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Reason Writers Killin' it on Parker Spitzer: Nick Gillespie Talks About the Politics of Government Spending


Here's and Editor Nick Gillespie on the boob tube last night:

Transcript here.

Thanks to notorious commenters Flex Nasty B.I.G. and Tman for the links.

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  1. How did you resist the urge to call Spitzer human garbage, Nick?

    1. If Nick could just get Spitzer to hit him, he’d become a millionaire overnight. How hard can it be to get that piece of shit to take a swing at you? “Hey Elliott, banged any talkative hookers lately?”

      1. Why the fixation on violence? Or is it a fetish?

        1. Some people deserve only violence, spade. Like Epi.

      2. I was expecting Spitzer to try dry humping K Parker while the adults where talking policy.

  2. Is Cartoon Network still drawing better ratings?

  3. Sadly, they edited out the dramatic leather-jacket walk-in intro:

    If only they could’ve edited out Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer.

  4. It doesn’t bode well for Parker and Spitzer that anyone tuning in mid-show would most likely think that Gillespie is the host.

    1. This topic has more comments than Spitzer has viewers.

  5. One Jacket to rule them all . . . .

    1. Yeah, Nick without The Jacket is like Sauron without the Ring.

    2. …in the land of Teevee where the Spitzers lie.

  6. You know, I’m not surprised that Spitzer is back in the public eye, with no apparent sense of embarrassment. I figured that he’d eventually write a book or become a consultant or something. People like that rarely disappear completely, no matter how much we might want them to.

    But chatty TV host? Did not see that coming.

    1. Yeah, you’d think Spitzer would be a natural for some porny HBO production.

    2. If Dick Morris could do it on Fox, Spitzer could easily do it on CNN.

  7. “Fringe Goes Mainstream”? I have seen The Jacket. It may have Nick Gillespie, but it does not have Fringe. There is, however, some Anti-Jacket that turns up on Fox News, occasionally, with a lawyer on the inside, and fringe on the outside. I like the Fringe Anti-Jacket. It makes me laugh. I think it may be the one that used to own Dennis Hopper.

  8. Thanks to notorious commenters Flex Nasty B.I.G. and Tman for the links.

    Science, what would one have to do to be notorious on this site?

    1. I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

  9. It was nice of Nick to let the three of them come on his show.

  10. The Jacket pwned.

  11. Jesus. Nick just kicked some ass.

  12. Gillespie completely outflanked the entire panel on this show. Ridley wanted to bitch about the racisty racist Tea Party racists but he had to admit that Gillespie was right that people should be pissed off right now at what government is doing, from either side of Team Red/Blue, so he couldn’t pull out his pissed off black man schtick.

    Spitzer is honestly just embarrassing. Every word out of his mouth reminds me of what an overzealous douchebag he was when he was AG. I thank the whore gods that he get exposed before the economy tanked because he would have ridden that populist anti-Wall Street crusade all the way to the top and then our nanny state would’ve been replaced by a big brother state that would’ve made us long for the days of the Frank/Dodd clown show.

    I have no idea why anyone either reads, watches or listens to Kathleen Parker though. She combines the worst of the RINO tendencies with that annoying desire to be hip and inclusive among the liberal elites (“hey, I voted for Obama TOO!”).

    I’d say Nick hit a home run with this appearance, but this crowd wasn’t even AA ball.

    1. They really should give him his own show on CNN.

  13. It’s good to see a Reason presence on CNN instead of Fox News. IMHO, we libertarians should be reaching the former’s viewers, and distancing ourselves from those of the latter.

    1. CNN is so desperate, they are starting to admit that maybe libertarians aren’t all the spawn of Satan.

    2. I agree that a Gillespie show on CNN would be a million different kinds of awesome. But Fox gave us Stossell, which is closer than anything Libertarians have ever come near in terms of presenting libertarian ideals to a mainstream audience.

      1. True, unfortunately Stossel is on FBN and not the as-popular Fox News Channel.

  14. I envision Gillespie walking into Welch’s office and saying, “Matt, I was on TV last night, and want to pimp the appearance on H&R. But my name is in the post byline, it’ll look self-aggrandizing, and those punks in the commentariat will kill me. Be a good trooper and post it for me? The jacket wrote this text to accompany.”

    1. Either that, or he was on the train!

      1. Government-funded Amtrak? Oh, my.

        1. When the jacket calls the fire department because his house is burning down, he does so reluctantly.

    2. What I don’t get is why Reason needed commenters to supply links to their video-tentacle boss’s TV appearances. Did Nick not want anyone to know he went on Spitzer?

    3. Really after reading that you think there might be something that appears too self-aggrandizing for Nick?

  15. The Nick Gillespie Show, with the whore-banger and some other folks.

  16. Nick did own the presence, but they successfully acted as if he was on a different plane of existence. The substance of their replies always returned to why Obama’s not getting the ‘true’ message out to the disaffected proles. It was almost a non sequitor dialog.

  17. Well, it’s doubtful you’ll be invited back before the show is cancelled. Nice job, Nick – it surpassed the nanny beatdown you gave Mimi Roth.

    Spitzer Parker is an utter joke of show.

  18. Nice to see libertarian ideas out there in prime time, but I just can’t stand that “everyone talk at once, and talk superfast to squeeze your point in” format. How does anyone watch an entire episode without getting a migraine?

    Plus Eliot Spitzer is a moron even by party hack pundit standards.

  19. Nice job Nick although I disagree on one point – I don’t really think Americans are pissed off at spending per se, they’re pissed about spending with no results. Not that I agree with that, but most Americans aren’t libertarians.

  20. Thanks for the post Jeffe that was an amazing performance. One oral typo (at least as it shows in the transcript) is that we are at the beginning of the 10th year in Afghanistan, not at the 10th anniversary.

  21. Poor Nick. Only 389K people watched his brilliance that night. With ratings that low for Parker Spitz, maybe Nick can make a pitch to CNN that he’d be a ratings winner w/his own show @ that time slot.

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