Post-Midterm Map


Update: Hope not for justice: Harry Reid, who by any yardstick deserved to lose more than any other Democrat including Nancy Pelosi, has won.

Update: Deep Thoughts: The conventional wisdom is that this election is on a par with previous Republican midterm landslides in 1946 and 1994. Following that pattern, you should bet on President Obama to get reelected in two years. More Deep Thoughts: Given that Blue Dogs, TARP opponents and spending-cautious Democrats have suffered most, will the takeaway be Repudiation of Runaway Government or Voter Anger at Moderates?

Update: Marijuana initiatives failing everywhere. Counterfactual: If Prop 19 had been on the ballot in 2008, when it was Democratic voters who were motivated to come out to the polls, would it have passed?

Update: Yes there's been an election and yes our country is still going down the shithole. Ben Bernanke expected to start half-trillion-dollar QE2 tomorrow.

Update: Kasich takes governor of Ohio. President's support comes to nothing in Buckeye State.

The Shover Robots are back in the lead:

Pusher Robots gain.

Interesting to see which districts get called first in California: the obvious ones.

Prop 19 declared dead with less than 10 percent of the vote counted. Boxer leading. On behalf of California, I apologize to our nation.