Tiananmen Square

Viva China! Its Sovereignty, Independence and Greatness!


He's chums with Carlos the Jackal and Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, has declared himself a Maoist on a state visit to Beijing, and has stumped for the FARC, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez backed the Chinese dictatorship in its spat with the Norwegian Nobel committee.

Last week, in a rare moment of moral clarity, the Nobel jury awarded the peace prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, who is serving an 11 year prison sentence for "subversion." (According to fresh reports from Beijing, Liu's wife is now under house arrest.) From his jail call, Liu dedicated his prize to the victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Naturally, the Chinese government was unhappy with the choice. And Chavez, fresh off of an electoral thrashing, is backing Beijing, a large investor in Venezuela's oil sector.

Speaking in his weekly radio and television program, Chavez scoffed at his Venezuelan political opponents who praised the giving of the peace prize to Liu.

Chavez said the opposition's support for the prize showed that "they are lackeys" of the West. "They are worse than the Yankees."

"Our greetings and solidarity go to the government of the People's Republic of China," Chavez said, adding: "Viva China! And its sovereignty, its independence and its greatness."

The Cuban state media also denounced Liu as a paid lackey of the United States—and then reported on yet another documentary about the indefatigable and handsome Che Guevara. But Soviet x-ray machine is free, compañero!

In related news, a women celebrating Liu's prize in Hong Kong was arrested for assault after "accidentally splashing champagne on a security guard."

I wrote about the politics of Mario Vargas Llosa's Nobel last week.

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  1. Don’t forget his harbouring of ETA terrorists.

  2. “They are worse than the Yankees.”

    So, they’re the Red Sox?

    1. No, the Mets.

  3. I have no idea why Chavez would say such a thing. He’s such a card!

  4. BTW, are we going to get a review of Assayas’s Carlos the Jackal miniseries? It’s very good.


  5. Good thing Obama scolded China and insisted they release Liu “as soon as possible”.

    1. He’s still smarting from getting the sotto voce news from the Chinese embassy that if there are any more calls for China to adjust its currency, there will be a great deal of American bonds on the market all of a sudden.

  6. Waiting patiently for Sean Penn and Oliver Stone to denounce Chavez’s statement . . .

    1. He’s merely tweaking the nose of the media. He doesn’t really mean it.

      1. Let’s wait for every grungy wearer of Che Guevara t-shirts, while we’re at it…

  7. Waiting patiently for the Nobel committee to reverse themselves and give the peace prize to a far more worthy recipient – His Most Glorious President Obama.

    (Busts out laughing…..then shudders and the thought that the clowns on the Nobel committee are just stupid enough to do it).

  8. Damn, the greatness bit threw me, I was expecting a Thomas Friedman reference.

  9. *Sigh* I have hope for China. I’ve got a feeling there will be slow reforms over a century.

    1. I’d like to have such hope, too.

      The gender imbalance thing scares me, though. And I don’t think that the Mao Dynasty is going to go away for the foreseeable future: they’ve just going to wear a posher velvet glove on the mailed fist.

      Don’t get me wrong. That’s better then nothing. But…

      1. Are the Chinese bosses these days avowedly Maoist, avowedly anti-Maoist, or what?

        1. Who knows?

          The Chinese have a knack for engaging in major changes whilst never admitting to it.

          1. There has been a subtle rehabilitation of Mao without admitting as much.

    2. Read The China Fantasy, by Jim Mann. Very short book, but discusses the West’s “hope” for China.

    3. The Chinese people I know are aware that China must change. They don’t seem very worried about the gender imbalance thing, but they’re dudes who just came to America after college, so they’re probably all “SHIT! There’s girls here!”

  10. I would sort of love to see what the Venezuelan equivalent of the Putin Is the Greatest calendar would be.

  11. Maoist?

    Bitch, please! That little foreign devil has barely even started to make his people go hungry. Wake me up when he’s starved 70 million people.


    Mao Tse-Tung

    1. Walking the streets of Chavez’s People’s State took my breath away.

      1. You should have rotted away from HIV and yellow fever back in the sixties, or at least in a VK ‘re-education camp’.

  12. I’m with Chavez on this one.

    1. Me too! He’s a great guy!

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