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More Awesomeness from Cameron-Clegg


Clutch the pearls, fellow libertarians. The British Nanny State is in for a tumble.

The British government unveiled the country's steepest public spending cuts in decades on Wednesday, sharply reducing welfare benefits, raising the retirement age earlier than planned and eliminating almost half a million public sector jobs over the next four years as the country seeks to free itself of crushing debt from the global financial crisis.

 "Today is the day when Britain steps back from the brink," George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, as Britain's top finance minister is known, told Parliament as he laid out an ambitious and potentially risky plan to reduce debt.

"It is a hard road but it leads to a better future," he said, but "to back down now would be the road to economic ruin."

He said that 490,000 public sector jobs would be lost over the four-year savings program and the size of government departments in London would be cut by one third. Public spending would be cut by a total 83 billion pounds, or around $130 billion, by 2015.

Not even Her Highness is safe.

Mr. Osborne promised savings of an annual 7.1 per cent in the budgets of local councils and said there would be a freeze followed by a 14 per cent cut in tax funds allocated to maintaining the royal household of Queen Elizabeth II.

Cuts are also in store for police and national defense, though education, health care, and intelligence will get a boost.

Prior crushing on the Cameron-Clegg coalition here. Reason on how Canada, New Zealand, and post-war America managed significant budget cuts here.

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  1. Public spending would be cut by a total 83 billion pounds, or around $130 billion, by 2015.

    It’s sad that a cut of that size over here is not only insignificant, but also politically impossible.

    1. But I thought we wanted to be Europe!

      1. Yes. I anticipate my liberal friends consistency in following the example of our sophisticated European cousins.

        1. I think you’ll find that just as Sarah Palin is not a real woman and Clarence Thomas is not a real black man, your friends don’t think of Britain as a real European country either.

          Margaret Thatcher’s (another nor a real woman) influence is too strong.

          1. She’s made of iron.

    2. All we can hope is that as the British economy recovers faster than anyone else’s, some politicians will latch on to it as an example, because at least they can point to it and say “see? It worked!”

      1. “It’ll lead to chaos in the streets! Bangers and mash, living together!”

        1. Mass hysteria?

          1. You meant “Mash Hysteria”, right?

            1. Yes, of course. How dare you point out my mistake!

              1. look, i can’t enjoy the joke if I’m not sure it’s being made.

  2. We’ll see if they can make it stick.

    I think it was politically smart to leave the mommy issues (education and health care) out of it, for now. You can always come back for them later, after these cuts have taken hold. But if they were included in this package, the bureaucrats would hide behind the childrenz and the sick people. This way, they’re exposed.

  3. “Clutch the pearls, fellow libertarians. The British Nanny State is in for a tumble.”

    The Welfare State, maybe. The Nanny State? Hell, the whole damn country is still on CCTV.

  4. They could save even more if they tossed the Queen and her whole family out on their asses. Get a job, ya bums.

    1. Or at the very least, live off what you can make by letting people visit your house.

      1. Be wicked cool for me to be able to do cannonballs into the pool at Buckingham Palace.

        Anybody know if they have a pool?

        1. Think of her poor, defenseless grandchildren.

    2. Cromwell had the right idea.

      1. Replacing one form of totalitarian government with another one?

    3. The continued fascination with royalty, and the willingness to use the public purse to subsidize this fascination, is mind-boggling.

      1. Well I get it.

      2. Actually, it’s mostly Americans that have “[t]he continued fascination with royalty” thing.

        For the most part the Brits are kind of tired of them.

        Except for that whole Princess Di bit, that is. But a lot of that was an excuse for the masses to get a hate on for the Royals for having mistreated the poor innocent waif so egregiously.

    4. Isn’t the QE2 one of the richest people in the world? I think she could probably afford to maintain the royal household on her own without subsidies.

    5. I spent a few minutes in front of the Palace this summer while passing through London. While everybody was revelling in its awesomeness, all I could think of was the massive amount of wealth stolen in order to build and maintain it.

      Libertarianism messes you up.

  5. Not even Her Highness is safe.

    Unfortunately not entirely true.

  6. To me, this is far and away the biggest world story heading into the second decade of the 21st century: the welfare state as it has existed in the west since the Great Depression is entering its last days.

    That’s why you’re seeing these French communists rioting in the streets: they know as well as anyone else that the gig is up and they don’t like it.

  7. Krugnuts is readying his shock troops as we speak.

    The spice money must flow.

    1. I suddenly have an image of Krugadib in a stillsuit.

      I need a drink.

      1. I was imagining Bashar Krugnut leading 15 full legions of Saudaukar to a grisly end in a deathstill. Water which will be spilled upon the ground rather than letting it pollute the cisterns.

      2. His name *is* a killing word.

  8. It’s proof positive about how much can be cut before even making a dent (and in this case, expanding) “core” government services.

  9. Slight clarification – the Queen should be referred to as “Her Majesty”. “Highness” is used with lesser members of the Royal Family.

    1. Republicans should refer to her as Mrs. Windsor or as Mrs. Saxe-Coburg.

      1. How ’bout just Liz?

        1. Give the old girl a ipod and pat her on the rump.

        2. I’d love to meet the queen just so I can look her straight in the eye and say “how’s it going, Bess”.

          1. Afterwards, I would be forced to ask, “Were We Amused?”

      2. No, it’s Mrs. Mountbatten or Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor.

  10. As much as I abhor the concept of Royalty, if it was my picture printed on the official currency, I would insist I never have to pay for anything ever.

    1. You’re gonna back up your insistence with what exactly?

  11. A British government article and no “Yes, Minister” clip?

    Reason, I am disappoint.

  12. “Today is the day when Britain steps back from the brink,” George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, as Britain’s top finance minister is known, told Parliament as he laid out an ambitious and potentially risky plan to reduce debt.

    Fuck you, New York Times. FUCK YOU.

    1. There’s also

      The average cut in the budgets of government departments, he said, will be 19 percent, not the 25 percent he had initially threatened.

      Not “promised,” or “hoped for.”

      1. All the news that’s fit to spin.

  13. I hate to be a party crasher here, but welfare spending isn’t being cut, neither the NHS expenditures. Overall spending will actually have increased by 2015. The media have it all wrong.

    1. Yes, but they’re not increasing it as much as they should have. That’s a cut!

      1. By my stimulus employment model, I have created thousands of new jobs. Don’t let Team Red fool you.

    2. Cameron loves him some Gore dick so that one I do not trust.

  14. Sure, Prince Charles has to put one of his Land Rovers up on blocks, but James Bond, M, and Moneypenny get a raise.

  15. They’re not cuts, they are cuts in the rate of growth. It’s all a big scam. Check out

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