Protest Announcement of the Day


The Black Bloc is coming to the Jon Stewart rally:

Jon Stewart has called for a Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, DC—later termed the "Million Moderate March". We say: fuck moderation, let's dance! Join the Million Molotov March as we party our way through a veritable sea of mediocre leftists on the 30th!

You know us: we're those angry people in black who hate everything and always ruin perfectly civil protests by wearing bandannas and bringing banners with militant, weird, and sometimes nonsensical messaging. Now's your time to join the party!

There will be an all-black costume contest. Think these guys but with a sense of humor and having more fun. Cowboy black bloc, businessperson black-bloc, black bloc kitten, riot dog, etc etc etc. Fun prizes for those with especially creative/awesome costumes and no less fun prizes for participating.

Being moderate in a time of ongoing wars, economic collapse, and increasing hatred against immigrants is ridiculous. Do we want a more moderate occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan? A moderate amount of deportations? Only a moderate amount of homes being foreclosed? Stewart and Colbert are hosting a carnival of the absurd on the National Mall, so we say: embrace absurdity!

Also, puppets! Games! Excitement! Nonsense! Negation!

More fun weekend activities will be announced! And yes, this is really happening.

In other Stewart/Colbert rally news, the Washington City Paper has established some guidelines for staffers who'd like to go to the show.