And the Award for Most Sanctimonious Non-Apology of the Week Goes To…


Rachel Maddow.

Last night, Maddow pulled some truly Rhodes Scholarship-worthy rhetorical gymnastics in both apologizing for and doubling down on her accusation that former Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) had some kind of prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing. Maddow conceded that she was guilty of a "misstatement" and an "editing error" in accusing the one-term U.S. congressman of being at least partly responsible for the deaths of 168 fellow human beings. But she then made light of her colossally offensive "misstatement" by arguing that her main contention still stands: The important thing, she claimed, isn't that she said something mindbogglingly slanderous, it's that she was justified in doing so.

The real vomit-all-over-your-keyboard moment comes at roughly the 2-minute mark, where Maddow sarcastically frames her apology as a chance to congratulate herself on bringing the specter of militant right-wing politics to the public's attention. "For all the conservative bloggers out there who are extremely angry at me for making that mistake" she said, "thank you. Thank you for signaling such enthusiasm for discussing guys like Steve Stockman, and for getting all the details right. If the country talked a lot more about the Steve Stockmans of the world and anti-government extremism and what the experience of having anti-government extremists in Congress was like for this country the last time we tried it, I think that would be good for us in this country, particularly before this round of elections."

So mistakenly accusing someone of being an accessory to the worst act of domestic terrorism in this country's history isn't really that bad, since it acted as a catalyst for what Maddow sees as a much-needed discussion? That's not exactly a convincing argument, and not only because it's the real-world actualization of liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias's defense of lying in the name of some greater political good. It's also further evidence for Reason Managing Editor Jesse Walker's classic explanation of how the "paranoid center" operates, as explained here:

When mainstream commentators treat a small group of unconnected crimes as a grand, malevolent movement, they unwittingly echo the very conspiracy theories they denounce. Both brands of connect-the-dots fantasy reflect the tellers' anxieties much more than any order actually emerging in the world.

When such a story is directed at those who oppose the politicians in power, it has an additional effect. The list of dangerous forces that need to be marginalized inevitably expands to include peaceful, legitimate critics.

Maddow's apology, wherein the range of dangerous anti-government extremists is eventually expanded to include unnamed past and future members of Congress, is a case in point. She's willing to apologize for an isolated factual inaccuracy, but only so she can advance a truly paranoid line of reasoning in which a single congressman who hasn't held public office in a decade and a half (and couldn't even get his own party's nomination for Texas Railway Commissioner) proves that we're in for a resurgence of Oklahoma City-style right-wing militancy. This is a bogus talking point disguised as an apology.

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  1. Caption Contest!

    Hey everybody…It’s Pat!!!

        1. Same exact fucking glasses.

    1. “So this chick comes up to me and says ‘hey, why you always holdin’ your penis?’ I says ’cause it would be impolite to let it drag behind me AAAY!”

      1. If its behind you-It ain’t yours

    2. Harry Potter and the Caverns of Deception.

    3. “It’s Kevin from ‘The Wonder Years’, all grown up…and bitter!”

      1. Wrong guy. See above.

    4. For those of you who ever wondered what it would look like if Wayne and Garth mated, you have your answer.

    5. Six minutes.

      (I visit reason with only cached images showing, so I always see the alt-text (or lack of it) first. Whenever I see a photo without alt-text, I ask myself how long it’s going to take before somebody bitches about it, and set the over/under at half an hour. This time the under wins.

      1. That is what you do for entertainment? You know what I do? Sloppy seconds. When Lemar is through in about an hour, it’s my turn!

    6. I haven’t liked anything they’ve done since Pinkerton.

    7. Wait til I call dumbledorf of this insolence!!!!

  2. It’s amazing that she claims this was “an editing error” when she specifically spent several minutes directly accusing Stockman of having advance notice that the Oklahoma City bombing was going to happen.

    Her excuse that this was an “editing error” is almost as pathetic as her self congratulatory pat on the back for exposing the “radical right militias” before an election.

    The only question I have is this: if she worked for NPR, how big would her medal be for exposing this story?

    1. I guess just like Dan Rather’s job on Bush was an editing error???? Or maybe not.

  3. Rachel Maddow has got to be the worst young man on the air today.

    1. Rachel is a cunt – sort of.

  4. Hey, the ends justify the means. Sometimes you have to break a few eggs.

    1. Maddow doesn’t have any to break.

    2. That’s what the Reverend Sharpton done told me.

    3. Only women are born with eggs.

  5. If any of my previous statement led anyone to believe Rachel Maddow fucks sheep, I apologize. I did not intend to put forward the notion that Rachel Maddow is a sheepfucker. However, if there are any progressive bloggers upset with me because they think I said Rachel Maddow is a sheep fucker, I want to thank them for correcting me, as we can now focus on Maddow’s political agenda, which is, for all intents and purposes intensive porpoises the exact same as Barack Obama’s.

    And that agenda is fucking America like Maddow going down on a flock of ewes.

    1. Going down on? Nah, she uses her collection of strap-ons.

  6. In that pic, she looks a bit like Fred Savage from “The Wonder Years”.

    1. No, it’s somebody else, and I just can’t put my finger on it. Arrrghh…

      1. A young Bill Gates?

          1. Yes, yes! Thank you both!

      2. Who was the sidekick in The Wonder Years with glasses?

        1. Josh Saviano. I think his name was “Paul” on the show.

          1. Thanks. Way to come thru with the pic upthread.

      3. Andrew Dice Clay. See my contest entry above.

      4. Are you sure you WANT to put your finger on it, Epi?


        1. Harry Potter, after the operation.

          1. …and joshua beat me by 5 minutes.

      5. When Hugh Grant wears glasses, he kinda looks like that.

    2. Doh! Great minds….

  7. There’s that e-mail circulating on the interwebz comparing the looks of conservative women to liberal women. And sure it’s unfair and biased and designed to make the libs look bad. But look at Maddow in that pic, I mean honest to God……If you just don’t care how you look, you wouldn’t look like that.

    1. I disagree. This is a good pic of her.

      1. yeah well I guess the point I was going for is that she has to really work at looking so shitty, and the point of looking shitty is to send the message that she doesn’t care how she looks, which she obviously does care, cause she has to really put some effort into looking like that.

        1. She’s one of those very annoying types that has to make the statement through how she looks that she’s not going to conform to the expected male-dominated stereotype of how a woman should look, so she’s going to look like she doesn’t care how she looks – a desire which is, of course, driven by the fact that she, like any other human being does in fact care how she looks to others.

      2. I disagree. This is a good pic of her.

        Aside from that hair cut she is a handsome woman.

        1. My God, a women who makes Janet Reno look more attractive.

      3. I’m afraid my sense of humor is very dry. Check this photo to see what I mean.

        1. Dick. I get it. Funny.

        2. My God, what is that thing?

          1. Miracle Max gave it to me. He said it looked so nice, I could keep it.

        3. “Shall we shag now, or shall we shag later? How do you like to do it? Do you like to wash up first? You know, top and tails… whore’s bath? Personally, before I’m on the job, I like to give my undercarriage a bit of a ‘how’s your father’!”

  8. incident list, University of Washington, 1949 to present:

    January, 1970 Bombing attempt on the ROTC building by the Weathermen protest group. The men were caught and arrested before the bombs could be planted.
    12-MAR-1970 200 Seattle and King County police officers occupy buildings at the University of Washington after demonstrations over several days by the Black Students Union and the Seattle Liberation Front disrupt classes and injure 17 people.
    29-June-1970 Gerberding Hall was the target of a bomb. $291,000 in damage to Gerberding Hall, Suzzallo Library, and Parrington Hall. Structural damage to Gerberding Hall was extensive.
    October, 1970 Clark Hall, the ROTC building on campus, was the target of a bombing. Unknown damage
    04-MAY-1974 Protestors broke into 12 Padelford Hall offices and caused $10,000 in damage.
    June, 1975 Pipe bomb found in the bottom of the Administration Building. Defused by Seattle police bomb squad before it could detonate.

    Because angry sentiment resulting in people blowin’ up shit is only a function of anti-government right wing conservatives.

    1. You left out the U of W Madison:

      Robert Fassnacht was a 33-year-old post-doctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin?Madison. On the night and early morning of August 23/24, 1970, he had gone to the lab to finish up work before leaving on a family vacation.[18] He was involved in research in the field of superconductivity. At the time of the explosion, Fassnacht was in his lab located in the basement level of Sterling Hall. He was monitoring an experiment when the explosion occurred.[19] Rescuers found him face down in about a foot of water.

      He was survived by his wife, Stephanie, and their three children, a three-year-old son, Christopher, and twin one-year-old daughters, Heidi and Karin.

      Also injured was David Schuster, a South African graduate student, who suffered fractured ribs and a broken eardrum, amongst other injuries,[18] and had to be dug out of the rubble by firefighters, after his professor, Henry Barschall, had to be physically restrained from going in himself.

      Barschall’s laboratory was destroyed by the bombing?and the records of 25 years of his research, measuring nuclear cross-sections under neutron bombardment, were destroyed, there having been no off site data storage.


      1. Feh, one word: Unabomber.

        I know, I know, the left contend he had a point.

    2. No true Scotsman Progressive/Socialist/Statist would ever blow up a building.

    3. What about the pro-government extremists?
      Can we put all of the deaths from the “police actions”, “conflicts”, and the GWOT on them?

      Can Maddcow really say that Ted Kennedy wasn’t an extremist? That Chuckie Schumer, Hilary, Barney Frank, The Gruesome Twosome from California, and Harry Reid aren’t extremists?

  9. Black preachers who ‘whoop’ — minstrels or ministers?


    1. No matter how sophisticated they get, whooping still speaks to black folks, Mitchell says.

      Mitchell, you’re fired.

      1. Joe Don Baker is MITCHELL!

        1. Oh my god. Best MST3K ever? It comes dangerously close.

          1. Joe Don Baker IS Martha Mitchell!

          2. In the top 5, that’s for sure.

            I loved how every time Joe Don Baker hit someone, they yelled “Mitchell!”

          3. If by best you mean “So bad that even the bots couldn’t save it from absolute suckitude,” yeah, you’re right.

  10. She should be fired and resign at the same time. That’s totally unacceptable from a journalist. Or even a “journalist.”

    1. But is it acceptable from a “journo-list”?

      1. Not even a whoreolist.

  11. and what the experience of having anti-government extremists in Congress was like for this country the last time we tried it

    Shemale Elvis Costello is right! We need to get back to those days… they were glorious!

    1. “anti-government extremists in Congress.”

      That’s an extremely unique way to put it. (leave it alone, Pedant.)

  12. The funny thing is, looks wise, she’s trying too hard.

    I’m beginning to think she isn’t really a lesbian at all, but just wants to be thought of as a real lesbian. I knew some women in college who just went a little overboard with the hard-core dyke thing and it just ultimately was unconvincing.

    “Doth protesteth too much” and all that.

    just sayin.

    1. I think you are right. i am sure being a lesbian didn’t hurt her chances with the Rhoades people. If she were straight, would we even know who she is?

      1. I dated a girl at UND back in the eighties. A friend of her’s was a finalist for a Rhodes Scholarship. He had a double major in Economics and two other things I can’t recall.

        Long story short, one of the requirements was a proven athletic ability, which he lacked, so he didn’t get it. I wonder what Rachel’s athletic history included.

        1. Probably softball. Luckily by 2005 (when I was a Rhodes finalist) they had downplayed the athletic requirement. The people who won from my state were not athletic at all.

          1. Her sport was probably talking. She can take a simple statement and repeat it eight different ways without taking a breath. This talent has served her well, as most of the time on her show is spent monologuing.

            1. Oh no! You got me monologuing…. You sly dog… tooooo good!

          2. Tony, did you forego the Rhodes for the Nobel? That is so fucking awesome, man!

            Too bad you didn’t have GAME, even back in the day! It’s just gotten worse since then!

        2. Larry Sabato (of U.Va.) got the Rhodes while he was a grad student at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School. I think his “athletics” consisted of riding bikes (like around town, not in races).

    2. She should do the later Joan Crawford look. Johnny Guitar or later should do.

  13. So mistakenly accusing someone of being an accessory to the worst act of (…) terrorism in this country’s history isn’t really that bad

    …if you’re any commentator on the right on any day of the week, no apology needed or offered.

    1. yeah Tony, Maddow as the host of a national show shouldn’t be held to any higher standard. You are pathetic Tony.

      1. She shouldn’t be held to a higher standard than any of her counterparts on FOX News, who say equally incendiary things pretty much nonstop.

        1. Then you should have no problem actually finding a citation, but I’ve never really seen one in any of your posts, Tony.

          1. Okay, turn on FOX News, say whenever Hannity’s show is on, and listen for a while. There’s your citation.

            1. Tony, dude, you showed up with NO GAME again! Man, you gotta stop doing this!

              And buy some new Levis! Rachel Maddow would approve.

            2. I caught Hannity today, in fact. Spent the whole show crying over the NPR issue.

              1. Remember, kids: In TonyWorld, all evil exists at the 50.00001%> level.

            3. Weak, Tony, weak. You are not the real Tony. Tony’s favorite networks are puppets of the hidden theocracy. So there.

            4. I ain’t gonna turn it on, you turn it on.

            5. “I don’t like Sean Hannity, which is proof that he has ever falsely accused someone of being an accessory to mass murder.”

    2. The solution would be to save this hit & run post in your favorites, and bring it up next time that happens. Although, libertarians oppose this sort of behavior more because it’s an argument based on disinformation rather than logic, rather than a knee-jerk reaction to defend TEAM RED.

  14. Maddow runs a profoundly dishonest show. A couple weeks ago she was lamenting how her people couldn’t get an interview with Christine O’Donnell, the same Christine O’Donnell she and others at MSNBC have been savaging ruthlessly since her primary win. In a snarky mock outrage, complete with the infamous open-mouth photo in the background, Maddow pleaded with O’Donnell to come on the show and have an honest discussion about the issues. It was pretty sick stuff.

    1. Maddow MSNBC runs a profoundly dishonest show network.

      The same can be said about the ED show, Hardball and Countdown.

      1. Actually, I think Matthews is pretty honest.

        1. MSNBC is a liar network. I’m astonished at what they get away with there, and not just on the evening propaganda shows. The daytime “anchors” are as biased to the left as the better-known evening personalities, albeit more subtle. And they are amazingly stupid. I have to believe that, privately, the nation’s reputable TV journalists are appaled at what they see there. But few will ever mention it publicly. They’re all members of the same club, and they know how good they have it.

        2. Matthews – honest, but bat shit crazy.

          At least he is honest about it…

          1. I don’t think Matthews is honest, although, in a rare display of integrity a couple days ago, he roasted Rand Paul’s opponent over his sleazy “Aqua Buddha” ad. It was beautiful. I almost cheered. Then Matthews reverted back to his standard Democrat proselytizing for the rest of the show.

  15. “since it acted as a catalyst for what Maddow sees as a much-needed discussion?”

    since it acted as a catalyst for what Maddow sees as a much-needed discussion? attention and ratings.

  16. Maddow makes Lesbianism so much less cooler. None of my lesbian friends act like smarmy assholes for the purpose of making people who disagree with them seem like Timothy McVeigh-style antigovernment terrorist. But then all my lesbian friends are Republicans.

    1. Hi, this is Caleb. I just wanted to return to this thread and apologize for what might be perceived as an intentionally homophobic comment. Although homophobia was not my intention, I do believe this comment conveys it nonetheless. Again I apologize

  17. all my lesbian friends are Republicans

    That’s unpossible.

    1. I have two lesbian friends that are both REpublicans. But they own a business so maybe they don’t count.

    2. Well, they’re all non-Democrats, which is synonymous with racist, teabagging, Ryder truck bomb parking, antigovernment, terrorist, Republican.

    3. So, Caleb has no lesbian friends.

      That’s logic.

    4. 1992 – friend of mine is at the GOP national convention. He meets this chick, they party together, she is bi (but mostly lesbian). Suggestions he come to Boston and they will go out picking up chicks together.

      She was there supporting Buchanan.

  18. You right-wing asshole fucks have come have produced so many vomit-all-over-your-keyboard moments that Rachel Maddow could never keep up. Ron Paul’s racist cock is so far up your fat right-wing asses that he pisses through your nostrils.

      1. Wrong! Closeted fag.

        1. I’m in your closet. Waiting for you to turn out the light, pretty mouth.

          1. I WILL HAVE SEX WITH YOU!

            1. Oh my!


    2. You like albino cocks, Max? Who knew

    3. The fascination Maxee has with Ron Paul’s tallywacker.

  19. No lobster girl, but we do get this. Reason, why do you hate your readers so much?

    1. Come on, John. We all know you downloaded that image and use it as wallpaper. Fess up.

      1. It’s a challenge picture. I slip it into regular porn and as you a flipping through if you can keep it up, you win.

        1. An anti-fluffer?

    2. C’mon, John – we got Marissa the Hot Pot-Sellin’ Girl yesterday.

      Every day can’t be Lobster Girl or Marissa the Hot Pot-Sellin’ Girl…

      1. For some reason, I could suddenly go for some Lancashire hot pot.

  20. It may be splitting pubes, but I still get irritated at the whole “libertarian”=”right wing” suggestion.

    I guess it’s convenient for us to distance ourselves from McVeigh, an idiot who put his own cause back decades, but if we value truth he was (according to his manifesto in Gore Vidal’s Perpetual war for perpetual peace ) a form of populist-libertarian

    I just don’t trust anyone that uses the term “right wing”. Not from Left wingers and most especially right wingers who describe themselves as such.

    1. Yeah, well, I don’t trust morons, so we’re even.

      1. I’m still gonna put my racist cock up your ass. trust that.

      2. You must have a difficult time with a razor in the mornings.

      3. How do you live with yourself then?

    2. On account that it doesn’t actually fucking mean anything except…”vaguely bad”.

      “Left wing” does mean something. The more you believe the allocation of resources should be controlled and geared towards social equality, the more left wing you are.

      1. Traditionally “right” has meant more centralized authority and “left” has meant more individual liberty, i.e., the furthest right you could go would be absolute authoritarianism and the furthest left you could go was anarchism.

        Applied to economic policy then it could be said that modern-day liberals are to the right and conservatives to the left.

        Some (especially some libertarians) don’t think these distinctions make sense.

        1. It has more to do with where you sit in the French Parliament. Therefore, anyone who does not sit in the French Parliament is neither right nor left wing.

        2. Shit, Tony, leftists are all about centralized authority. And so are Republicans. Just in different ways.

        3. Of course they don’t make sense in that bizarre ahistorical explanation you just made. Sheesh. The idea that leftists believe in less authority would be a surprise to every Communist you could name, from Lenin onward.

        4. Tony, the left-right political spectrum (especially in America) is worthless for the purpose of sincere, non-axe grinding, political analysis.

          Get with the future. Soon, we shall all swear allegiance to the two-axes graph and all shall be well.

        5. Tony, what fuckin’ planet you from?

          1. He did not even know the terms ‘right wing’ and ‘left wing’ originated in the Assembl?e Nationale. Every redneck with a truck and a gun wrack stashed in the back cab knows that one, but not the Rhodes Scholar finalist.

            1. I am perfectly well aware of that.

        6. Traditionally “right” has meant more centralized authority and “left” has meant more individual liberty, i.e., the furthest right you could go would be absolute authoritarianism and the furthest left you could go was anarchism.

          And therein you reveal (as if there was any mystery) your complete lack of fundamental understanding of the concepts.

          That is an extremely oversimple, childlike and incorrect understanding of what “right” and “left” mean.

          Hard core leftists are NOT in any way all about “individual liberty”.

  21. Giving lesbians a bad name twenty-four hours a day. I like to think that it was my constant harping that finally persuaded AfterEllen to remove their vomit producing daily column summarizing Miss Maddow’s most recent vomit-inducing thoughts.

    1. To be fair, whatever harm Maddow did for lesbians, Keith Olbermann has been great for women in general, by proving to the world daily that men are perfectly capable of being hysterical, irrational bitches.

      1. Remember the olden days when us inconsiderate and mean men made jokes about women getting irrational and bitchy once a month, and they denied it and said we were cavemen, until science proved the existence of PMS and they started using it as an excuse? I’m still waiting for an apology.

        1. As soon as your pussy itches, you’ll get one.

  22. I’ve never seen this dude’s show before. Is he new?

  23. Yet she kept her job this morning.

  24. Maddow or The Ed Show? I’d have to go with the Ed show. Maddow makes Ed look like a regular William H. Buckley, Jr.

    1. And that was NOT a sly, homophobic jab at Maddow.

    2. Dammit, I meant to say, I’d go with Maddow. Frickin’ brain fart.

      1. Aha! So you like them both equally! It’s OK, Caleb…

    3. a regular William H. Buckley, Jr.

      Or Norman Eistein.

      1. Or Ludwig von Meeses.

        1. I hates Meeses to pieces!

  25. People who do her type of job i.e. Chris Matthews, O’Chowdahead, Beck, Olbermann are all basically horrible human beings IMO – when I take over they’ll be the second group of people placed up against the wall.

    1. I’m afraid to ask who will be the first.

      1. You just made the list buddy….. you just made the list.

        1. probably shoulda used fake-spur for that post, instead of spur. Now I’m probably on the list…. dammit…

          1. Shoot straight, you bastards – don’t make a mess of it!

        2. Lighten up, Francis.

  26. Okay, she’s no the best looking dyke I’ve seen. But I have to believe she can to better than that snaggle-tooth she’s bunked up with.

  27. From Wikipedia:

    “Maddow lives in Manhattan and western Massachusetts with her partner, artist Susan Mikula. The couple met in 1999, when Mikula hired Maddow, who was then working on her doctoral dissertation, to do yard work at her home”

    $10,000 for the best punchline. I’ll have the check in the mail first thing tomorrow.

    1. Look, just because the lady needed help trimming her hedges, doesn’t mean you need to look for some kind of double entendre.

      1. “some kind of double entendre”

        They actually sell those in the local adult novelty store. I always thought they existed only in the movies….

    2. Susan Mikula hired Rachel Maddow to clean her bush and they’ve been together ever since.

    3. I got yer bonsai!

  28. And….

    Her ratings are still shit, will remain shit, and will soon be measured in the 10s.

    Smartest dumb bitch I’ve seen on the boob tube in a long time. And that’s with the bevy of Ailes babes on Fox.

    1. Maddow has a screw loose for sure. I think she believes her own lies. Maddow may have been born a lesbian, but she had to work hard to become such an accomplished retard.

    2. Don’t you get it? It’s the left. They. Are. All. Cracking. Up.

  29. Quoting reason editor = guaranteed way to get article published?

  30. Maddow is a turd with a hairdo.

  31. Seriously, is this somehow less offensive than what Rick Sanchez said/did?

    Or is it okay because she didn’t offend one of the professional victim classes?

  32. Rachel Maddow is afflicted with a particularly virulent form of liberal psychosis. She is of the branch of liberalism which believes that they can do no wrong because they are so certain their motives are pure. She is a “true believer” in the most dangerous sense of the word.

    What is so amazing to me about people like Rachel Maddow is how little evidence they have ever given to support their arrogant certainty of their own superiority over others. Of course this is one of the prime reason that she and others like her are liberals. There’s a reason they adhere to a belief system that requires no demonstration of excellence in any field before claiming the mantle of the elite. All that is required is sufficient adherence to the proper politically correct shibboleths, and the demonstration of the proper sneering condescension towards the appropriate “enemies of the people.”

    The Rachel Maddows of the world have a place in totalitarian societies, and that place is not in the gulags with the victims.

  33. She’s on the Left, facts don’t matter.

  34. ‘Rachel Maddow’s an idiot.’

    Who knew? And who cares.

  35. Does anyone else see an adam’s apple in that picture?

    1. my God, you’re right!

    2. She had hands as big as Andre the Giant’s, and she had an Adam’s apple as big as her balls.

  36. Maddow reminds me of the investigator in “Drumbeat”.

  37. Oh cool, 90% of the comments are cracks about her looks and sexual orientation. You guys are still really sore about that whole Tim McVeigh thing, huh?

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