Village Voice Writer Trapped In White Derangement Feedback Loop


I don't think I ever want to meet Steven Thrasher in person. Aside from the fact that the NPR and Village Voice contributor has an ominously violent last name, this dude is pissed. Despite this, I'll admit that while reading his recent Voice cover essay on the insanity of white America, I occasionally pictured myself giving Mr. Thrasher a hug. Don't worry, Steven, I'd whisper: Christine O'Donnell is down 15 percent in Delaware. The Islamic community center near Ground Zero will soon be a reality. A single tweet from Sarah Palin doesn't signal the end of white American sanity. (In fact, there is no such thing as collective white American sanity, or collective black American or Jewish American sanity, for that matter.) It's alright. Everything is going to be alright.

Sadly, it appears that Thrasher is suffering from the same genus of derangement as many of the people he slams, something no amount of hugging will fix. Sample insanity:

Sarah Palin then rushed to [Dr. Laura] Schlessinger's side, Tweeting in her inimitable style, "Don't retreat . . . reload!" Palin, we can only assume, wanted Schlessinger to utter "nigger" as often as she wanted.

Perhaps the two of them, having both quit their jobs, can get together and put on a road show, opening with "Zip Coon" and finishing with a rousing rendition of "Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny"?

Read the whole thing to experience the full flowering of Thrasher's madness.

Regardless of the validity of Thrasher's conclusion—that whites have literally been driven insane by the realization that they'll soon be a minority in their "own" country—his sneering, hysterical, furious treatment of a potentially important phenomenon lumps Thrasher squarely in the category with the people he criticizes.