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Real Clear Religion Launches


The Real Clear campaign of conquering all fields of human thought and endeavor continues apace, with the public launch of Real Clear Religion, edited by former Reason intern and sometime Reason contributor Jeremy Lott. Keep up with the news of all the Gods and all their sayings and all the human hugger-mugger that arises and froths around all that, daily.

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  1. Let me know when they launch Real Clear Beer, Wine and Spirits…

    1. This autumn season could use a Real Clear Shrooms.

  2. Based on your introduction, sounds like it will be very objective.

  3. From the introductory blog post:

    a cocky unbelief that is sometimes called the “new” atheism.

    I wonder what this means. Is the New Atheism some kind of hipster fad that I will need to carefully disassociate from?

    1. It’s like the old atheism, only evangelical.

      It’s your moral obligation to take Christ from the Heathen.

    2. Step away from the New Atheism.

      All jokes aside, what the fuck does that even mean? “Cocky unbelief”?

      1. Everyone knows that atheist dudes have bigger dicks. Who needs God when you’re packing?

        1. “Hello ladies, say hello to Goliath. We had to order special elastic pants for him on the internet.”

        2. Everyone knows that atheist dudes are bigger dicks. Who needs God when you’re packing?


    3. They’re talking about wegie.

  4. Keep up with the news of all the Gods and all their sayings and all the human hugger-mugger that arises and froths around all that, daily.

    Actually it is no more than a link list, and just as exciting.

  5. Religion is serious and silly, scandalous and sublime.

    That’s one of the more vomitous opening sentences I’ve read lately.

    1. True.

      How about “Religion is silly, until the religious guy is holding an AK-47 in your face”?

    2. “Alliteration is so pedestrian.”

  6. I looked and was disappointed. I thought they’d have stuff like the famous RCP poll averages, comparing doctrines and beliefs. That would at least be entertaining.

    Like, I don’t know, clitoridectomies.

    Muslims – Yes:60% No:1% Just don’t kill me!:39%
    Evangelical Christians – Yes:5% No:1% What’s a clitoris?:94%
    Atheists – Yes:1% No:99%
    Catholics – Yes:90% No:1% What’s a clitoris?:9%

    Totals – Yes:41.5% No:25.5% Other:38%

    So the real truth must favor clitoridectomies!

    Okay, that’s not so entertaining. It’s fucking vile and disgusting. Like religion.

    1. As far as I know, the only religion that requires mutilating genitals is Judaism. Muslims just cut off their little girls’ clitorises and their boys’ foreskins because…well, fuck you, that’s why.

  7. Here’s an amusing semi-religion flamewar started by a ridiculous topic.

    1. Your barefoot fetish both sickens and intrigues me. And now I know it’s all because the cuddly baby Jesus was born without shoes.

      1. I wore a hole through my Vibrams, so now my options are to wear ordinary shoes like a normal jackoff or go barefoot around Cleveland in the cold and rain. Fucking winter. I don’t know how you normal jackoffs stand your shoes.

        1. Some of us aren’t squat hairy apemen whose feet can handle barefoot running because you’re a hobbit.

          I did do an entire track season on a pair of Asics that were worn so badly that I could poke my toes out of them, though. But that’s more of a testament to Asics than to my feet.

          1. I am most certainly not squat. You’re squat.

            1. You didn’t even bother to refute the hairy apeman part. Color me unsurprised.

              1. We prefer the term “pelted-Americans”, you insensitive snowwhore.

                1. Speak for yourself…

            2. You’re a towel. A beaner towel.

              How many miles do you do a week, you shitheel? I wish I didn’t hate running with a fiery passion, because I used to be able to pound out 6.5 minute miles without a problem.

              1. Every few weeks, I’ll run maybe 3 miles. Running is too boring to do it regularly.

                1. Boring and torturous. I don’t get a runner’s high–ever–and I used to have to do 6 miles, in the woods, as warm-up for soccer practice. Ugh.

                  1. If you’re ever broke as shit but want a buzz, go do about 4-6 miles straight. Then go pound a sixpack, or at least attempt to. Drunk as shit. might put you back 7 bucks or so, but you’re set for the whole night.

        2. I just looked up your creepy fingershoes, you abnormal jackoff, and that took my tally of new things learned today up to two: from the barefooters, the word “proprioception”, and from a Jezebel BDSM post, the existence of “domestic discipline” or DD. The internet is a wonderful thing.

          1. Proprioception is a great word, but I’ve only heard it used by physical therapists talking about their stroke patients. If someone uses it while he’s telling you about his toe shoes, you can be fairly sure that he’s an engineer and that he has a beard.

            And I have a hard time imagining that very many Jezebel posters are capable of relaxing enough to enjoy sex.

            1. Even though engineers and beards and cool words are all things I enjoy, I’m going to continue mocking.

              And, the Jezebel posters actually surprised me on this one. A fair number of them didn’t think that politically incorrect sex was gender treason.

    2. The flame war should have been about the barefoot running. How are you supposed to run on rocks without shoes?

      1. Your feet get tough enough that eventually it doesn’t hurt. It’s quite cool when it happens.

  8. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

  9. Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn

  10. Holy god jeebus (see what I did there?) – did anyone do one iota of usaility study on that thing? I think I’m less clear on the concept of religion than I was 5 minutes ago…

    1. Usability…fucking “b” on my keyboard doesn’t give it up unless I pound it real hard.

      1. That’s what she sai…oh, wait.

    2. No, that thing totally made me get religion. Within two seconds I was shouting, “Dear God, my eyes!”

      1. Have to agree. The only thing clear is that I don’t want to look at it.
        WIH is it supposed to be? A clearinghouse for links to anything that has “god” or “religion” in the text somewhere?

  11. Do they pontificate on the merits or doctrines of Aqua Buddhism?

  12. Personally I know a guy is gay when we meet and i feel the need to check my fly~hsdehr

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