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  1. How convenient it is, that all of the deadly terrorists in the U.S. just happen to be moronic stumblebums who deliver themselves straight into the arms of the FBI. What a lucky coincidence that is.

    1. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

    2. I say this every time. Anyone who will kill your spouse for money or sell you a bomb is an agent of the government.

      1. As is anyone who will sell you wholesale quantities of narcotics on credit…and put you in touch with a buyer!

        1. Csonka and Morris–scary combination.

          1. Stupid WFL.

            1. Yes. But the USFL was great.

    3. There’s actually a fairly high correlation between being willing to strap a bomb to your body and being a total idiot.…..twits/8130

      1. In the Northern Irish “Troubles” there were a great number of “own goal” bombs. The IRA emphasized fealty to the cause over competence, and for the Islamic terrorists, that’s kind of a given.

        1. Not to nitpick, but they were Irish “troubles.” Northern Ireland is an occupation and the Irish were certainly treated like an occupied citizenry.

          One island. One People. One Nation……someday.

          1. Four Greeeeeeen FIEEEELDDDDDSSSSS!


          2. It makes me want to wear a shirt that says “26 + 6 = 1”, except that the 1 is in a Union Jack motif.

            If there’s any ethnic group I feel bigoted towards, it’s the Southern Irish.

    4. You have to remember tangling with real terrorists might put law enforcement agents safety at risk. That is just plain unacceptable.

      Another factor to be considered is that most muslims consider dogs to be unclean and don’t generally have one as a pet. Where is the fun in raiding a terrorist’s safe house if there isn’t a dog to shoot?

    5. Barbi Shires, Ahmed’s next-door neighbor and a resident of the Ashburn neighborhood for 16 years, said that she occasionally exchanged greetings with Ahmed but that they never got together socially. She said that Ahmed’s wife once brought over a traditional chicken dinner, soon after his family moved in, and that Ahmed once invited her into his home when she noticed that he was looking at the night sky through a telescope.

      “He invited me over,” Shires said, “and I looked at Jupiter through his telescope. . . . He was a very nice gentleman.”

      My friends have expicit instructions to hangout around my house if I’m ever arrested in a high profile case. They are say things like “Oh yeah, crazy fuck. We knew he’d go off the deepend. Sat on porch on sundays, drinking whiskey in his underwear and cleaning his large collection of guns and knifes.” None of this pussy “He made good potato salad for the block party” shit.

    6. How do you know the AQ operatives you are working with may be gov’t agents? Well, the straps around their heads holding the beards up should be the first clue.

      1. Not the “I ? the FBI” t-shirt?

  2. From last night’s H&R festivities

    Who’s the Daddy?

    National Review summary if the above link is bad

    1. Wow. The truth is anti-feminist, according to this lady. What a position to take.

      1. The truth is the enemy of all leftist ideas.

      2. Save this quote for the next time you hear the phrase “reality-based community” or Tony ranting about how progressives are different because they believe in facts.

    2. Joe from Lowell was way ahead of that chick in advocating exactly this point.

      According to Joe, the point of family law was to provide for the material benefit of children, and it doesn’t matter if you’re genetically the father or not; his attitude was that if the only way to get the kid any child support is to point the finger at you, fuck you, pay up.

      His further attitude was that if because of fraud and deception you ever spend as much as a moment thinking a kid is actually yours, fuck you, no backsies, pay up. You’re “bonded to the child” now, so you have to write the lying bitch all the checks she wants.

      1. Joe has been gone for some time now.
        Doesn’t that finally qualify him as a straw man?

        1. I was just engaging in Joe nostalgia.

          It’s like driving in your car and turning up the radio really loud when Der Kommissar comes on. And then remarking to your empty car how the Falco version is the better one.

          For me posting about Joe is like that. And I won’t let you take that away from me!

          1. I know. I feel the same way about the original Scoobie-Doo.

        2. No. Because I still remember all of this shit.

          1. He looms large, does joe.

            1. I don’t think he looms large some much as he lingers, like a giant turd that breaks up into pieces and it takes two or three times to totally flush it.

              1. That’s what i meant.

      2. Someone made the point on the thread last night that you could not invent a better system for irresponsible deadbeats if you tried. No woman is ever going to name a deadbeat as the father when a responsible man is available. So why should any man be responsible and run the risk of raising someone else’s kid?

        I think also this sentiment is the result of feminists complete denial of nature. They won’t to admit there is anything genetic or instinctual about gender roles and thus child rearing. Therefore, in their mind it shouldn’t matter if the child is not genetically yours.

        1. I think that may partially be the case, but I also think that it’s a feature of their collectivism.

          They see the default state as one where you’re morally required to provide for the child. That means that not providing for the child is a “punishment”. That allows them to pose rhetorical questions like, “Why do you want to punish the child because the mother lied?”

          It is completely outside of their mode of thinking that you might regard not providing for the child as a default state which requires the establishment of some definitive connection to overcome.

          1. I’ve heard it takes a village to raise a child. Yet no other villager has come to my house to change a diaper at 3am.

            1. You have to marry the villager. And then hire someone from another village who came to your village without proper documents to be the night nanny.

            2. You need to put an ad for that on Craig’s list. I suspect there are people out there who would pay you for the privilege.

          2. “Why do you want to punish the child because the mother lied?”
            is very similar to “Why do you want to punish the child because the mother entered this country illegaly?”

            1. Deportation sounds a lot more like punishment to me than failing to force someone who is not the father to pay does.

            2. “Why do you want to punish the child because the mother lied?”

              Why should the child profit because the mother lied?

              1. ^^Bingo^^

              2. It’s not like the other country is the seventh circle of hell, it’s just the place the kid would have been born had it’s mother not broken the law. Free movement of people disclaimer notwithstanding.

          3. Good point. The collectivism and the denial of nature go hand in hand. Think Plato’s Republic with the whole gender neutral system and community child raising.

          4. All of us carrying the load are the responsible dads. The bad part is that we’re paying for the kids and the deadbeats.

        1. God, that guy was a fucking worthless cunt.

          He actually openly argues there that one can establish the correct moral choice in a given situation without identifying who is morally to blame for the situation arising.

          1. There was one case where a man proved (after helping raise the child for a year or two) that he was not the father of the child. He found out some info on the mother that made him doubt his patrimony, and took the DNA test. When he found out the kid wasn’t his, he divorced his cheating wife.

            The bitch sued, and the fucktard judge basically stated that since he hadn’t caught it in time, he needed to keep paying child support.

            1. There is more than one case of that. It is called the doctrine of “constructive fatherhood”. And it is recognized in at least a few states.

              1. Shit like that makes me look forward to Sharia law.

              2. I can not imagine how angry I would be, and / or if the insanity would only be temporary until I’d finished committing the felonies.

                1. He should knockup the Judge’s wife.

                  1. Sounds like a great movie premise

              3. It’s also called the doctrine of “careful what kind of slut you marry.”

                1. Closet slut?

                  She plays coy with you, then later that night, goes to the local club and does the band, their crew, and most of the staff.

        2. I couldnt do it. I lasted about 1/3 of the way. “TEH CHILLUNZ!” Anyway, nice to have the nostalgia of NON trheaded comments, ahh the good old days. (disclaimer, I actually had a life in 05 and I didnt start regualrly lurking until 07).

          1. Anyway, nice to have the nostalgia of NON trheaded comments, ahh the good old days.

            Look again:


            1. you dirty rat

    3. The Spectator article has to be satire, right?



  3. Jon Stewart plays devil’s advocate for Barack Obama, allowing the president to explain why he couldn’t go left enough.

  4. Bob Reilly feels your pain.

  5. Maybe someone could enlighten me on a point of law – you know how it is, the situation is so confused these days –

    Is it only the guys at Guantanamo who stay in captivity even if they’re found not guilty, or does that apply to this guy too? If this was as comical an entrapment as the initial reports indicate, does he still stay in custody?

    You’ll have to forgive me, it’s hard to know the answers to these things when the old hard-and-fast rules have been discarded, and our rulers just make shit up as they go along.

    1. Fluffy, what makes you think what the law says makes any difference. This Justice Department, after all, has said accused terrorists will stay in jail even if they are acquitted.

    2. I suspect the fact that this guy was arrested on American soil by domestic law enforcement is going to make “indefinite detention” a lot more legally problematic for the Obama administration than in the case of someone picked up by the military or CIA in a foreign country. In the latter case there are questions of jurisdiction, POW or illegal combatant status, etc, that murkify the normal treatment of criminal defendants.

  6. Pootie-poo facelift? The Russian Chuck Norris wouldn’t do that… would he?

  7. “though the actual plot seems to have come from federal undercover agents.”


    1. But I feel safer, so it’s definitely working. The FBI is way better at anti-terror theater than the TSA.

    2. One thing I noticed n the story was that the guy prepared for his plot by videotaping the stations. I’m pretty sure the agents had him do this because in order to convict someone of attempting to committ a crime, you have to prove that they took a “substantial step” towards the crime. It doesn’t matter that he, as a regular user of the Metro, didn’t need vidoe of it. It proves that he was willing to take steps towards his criminal goal.

      However, this will no doubt reinforce in the mind of the public and law enforcement that pictures of public infrastructure are inextricably linked to blowing up that infrastructure.

      1. Shouldn’t it be a tip off that he was able to video the metro stations without be hassled by the transit cops?

        As has been shown here again and again, every other swinging dick who tried to take a pic in public is immediately hassled by the wanna-b cops.

        So if you can walk around in public taking pics without being arrested or hassled, one of your friends is a Fed.

        1. To be fair, I see tourists videotaping the metro all the time while blocking the escalator and being stumped by the RFID fare card readers.

  8. Poll: Obama’s key support groups in 2008 (women, independents, the poor) plan to vote GOP next week.

    In other news, Barbie Boxer asked teachers to ask their students to please donate some of their precious PS3 time to knock on doors for her, because she’s such a likable character among the youths.…..-campaign/

    1. That’s Senator Barbie Boxer. She worked so hard for that title.

      1. Barbie is 70 and about 4′ tall. At the end of her next term she will be 76 and 3′ tall. Congratulations, California, for your principled support of America’s retarded dwarfs.

  9. Jon Stewart interviews Barack Obama.

    The mood in the highly comedic show was somber . . .…..hing-mood/

  10. Un-fucking believable.

    Someone needs to punch this smug prick right in the mouth.

    And the morons cheer and clap while he tells them they’re too stupid to understand anything and they’re like dogs. Of course, they’re just as smug and secure in the knowledge that he’s talking about those ignorant moron hillbillies, not the smart, urban hipsters.

    1. Meh, I’m less outraged by this.

      To me it seems obvious that people disagree with my political views due to errors of knowledge, a lack of experience, or moral failure.

      So I guess I’m not that outraged when other people feel the same way. Of course you should think that the people who disagree with you are stupid, or naive, or of bad character. What else could explain it?

      1. Except that he states that “half of the country” – i.e., those who disagree with his vaunted Democrats – are stupid hillbillies and the Dems have to “drag” them into seeing the right view. He really is advocating the use of force to impose a political orthodoxy. Because, of course, he just knows that his worldview is the one, true, correct, enlightened one, and anyone who fails to see that is simply too stupid to understand reason and must be dealt with as you would a dog – and by force if that fails.

        And why do these comedians all feel the need to become involved in political punditry? They gain a little notoriety for being sorta funny and then they use the media access they gained to spout off their political views. And then you get idiocy like this – agree with me because I’m so much smarter than you or we’ll just force you to go along with our side.

        1. “Except that he states that “half of the country” – i.e., those who disagree with his vaunted Democrats – are stupid hillbillies and the Dems have to “drag” them into seeing the right view. He really is advocating the use of force to impose a political orthodoxy. Because, of course, he just knows that his worldview is the one, true, correct, enlightened one, and anyone who fails to see that is simply too stupid to understand reason and must be dealt with as you would a dog – and by force if that fails.”

          That sounds like a peace loving religion.

      2. It is not so much offensive as it is stupid and counter productive. Telling someone they are stupid is unlikely to win them over to your side.

        Also, the chief executive of the federal government ought to be held to a higher standard of civility than you or I in our private capacity. It is one thing to get in the political ring and call other politicians stupid. If Obama wants to call Jim DiMint an idiot, that is his prerogative as a politician. But for the President to call large sections of the country stupid and irrational is really counter productive. It just pisses people off and makes political compromise that much harder. Sadly, they won’t be making you are I benevolent dictator any time soon. So we have to live with each other and compromise. Obama is not helping matters in that regard.

        1. If you end up as dictator, the whole benevolent thing just takes all the damned fun out of it.

        2. I seriously doubt the people Maher was calling stupid were watching, so it’s not really counterproductive. He’s just attempting to explain the inevitable crushing defeat in a way that gets Democrats and their ideology off the hook.

          1. You think it’s only the urban intellectuals watching “Lopez Tonight”?

            1. I don’t think anyone at all is watching Lopez Tonight.

          2. The problem is that all of these dumb rednecks are being controlled by the conservative elite through nefarious “outside groups” and corporations spending bajillions of dollars on anonymous political ads.

    2. Cue Tony coming here and declaring this to *not* be smug, elitist drivel in 3… 2…

      1. I’m sure he’s on the edge of his bed with a belt around his neck furiously masturbating to video of the moveon chick getting her head “stomped” by Paul supporters in hopes that it will sink the most libertarian (in Tony’s mind) of candidates.

        1. The belt is a nice touch there.

    3. Comedians laughing at their own jokes because the laugh lamp lights up should never be taken seriously.

  11. NPR: Private prison industry is behind Arizona immigration law.

    The Arizona citizens that voted for it were, of course, innocent bystanders . .

    1. Wasn’t it voted on and passed by the legislature?

      1. Yes, with 70% support from Arizonians. Not that the law is agreeable by any standards, I already said it is totally meant to harrass Americans, not illegal immigrants.

        1. How do we know this is not Mel Torme?

          1. I thought it was Joe Montana.

            1. It was a David Zucker reference.

  12. Karl Rove: Sarah Palin not fit to be president support more valuable to candidates than mine, so I must undermine her however I can.

    1. Right. Burger King says McDonalds not fit to eat.

    2. Rove trying to set himself up with whomever ends up being the anti-Palin in the GOP primary.

    3. Don’t misunderestimate’s Rove’s ability to take the pulse of the electorate. People who love Palin will crawl over broken glass to vote for her.

      But that’s not a majority of voters. the majority don’t take her seriously enough to pull the lever for her.

      1. I couldn’t vote for Sarah P. I never have felt that she is presidential material.

        1. The thing that impresses me regarding Palin is the fact the good ole boys club let her into the club and she ratted. Isn’t this the real reason there is bipartisan hatred for her within the D.C. establishment? After all, there is honor among thieves and nobody likes a rat.

        2. It’s very likely that anyone with the desire to become president isn’t presidential material.

          Wanting to hold office is almost reason enough to reject one for said office.

          The only people worthy of office right now have one singular message: the only thing I will do is cut government.

          Anyone with a “plan” or a “vision” should play fucking Civilization and leave the rest of us the fuck out of it. I’m tired of being fucking coerced in to agreeing with someone else’s goddamn vision of what society should be.

          1. Fucking handle swapping got me again.

  13. Karl Rove: Sarah Palin not fit to be president.

    He said she doesn’t have enough “gravitas”, which coming from Rove could be understood as meaning:

    * Being for endless wars;
    * Warrantless surveilance of American citizens;
    * Favoring Big Wallstreet, Big Business, Big Banks and Big Government.

    Or maybe it was his way of saying she looks fat in her outfits . . .

    1. You left out *wobbly on continuing the WoD and stuffing prisons.

    2. I believe Sarah Palin probably agrees with Rove on supporting endless wars, especially if they’re fought for Israel.

      1. That’s why I don’t understand what Karl Rove means. Again, maybe he was trying to say she looks fat in that suit. I don’t know.

        1. I wonder if she’s a good fuck . . .

    3. “Expressing the strongest public reservations about the conservative star made by any senior Republican figure, Mr Rove said it was unlikely that voters would regard someone starring in a reality show as presidential material.”

      True. What’s next, electing some guy that was in a bunch of crappy Westerns? I can’t see conservatives doing anything of the sort.

    4. Coming from Rove, that’s almost an endorsement. Maybe Brooks and Kristol will slag on her next. If that happened, and if she keeps talking about leaving people alone who are just smoking joints in their living rooms, I’m going to have to revisit my opinion about Palin.

      1. When did she come out for legalization? This is the first I’ve heard that. You got a link?

        1. It wasn’t a full call for legalization, more like “don’t cops have better things to do with their time?”

          1. Considering she is not for legalization for the childrenz, how do you expect her to reconcile the two? It’s ok to smoke pot in your house as long as the kids don’t know? Or is it ok for childless people?

          2. Thanks Penguin. Based on that quote and some common-sense, it looks to me like she’s hedging toward a tepid approval of police being used elsewhere (decriminalization at the least?) for pot. As 2012 gets closer, she will see which way the winds are blowing and will make her move in that direction.

            The first Republican that comes out for “responsible legalization” (my term for their ideas) that taxes and heavily regulates pot AND frees up cops to go after really bad criminals, will demolish the rest of the field. It’s simple math. $50B a year wasted is still $50B a year wasted. Add to that added free time for cops to go after “real” criminals and the public will rally around the fresh idea coming from someone on Team Red.

            1. Vic & sloopyinca: I could see her adopting a half-ass federalist position. Tom Tancredo might become govenor of CO. While I disagree with his immigration policies, he has publicly stated he is against the Federal War on Drugs.

              It would be interesting to see what position he’d take as governor.

        2. “”If somebody’s gonna to smoke a joint in their house and not do anybody any harm, then perhaps there are other things our cops should be looking at to engage in and try to clean up some of the other problems we have in society.”


          But she’s not for legalization because “that would just encourage our young people to think that it was OK to go ahead and use it.”

          1. Hey, making it a lesser priority for enforcement is at least a step in the right direction.

            1. And a logical first step.

              I’m libertarian, but I’m not absolutist and I understand that oftentimes we need to take small steps in the direction of libertopia. Anyone who expects that the only good law is instant libertopia is not a realist.

            2. I take her statments as saying she doesn’t think that it should be a priority, but we can’t give kids the wrong impression. How does that play out?

  14. Karl Rove supported one of the most unqualified men in history in his (successful) quest to become president. But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about Palin.

    1. Ya know, I’ve looked high and low for this magical “qualifications” list everyone seems to be talking about – it seems to be a pretty stealthy moving target. Would you prefer a complete ijit that’s credentialed out the wazoo, but astounds people by succesfully tying his shoes? Like, maybe a Harvard Law grad? Oh, wait.

    2. I don’t think GWB was unqualified to be president, I think he was unqualified to properly respond to periods of crisis, i.e. 9/11 and the financial collapse. Completely lacked imagination to tackle either one, sadly.

    3. I’m wondering what the qualifications are. While I have many issues with GWB as a president, I would hardly say he was imminently “unqualified”. He had executive experience, and he came from a political family.

      There were plenty of effective U.S. presidents whom many would consider “unqualified”.

      1. I don’t know what the qualifications are either, and the voter seems confused about their necessity. We don’t want DC insiders, but the Prez primaries gave us Obama and McCain.

        With Bush, the GOP though he had qualification issues which is why Bush picked a well experienced, DC insider for VP.

    4. I mean if being govenor of one of the biggest states is not qualification i am not sure what is. Maybe they should be president of a smaller country first? Like start out with Belize move up to Canada then you can run the US.

      1. “”I mean if being govenor of one of the biggest states is not qualification i am not sure what is.””

        Does that mean a full term is more experience than 1/2 a term. 😉

      2. A Bill Clinton was a three term governor, btw. Did that make him one of the most experienced?

  15. I wonder if “distinguished” Duke professor Cathy M Davidson was a signatory on the “These Lacrosse players are rapists” letter.

    1. It’s Cathy N Davidson and yes she did.

    2. Group of 88 is much less to type. . .

      1. You know who else uses 88 as a symbol…

        1. Oh, I don’t know…. could it be….. maybe…..


          1. I thought that 888 was the symbol for Christ as opposed to 666 being the symbol for the anti-Christ.

            1. if man is 5, then the devil is 6
              if the devils is six, then god is 7?


              1. Not enough Pixies fans here. Here’s the song.

              2. Seven is perfection, eight is above perfection.

  16. Here in sunny MN the cops in a Mpls suburb are upset because a local pawnshop owner has successfully gotten a bunch of changes to local licensing fees.

    Instead of a $10,000 yearly fee it was reduced to $100. Pawn shop owners also no longer have to pay a $2.50 transaction fee for each item they take in.

    The local police chief is outraged:

    “You had this business coming in, working to eliminate licensing fees and transaction fees — and then took it upon themselves to write a draft ordinance that eliminated my authority to choose what I thought was the best resource to monitor them,” [Burnsville Police Chief Bob] Hawkins said.

    The transaction fees are really torquing the local cops. The Mpls cops built an online database for all pawn shops to use, and charge $1 per transaction. The suburb of Burnsville adds another $1.50 on top of that.

    1. Using the democratic process to take away my power! Next thing you know, everyone will want civic power to be accessible to the common man, and maybe even women.

    2. Remarkable how Hawkins sounds just like a two-bit Mafia thug, isn’t it?

      “I’m just an honest man trying to make a living, and these guys pull the rug out from under me!”

    3. Guess who’s pawn shop is going to have a problem with the cops?

      1. No joke. I feel bad for the dude; the police are gonna be up his ass for everything under the sun.

        1. Does anybody actually ever buy anything from a pawn shop? I’ve never seen a bargain in one. It seemed like you’d do better waiting for a sale at the mall.

          1. I once got a Marlin .22 LR rifle at a pretty good price in a pawn shop, but that was a long time ago. I haven’t really checked one out in a long time.

            1. “”I haven’t really checked one out in a long time.””

              Check one out now. I remember them being cheap but the last few time I look, they wanted top dollar for used stuff.

          2. I bout a used Fender guitar amp for a kid on her birthday and got a pretty good price.

  17. Researchers claim to have found a liberal gene. Apparently it also predisposes one to drink cheap beer, get bad tattoos and think its okay to do so as long as you are ironic about it.

    1. So liberals and hipsters are one and the same now?

      1. All hipsters are liberals, not all liberals are hipsters.

        Pars pro toto

        1. I resent that. I dress like a hipster, talk like a hipster, and have unwarranted self-importance like a hipster. However, I do not vote like a hipster.

          Why can’t I be a hipster?

          1. It’s because of your dark heart.

          2. Why can’t I be a hipster?

            No one’s stopping you. Have fun at the MGMT concert, dweeb.

            1. they were good before they got popular…after they released Oracular Spectacular, all downhill. Ugh, it’s like I’m trying to be sarcastic, but at the same time I mean it.

              And when I saw MGMT they were ‘The Management’

              1. “There’s no time to spell it out, you fool!”

                1. Wait, I thought these guys were the ultimate in hipsterdom.

              2. “That’s cool.”
                “Are you being sarcastic?”
                “I don’t even know anymore.”

          3. Genes are not destiny. Except the ones that code for weak arterial walls.

          4. If you don’t understand, that’s the first clue you’re not a hipster. And you’d have to be a hipster for us to be able to explain that to you, which, of course, we wouldn’t have to if you were a hipster.

            Tell you what, go flush a barrel full of cash on a bunch of overpriced man-grooming accessories and potions, and see if that helps. At least you’ll be stimulating the economy, and amusing the sales clerks that may worry a bit less about losing their jobs for at least one more day, so, in turn, they’ll be less likely to go home and get drunk and kick their dog. PETA and Paul McCartney will thank you, at least.

            1. I’ll take hipsters over emo fans any day. Depressing little fucks.

            2. If I find your post, particularly the first two sentences to be incomprehensible gibberish does that mean I am, or am not hipster? It’s either if you have to ask, you are one. Or if you have to ask, you aren’t. I think it’s both.

              Anecdotally, most hipsters are anti-hipster, or at least anti-other hipsters. fucking hipster scum.

              1. I actually went cross-eyed reading that.

              2. Don’t ever call a hipster a hipster. They get really upset. But they can’t do anything about it. They’re too thin and they can’t run in little girl pants.

              3. Don’t ever call a hipster a hipster. They get really upset. But they can’t do anything about it. They’re too thin and they can’t run in little girl pants.

                1. That comment was so much cooler the first time, before it sold out.

        2. False. It’s anecdotal, yeah, but i know several hipsterish types who actively campaigned for Ron Paul, and one who’s a registered member of the Constitution Party (and not for ironic purposes).

          1. You admit to knowing hipsters? You sicken me.

            1. I’m not gonna apologize for the life i’ve led.

              1. Or that trailing a buncha wannabees has led you to.

        3. According to the Hipster Handbook, conservative hipsters are libertarians.

      2. I hear lacking a sense of humor is also genetic.

        1. Funny, I can remember my mom and dad laughing when I was a kid.

    2. It wouldn’t be so bad if it it didn’t also convince people that Margaget Cho is funny.

      1. Ugh goddamn. I HATE Margaret Cho. Her entire act is just scrunching up her face and yelling about her gay friends.

        1. She wasn’t always all “my gay friends are sooooooooooo cool and funny, and I’m a fat asian spinster”.

          At one time she was actually funny.

    3. I intend to celebrate the Democrat holocaust on election day by listening to some My Morning Jacket followed by The Hold Steady, washed down with some Weepies or maybe some Jenny Lewis.

      While wearing a little bowler hat.

      And drinking chai tea.

      1. Oh, that actually sounds pretty good. Oozing with irony like puss from an infected wound. And free of that obnoxious ‘look-at-me-ism’. Truly inspiring.

        1. I might have to dump the chai tea.

          I might want to make it a localvore evening.

          Maybe make some mint tea using peppermint grown in a nearby community garden.

      2. My Morning Jacket

        These creatures were mentioned once, and my slutty boss brightly piped up “Hey, I made out with that band!” She, of course, only meant the lead singer (that’s him in the middle), but we’ve been teasing her about it for years. (Both things, really.)

        1. God they suck. Hipster alt rock bands, be they these clowns or Death Cab for Cutie or any number of others, are just a mountain of suck.

          1. I have to admit, I am a Dandy Warhols fan.

      3. It’s gonna be Combichrist, Iron Maiden, Buried Hatchet Stout, and Woodford Reserve. I will be a bile-spewing fountain of gleeful hatred as I watch the returns on Tuesday.

        1. Meshuggah followed by Enslaved and a smirk of glee on my face at watching the Demotards lose their shit, followed by a sigh at knowing that our lives probably won’t change for the better because of all of those Republitards taking over.

          We’re fucked.

    4. The self-described liberals I know aren’t interested in the view points of others or are accepting of social norms and lifestyles. Mostly they think you are a stupid redneck if you don’t vote Democrat and disagree with them on the need for expanded government social programs and gun control.

      1. This.

        I’ve never met a liberal who is interested at all in engaging with anything other than other liberals. The only talk of anything non-liberal boils down to “corporations and capitalism and CEOs and dumb rednecks who don’t know any better and stuff”.

        Even when they advocate engaging with the ideas of non-liberals, they’re talking in code, advocating only pretending to care about the views of others.

    5. Finally, a significant and desperately needed breakthrough has been made for this all too common mental disorder. Here’s hoping we can find a cure in short order.

  18. So apparently New York City is proposing new criteria for would-be gun-owners ? banning folks from having weapons if they happen to be lousy drivers, been fired from a job due to bad character, or in possession of serious debt.



    And the picture at the link is great.

    1. That’s not amazing at all. We expected anti-gun cities to get very crafty since Heller upheld restrictions short of an all out ban.

      1. Well sorta, set the ground for them to be upheld anyway.

    2. “But worse, if you take guns out of the hands of decent people, you’ll never learn how to carve a pumpkin, the fun way”

    3. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t throw in a BMI limit and a carbon footprint requirement.

      1. When in NYC, I saw a bunch of posters patting New Yorkers on the back for “using less electricity per capita than any other city in the US”.

        My response was “when you live in apartments the size of fucking rat holes, of course you do, fuckwads.”

  19. Terry Hartle, senior vice president for governmental affairs at the American Council on Education, a higher-education lobbying group, said public colleges and universities nationwide have cut programs and instituted pay freezes to compensate for the declining state revenue.

    “There’s only so much cutting you can do before institutions suffer in fundamental ways,” Mr. Hartle said. “The best thing for public colleges and tuition levels would be a quick return to financial health for state governments,” he said.

    “We’ve cut spending to the bone. To the BONE!!!!!

    Fuck you, Terry.

    1. Getting rid of the Vice Presidents for Student Affairs, Vice President for Campus Life, Vice President for Athletic Programs, Vice President for Facilities and Management, Vice President for Tiddlywinks, and all the other dozens of obscure vice presidents I keep getting useless emails from would be a good cut to make.

      1. Don’t forget Vice President of Diversity.

        1. To be fair, they should have abot 25 of those.

      2. “The balance is shifting more toward the federal government,” said Sandy Baum, co-author of the report. “If the federal government hadn’t stepped in, we’d either see fewer students going to college or see them taking out bigger student loans.”

        Or, I don’t know, you’d have to price tuition at a level people can afford? And trim the fucking fat.

        I mean, I’m sure there’s a connection between federal grants/loans and rising tuition prices, but isn’t it possible you have the direction of causality backwards, Ms. Baum?

        1. There is no fucking way that flooding the education market with all sorts of cheap cash is going to have the side effect of the cost of education going up. No fucking way.


    Iowahawk is great. Best Part

    Alright everyone, please rise for the President of the United States.

    Hello everyone. It is very much a pleasure to meet you. Let me say that your bravery and determination to surmount the many obstacles you face has been an inspiration to so many people around the country. You have shown that people with your condition can overcome and lead lives of near-independence. Would you like to see where I sit behind my desk?

    Mr. President, I think you are confusing this meeting with your 3pm meeting.

    Did I? I am so sorry. So what condition do these folks have?

    Sir, this is the progressive Netroots blogger group you were briefed on this morning.


    Ummm… are you sure this isn’t the 3 o’clock group?

  21. HUGE disappointment: Drudge reveals that Bush book does not end with Bush eaten by sharks.


  22. File Russian assistance in Afghanistan under the page labeled “horrible ideas”. Jumping the shark, in my opinion.

    Counter-narcotics, Dmitri? More like “give us a crack at that sweet, sweet opiates market.”

    1. But they have plenty of experience…

      Seriously, not to mention the massive corruption, I can’t think of a better way to convince Afghanis that we are only there to fuck with them than to work with the Russians.

  23. isn’t it odd that except for the egging on of the undercover feds, this nut may have just continued living his life with a grudge and fantasizing about terrorism instead of actually doing anything? the only factual statement in the article was “Officials stressed that the public was never in danger.” no shit.

    also his crime was ” he allegedly agreed to conduct video surveillance of the stations and suggested the best time to attack and the best locations to place explosives to maximize casualties.” let me guess, how about when the most people are there and as far as placement how about where the people are. frickin wonderlics

    1. Yeah. It’s kinda like saying if I were going to rob a jewelery store, I’d look at the pictures of the store on their website and I’d probably go at night when there was nobody there.

      Maybe I should get back with that guy I randomly met the other day that said he could help me with that. Once I find the out of state phone number he gave me, I’ll let you all know how it works out.

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