Libertarianism Liberty for Africa—Q&A with Adedayo Thomas


Spreading a message of liberty and free markets across Africa, where corruption and nepotism are depressingly common, is a daunting task—but not for Adedayo Thomas. Thomas, a Nigerian political activist and publisher of, has embarked on a cross-continent speaking tour to introduce to some of the most remotest areas of Africa to the ideas of libertarianism.

Recently's Micheal Moynihan sat down with Thomas to discuss how his ideology changed over time, how he's using African concepts to communicate the ideas of classical liberalism, and to discuss his favorite French philosopher, Frederic Bastiat.

Approximately five minutes.

Shot by Meredith Bragg and Dan Hayes. Edited by Joshua Swain.

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  1. Frankly I don’t think he’ll have much impact. Maybe on a few countries, like Kenya or South Africa, but then it will just be like a mini United States surrounded by a dozen Mexicos.

    But I sincerely hope he succeeds.

  2. “has embarked on a cross-continent speaking tour to introduce to some of the most remotest areas of Africa to the ideas of libertarianism.”

    I was going to ask if Thomas wrote this blurb too but I don’t think he would have made this many mistakes.

    Anyway, Go Thomas!! I hope Bill Gates stops lighting all his money on fire and gives you a couple hundred million to work with.

  3. i often lash out at reason with a venomous tongue while at work. this is definitely the best of reason. good interview and it’s very eye opening. good for this guy.

    1. “i often lash out at reason with a venomous tongue while at work.”

      Woah cool! Does your boss ever write you up for that?

  4. This guy is clearly just a racist teafucker.

  5. Is this the guy that sents out all those e-mails?

  6. Too bad this guy wasn’t Obama’s father.

  7. Any chance of seeing George Ayittey on

  8. Just want to give this post a thumbs up. Good stuff. Wish that were a longer interview.

  9. I don’t see Libertarianism coming to either Africa or South America anytime soon. They always seem to choose either Fascism of Communism, one of those two extremes.

  10. He reminds me of George Ayittey. Although I don’t agree with all of Ayittey’s assertions he’s on a better path than most people trying to reform Africa.

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  12. I would also like to see George Ayittey on Reason TV. And thanks.

  13. Africa needs to legalise “dagga”. And kick all commies and fascists out of power!

  14. I think Thomas is doing a good job. I was introduced to liberty at one of his numerous seminars. My socialist inclined ideology has since changed. I believe several other young Africans can say the same. The change towards libertarianism may take sometime, it will however come.

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