Don't Follow Leaders, Don't Laugh at Vaughn Meader


Ron Hart on the upcoming election:

As I type my column on my Word document program, I notice that it shows "Ayn" in "Ayn Rand" as misspelled with no corrections suggested. It's like Word does not want to acknowledge one of the most admired writers of modern times. Interestingly enough, Word does correctly spell both "Kucinich" and "Dukakis." Do not fall for campaign promises. Remember, Obama was going to get us out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, be a post-partisan president, heal racial divides, and go line-by-line to make budget cuts. He has done just the opposite. Do not base your vote entirely on campaign promises; they last about as long as appliance warranties. Vote on the person, on his or her personal beliefs and actions as they relate to the role of government. The less government does, the better off we all are.

Whole thing here.

And now on to the headline allusion, which proves irrefutably that the '60s weren't all that: