. It’s no different than asking for a kleenex or a styrofoam cup.

        2. Only if you can understand what’s being said through that southern drawl.

          Just let them figure out you’re a yankee, they’ll crank that drawl up to the point you won’t know how to order a big mac in McDonald’s.

          Been there, done that.

        3. In every Atlanta drive-thru? Maybe at Burger Kings, Pizza Huts, KFCs and Taco Bells. Aside from those places and some supermarkets, it’s near fuckin’ impossible to find Pepsi in Atlanta.

  5. See, here is a particularly fine vintage of tears right here:…..d-Idealism

    Now, don’t gulp it. Just sip it. Savor its bouquet.

    1. But it’s so sweet. I can’t help myself!

      1. My idealism has once again been taken out behind a dumpster and brutally violated in unspeakable ways…

        That tastes good coming back up, too!

        1. The projection…it’s like foie gras, cooked perfectly. Its flavor spreads so delicately…

    2. I have never been to the Kos, but I appreciate this opportunity.

    3. Ambrosiaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

      “tears of impotent rage”

      AstraZeneca may have something to help you with that.

    4. Oh, this shit is the shit. It is every bit the primo you made it out to be. I may need to post mark it for later this week when I pick up some good cigars to enjoy it with all over again.

    5. Classic. Such emotion, such (com)passion….

      1. From the comments, this is but Welch’s Grape Juice, nay, a Sunny D-Lite juice box compared to that one, but it will make bubbles shoot from your nose:

        boy, i need to heed this comment (0+ / 0-)

        i am soooooooooooo depressed Haley beat Sheheen after working so hard ….

        oh well. i gotta get up, dust myself off, and get to work. 2012 is around the corner.

        (however, the effing Fux News is quite an obstacle. sigh….)

        Faux News ruined my state

        And another self congratulatory and self unaware post from the original author:

        And, to be accurate, I didn’t actually use the “R word,” nor did I use a curse more extreme than “damned,” which, considering my emotional state was an admirable act of self-restraint. Thanks for going ahead and smashing what little discretion I managed.

        Progressive — I’m in it for the affectations towards Rationality because I sure as shit can’t put two and two together on my own.

    6. I realize that, despite my well-rounded education, I am in no way the wisest person on this site


      1. I’m bringing discomfort into their lives, and that is something that isn’t tolerable in our modern American culture. Comfort above all else.

        My idealism has once again been taken out behind a dumpster and brutally violated in unspeakable ways… and I’m not sure if it’s going to recover this time…

        Complete lack of perspective, a halfway-suicidal statement and a rape metaphor. This guy sounds like a blast at parties.

        1. I’m sure his eyeliner needed several touch-ups while writing this piece.
          He needs a few more ‘conformists’ thrown in there to seal the deal, though.

    7. Man, that goes down smooth, baby. Like a fine port..

    8. It gets even sweeter when you realize that a GROWN MAN wrote this.

      1. Not that grown: he says he was too young to vote in 2000.

    9. I didn’t even RTFComments before my post below, but man, it’s impressive how much people lack perspective. I’m not really that enthusiastic about this election’s result (i.e. we have massive problems, and the best I hope for is that we don’t address them instead of making them worse by trying), but at least the tears make this worth savoring.

    10. (let’s not even talk about 2000… I wasn’t old enough to vote in that one anyway…)

      But somehow you have the capacity to fully understand and evaluate the problems facing the country and also have the exact prescription for its salvation.

      1. He could be in his late 20’s…

  6. The exit polling on prop 19 has
    has some biases confirmed (Tea partiers are mostly conservative and more than just about anybody else think the evil weed should remain illegal; the young people that overwhelmingly support this didn’t really show up) but one spot on page 2 caught my eye:

    If you’re working a full time job (59% of those polled), you were on balance narrowly in favor of prop 19. If you were not (the other 41%), you were rather strongly against it.

    (and one other thing that mostly correlates with party preference and anti-Obama sentiment — among the choices ‘very worried about the economy’, ‘somewhat worried’ and ‘not worried at all’, preference for prop 19 was negatively correlated with worry. So those most in need of lighting one up to mellow out were the ones to vote against it)

      1. I give up, y’all can figure it out.

    1. Not working fulltime = suburban stay at home moms & old folks.

      1. Jackpot.

      2. and stay at home dads. It’s a mancession, remember?

    2. Most telling statistic is age. 40 and younger is a huge YES, 40 and older is a huge NO.

      1. That means we wait.

        1. You do realize that current 30 year olds will be plus 40 after you wait, right?

          What makes you think their views on MJ wont change as they age like they did for the boomers?

          1. Mine haven’t.

            1. Mine have, but the other way (well, not since my 30s, but from my late teens/early 20s).

              But, I have discovered Im not a good example for what happens with the majority of people.

              1. Same here. Just over 40, and the more I pay attention, the more anti drugwar I get – how could one not?!

                1. the more anti drugwar I get – how could one not

                  Derp de dum da teedly too, that’s how.

                2. Agreed, me too.

          2. Plus, Internet.

              1. I think he meant people entering into middle-age 5 or 10 years from now will have spent years with access to the Internet and all the propaganda (and truth) it brings. I see it going both ways, with people using the Internet to merely confirm all of their biases or using it to learn new ideas and different ways of thinking. A 28 year old who spends all his time reading Kos and DU is no better than the 68 year old popping a pill and watching Megyn Kelly from 1-3est 5 days of a week. Actually. . .

                1. true, I come to Reason to confirm my biases.

              2. It’s easier to find information from a practically unlimited number of sources, instead of being stuck with the government house organs, a.k.a. the big three broadcasters.

          3. Besides, not waiting doesn’t seem to be an option now.

          4. Boomers didn’t change their opinions that much. People forget that a lot of young people were anti-drug in the 60s and 70s.

            1. Revenge against the Cool Kids. Nice.

      2. What the fuck happened to the Sixties hippies? They should be in their Sixties.

        1. hippies, despite our tinted lens of history, were a vast minority. it was a pop movement, and like all things pop, easily discarded.

    3. Prohibition on cannabis (and the flawed logic behind it…) does not make any rational sense….

  7. There’s a simple explanation for the demise of Carly, Meg, and pure Linda – no outside money. Dumbasses.

    You Californians do suck for not passing Prop. 19.

    Holy Fuck, Bohner is crying on the TV while people chant USA. The least he could do is fire up a smoke. Fucker.

    1. pure should be “poor” – that’s no good.

      1. 100% Pure Linda. I like it better that way.

    2. Smoking causes John Boehner. Can’t believe someone hasn’t used that as an anti-smoking ad yet.

    3. I’d probably be more confident in his leadership if he did light one up… and not necessarily a cig… 😉

  8. No on the green and yes on Brown. That’s fucked up.

  9. California’s heart wants what its heart wants.

    At least with Prop 19 they tried. What about the rest of you fuckers?

    1. I wonder how much wind went out of the sails when Conan moved to make possession an infraction…

      1. People are very stupid people. You can quote me on that.

    2. “California’s heart wants what its heart wants.”

      + a bunch for that, sir.

    3. We don’t have initiatives here in New York.

      And I voted for Kristen Davis, so don’t blame me.

      1. That’s too big to fit on a bumper sticker.

  10. How the hell is everyone calling it for Boxer when everything I see looks like a dead heat?

    1. Exit polls, overwhelming exit polls.

      1. Curse you exit polls!! *shakes fist*

  11. As a Californian (in San Diego), where should I move to get away from the statists? I have no roots.

    As long as they speak English and pay well for chemists… where should I go now?

    1. The English-as-dominant language is the toughest thing to find. Australia/New Zealand fits the bill, although the Aussies have been picking up some tricks from the TSA from what I’ve heard. I’ve also been looking closely at Estonia and Czech Republic. Southeast Asia in general is supposed to be quite free market.

      Hell chemists can make money anywhere…

      1. That’s somewhat heartening. And I guess I can learn another language if I must.

        I hope you’re right about chemists… I’ll find out.

        1. You can also try looking for work with US companies that are looking to fill offices or production overseas. It’s a good first step, and it will give you a opportunity to network with other people in a different country.

          I’m planning on moving elsewhere eventually unless there are some drastic changes in the US. (Swapping a few D’s for R’s in the legislature doesn’t count as change)

          1. You’re not Hoping enough Bingo, Change is no use without enough Hope.

    2. Plano, TX. Get you a La Jolla or So. Carlsbad style pad for the price of a National City 2bd condo.

      1. I’d rather be in National City than Plano.

        And National City rates just below Fresno in my book.

  12. Update: Yes there’s been an election and yes our country is still going down the shithole. Ben Bernanke expected to start half-trillion-dollar QE2 tomorrow.

    Thank you Ben for giving me a reason to continue drinking!

    1. QE2. FUCK why don’t they call it printing money and buying your own debt with your new money.

      1. Quasi in rem of the second type?!

    2. Fucking food stamps. W/O EBT that commodity inflating “monetary policy” would spark well-deserved riots.

      1. It’s outright theft. Anyone who is a saver is essentially being stripped of their wealth.

        It seems like food prices have gone up about 20% in the last year or two alone, not looking forward to seeing what QE2 brings.

        1. But house prices have continued to go down.

          They’ll print money until house prices go up.

          Then they’ll print some more just because, by then they’ll be very very good at it.

    3. QE2: not just a leaky boat anymore.

      OR IS IT??????

  13. The good news on the marijuana initiative comes in the exit polls. By far the most powerful predictor was age – the younger you are, the more likely you are to say yes. It’s only a matter of time.

    1. You know they’ve been saying that since 1966 dumbass.There was a higher rate-of-use and public acceptance in the mid/late 1970s. Yeah, it’ll be legal anytime now.

      1. I think the difference is that now it’s not about a rebellious phase, it’s that the War on Drugs has become oppressive. Most of the older folks that smoked in the past didn’t due so under the escalated penalties and paramilitary police tactics that came about during the 80s. For the most part they are projecting the police response from their teenage and young-adult years (which wasn’t nearly as crazy in the 60s and 70s) onto the current situation. Gen Xers and Gen Yers have grown up with cops in the classroom lying to them and have seen the kneejerk reactions, sentencing guidelines, and civil rights violations caused by the war on drugs.

        It’s different now than it was back then, and I don’t think a lot of older folks understand that.

        At least that’s my reasoning why I don’t think Gen Xers will change their mind in 5 or 10 years time about legalization.

        1. I’d like to agree but I can’t. Everyone sucks and wants to control their neighbor. They will rationalize their way into oppressive drug laws once they crack 40 just like everyone else

          1. More of them will have teenaged kids by that time, and parents get stoopid during that time for some reason.

            1. Yes, better to have police do your job of responsible parenting than yourself.

  14. Check out the zombie kid in back. Also, fuck the Justin Beiber hair style.

  15. I’d like to apologize for CT. It’s a lot like California, only with shitty weather, uglier people, and Ivy Leaguers who profited from billions in bank bailout money. Yikes.

    1. CT kept re-electing Dodd, and keeps re-electing Lieberman. Nutmeggers tend to stick with the known factor, and Blumenthal was just that. I’m not surprised, but there was some hope…now dashed.

      1. Blumenthal is like a smarter, more cunning Spitzer who doesn’t bang whores (I don’t think). And I don’t mean any of that as a compliment.

        1. That is exactly–exactly–my perception of Blumenthal. The thing is he probably does bang whores or something else “deviant”, but he’ll be smarter about it, Connecticut style. New Yorkers are so gauche.

          1. That’s a pretty good reaction to Blumenthal. I’ve always believed he was another lawyer/pol who would do anything and screw anybody for camera time and power, and have been in more than a few political arguments about it. As it was, he only turned off the few moderate R’s and conservative independents around here who would have normally voted for him. Otherwise, it was in the tank, and in the bag from the beginning.

            I wonder if everyone who laughed at the electoral map of “Dumbf***istan” will laugh at the new one, which should read something like “Public Union Budget Shortfall Dying Cities Overweening Nanny Federal Bailoutistan, Unless You’re Minnesota, In Which Case You’re Just Scandavian.”

            New England and NY are really getting the government they asked for, that’s for sure. It’s not even like Team Red would’ve solved anything, it’s more that the vote actually seems like an affirmation of the last two years, and a request for more of where that came from. At least Team Gridlock has an excuse, even if it’s a pragmatism and fallback reasoning that’s unlikely to solve anything.

        2. Lying publicly about easily verifiable military service records doesn’t strike me as smart. Not as dumb as what Spitzer did, but stupid nonetheless.

      2. I am curious how the voters of Connecticut could just ignore the whole “I was in Vietnam- err, not really” stuff.

        Either they’re really stupid or incredibly cynical, but I can’t see how he would have had any credibility at all.

        1. He had more credibility than a pro wrestling tycooness.


  16. Haha. Al Jazeera just called the new likely Speaker “John Boner”.

  17. Mark Kirk, R, has won the Senate seat for Illinois, the one Obama used to have.

    1. Oh Seven-of-Nine, why did you saddle us with the President?

      1. I don’t care what she saddles me with, as long as she saddles me.

  18. Off topic but what happen to the Armin Rosen piece against Gary Johnson and how boring he was? I’d like to read more readers’ comments on how dumb that article was.

    1. I did not see that up, but have heard to it alluded to much like the legend of El Calueche, and yes, you people are going to have to put up with references to Reynolds for a while. Just ordered a big stack on SF’s recommendation.

      1. Google hasn’t forgotten!…..5c2e2f4021

    2. The snot-nosed punk was right. Johnson is a dead end.

  19. “Following that pattern, you should bet on President Obama to get reelected in two years.”
    Yup. The pattern of presidents taking credit for everything good that should be attributed to the House.

  20. So let me get this straight. Cali overwhelmingly supports banning gay marriage but votes down legal weed. Why does this state considered lefty again? Oh, and fuck CA.

    1. Why does this state considered lefty again?

      It’s the economic policy that defines the modern left. You could be the Pope with all of his baggage but if you say that the wealthy need to be eaten and prosperity is a bad thing than Jerry Brown will likely ask you to come to Sacramento for a medal even if in every other respect you are indistinguishable from Pope Urban II.

    2. Because if you decriminalize it or make it acceptable, the demagogues have no way to keep the ‘disenfranchisement’ scheme up. No zombie followers.

  21. Deep Thoughts: The conventional wisdom is that this election is on a par with previous Republican midterm landslides in 1946 and 1994. Following that pattern, you should bet on President Obama to get reelected in two years. More Deep Thoughts: Given that Blue Dogs, TARP opponents and spending-cautious Democrats have suffered most, will the takeaway be Repudiation of Runaway Government or Voter Anger at Moderates?

    I’m not extremely familiar with long run political models, but I wouldn’t go as far to say a one party landslide will play out the same again. I’d say the economy, and other factors over the next two years play a larger role in that model.

    We are either going to see the death of the Progressive movement as the ultra liberal minority goes hypertard or a ton of liberals bail on Obama for fear of loosing a seat in 2012. This also depends on what the Great “O” does. (I’m going to bet ideologue and the opposite of Clinton’s pseudo rush to the middle.)

    1. Watched the results on the BBC this morning before work. They had a Dem Congress critter on to talk about the results – his comment was that the Dems who lost were the Blue Dogs and those who ran against Obama’s platform. His takeaway was that the voters were angry at the moderates who didn’t support Obama.

      Not sure if this is going to be the common interpretation, but it has shown up already…

      1. Or perhaps the only Dems who won were the ones in safe, overwhelmingly liberal districts, where Obama’s platform was popular.

    2. Obama is not Clinton. He’s not even Truman.

      Also, the situations were extremely different in ’46 and ’94. In both periods, the economy was just beginning a massive postwar expansion, and people were pissed off for ideological reasons (FDR’s commie coddling in 46, Clinton’s attempted health care meddling, Waco, and assault weapons ban in 94) which are more fleeting.

  22. By the way, the Pusher/Shover bots are philosophically delightful, if scary and creepy as all get out.

  23. If Prop 19 had been on the ballot in 2008, when it was Democratic voters who were motivated to come out to the polls, would it have passed?

    No. California voters are significantly less tolerant and more retarded than people assume. There’s a reason why the state’s finances and governance are such a mess. Moreover, remember when Prop 8 passed even when the Democrat had the largest percentage margin of victory since FDR? Then, the argument was that because Obama would obviously get all the electoral college votes, single-issue voters were more likely to turn out. Also, minorities voted en masse and they don’t like gays. I think it’s more likely that Californians are just more statist than anything and above all dumb as fuck.

    Nonetheless, Wednesday fun link for everyone:
    New York Times wordtrain of readers describing their feelings about the election

    It’s like a river of liberal tears.

    View their feelings (in wordcloud form) on the Kentucky Senate race for maximum lulz.

    1. Wonder if thats moderated?
      entertaining comments
      Bi-curious, sociopathic retarded etc!

      1. horney

  24. Marijuana initiatives failing everywhere.

    You know what? After decades of the country waisting billions on the War on Drugs, I’m ready to support an immediate end to Social Security. The country is broke. Maybe Baby Boomers shouldn’t have spent a lifetime supporting candidates who kept drugs illegal.

  25. Prop 19 won 46% of the vote. Can California is not a pro freedom state anymore. It is a liberal authoritarian state now. For that reason I don’t think the results there are out of the norm. I think if you ran a national Prop 19, it would get between 40 and 45 percent. What would it have gotten twenty years ago? 20%? A lot of progress has been made.

    More importantly, legalizing marijuana is no longer a fringe view. It is a view supported by 40+% of voters. The assholes in the media still treat it like it is. But the polls say otherwise.

    1. There is hope. Wish 19 would have passed, but it’s nice to see the cause for legalization slowly getting closer.

    2. Contrary to popular propaganda that smoking pot makes one stupid, smoking pot actually enhances the reasoning or philosophizing processes. If one is stupid to begin with I suppose toking will enhance the stupidity. However, the last thing progressives want would be the smarter people within their base to be thinking more. The only way progressives keep a grip on the smarter people within is with the you are smart because you agree with us and libertarians/conservatives are stoooopid meme.

  26. It appears no amount of hopey-changey dust could save the House.

    1. Don’t worry. This won’t be like 1994. This time you have got me.

  27. Harry Reid, who by any yardstick deserved to lose more than any other Democrat including Nancy Pelosi, has won.

    Nevada, I am disappoint.

    1. Look at it this way. Harry Reid will still be the majority leader in the Senate. If Pelosi doesn’t quit, him and her will still be the face of the Democrats in Congress. If I am a Democrat, having Sharon Angle to kick around sounds a lot better. Also, the Republicans have subpoena power in the House. Perhaps they might take a look at what GOTV and the Unions did out in Nevada to get Reid re-elected.

  28. Can we chain California to Alaska and drop them into the deepest part of the ocean?

  29. If Prop 19 had been on the ballot in 2008, when it was Democratic voters who were motivated to come out to the polls, would it have passed?

    As others have said, the answer is no. Marijuana legalization is ‘stuff white people like’, and those motivated Dem voters are mostly minorities.

    1. The Dems won’t let you smoke in public and they’re not crazy about allowing you to buy fast food. What makes anyone think they’re going to let you smoke pot?

      1. Why had nobody pointed this out before? Liberals (and by extension, Democrat supporters) are not about liberty. At the very least not in blue states.

    2. It may have–a big difference in the voter turnout was a big dropoff of young voters this year.

      So once again the blue-haired set has decided to regress the country in a midterm. For some strange reason old-age dementia of the sort that makes people forget the past decade doesn’t affect their ability to vote.

      1. Just one of your many errors, Tony, is to think of socialism as “progress.”

  30. Why did Nancy Pelosi deserve to lose you partisan hack? Because Matt Drudge put a scary picture of her up?

    She’s without question one of the most successful speakers in history. That’s why the right hates her. But she represents her district well and won in a landslide, so why again did she deserve to lose?

    1. Because just like Obama, Nancy was more interested in passing something/anything she could claim as another historical first. In other words she was more about Nancy Pelosi’s legacy than actually addressing the problems. The irony of course is the fact that the narcissist Pelosi and Obama have been rejected soundly and the GOP now has a mandate to repeal Obamacare. Obama and Pelosi’s legacy will be one of destroying the democratic party majority for a generation. Oh the incongruity between what was expected and what actually occurred, you gotta love irony!

      1. I am not sure – given how Reid won, and several Tea Partiers lost, while it’s easy to see the mood of disapproval, it’s not so easy to see the Dem majority in the whole population, as such (if it exists), really slipping.

        1. I’m sure the Tea Party has learned some from this election cycle and I’d bet in 2012 there will not only be more viable candidates stepping up to the plate because of the successes but candidates will be vetted more thoroughly before they are nominated.

  31. The funny thing is, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for the GOP to pick up seats in the Senate this time around because 2004 was a good year for the GOP in Senate elections (ie, not many Democrats holding seats in swing states or red states were up for election this year).

    They could easily gain another 10 seats in 2012 with all the Dems who got elected in red states in 2006 coming up for reelection.

  32. Actually, guys, this is all my fault. P19 lost in CA and Harry Reid won in Nevada. I own homes in CA and Nevada.

  33. Weird. My corner of SW Brooklyn went back to Team Red… granted, we’re tied at the hip to Staten Island but even the Hamptons are Team Blue.

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