Joe Miller's Thugs Were Active Duty Military


It now looks like the security team working for Alaska GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller that handcuffed one journalist and threatened others over the weekend were active duty military.

Here's Glenn Greenwald:

If it's not completely intolerable to have active-duty soldiers handcuffing American journalists on U.S. soil while acting as private "guards" for Senate candidates, what would be?  This is the sort of thing that the U.S. State Department would readily condemn if it happened in Egypt or Iran or Venezuela or Cuba:  active-duty soldiers detaining journalists while they're paid by politician candidates?

Greenwald's updates suggest that active duty military personnel working for a partisan political campaign violates DOD regulations. If it isn't off limits, it should be. It isn't difficult to see the problems that would come with active soldiers working private detail for politicians.

Miller should have apologized, fired his security, and acknowledged that the handcuffing and threats were out of line. Instead he's defending the actions of his security and making excuses that aren't true. 

Hmm. Inflated sense of privilege. Inability to admit a mistake. Doubling down as it becomes increasingly clear he screwed up. Miller's looking more and more like a U.S. Senator by the hour.

Disturbing. But also probably to be expected of a guy who thinks the U.S. should adopt an East German model of border control.