Two Things Loretta Sanchez Can't Stand: Racial Intolerance and Vietnamese


Democrats may not support (openly) the strafing of immigrant children, but they have their own ways of chipping away at the gorgeous mosaic.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-California) has served six terms since she first brought a bit of calor to the Orange County seat formerly held by Bob Dornan. That makes me feel really old, and it may also have diminished the popularity of Sanchez, who is now in a tight race against Republican assembly member Van Tran.

In the Univisión interview above, however, Sanchez flips the script by pointing out that Tran is not just a racist but a goddamn Vietnamese to boot.

The ensuing tempest in a green teapot has helped boost Tran's campaign. He spoke with Left Coast Rebel about his chances and other topics:

The "anti-immigrant" attack by Loretta Sanchez couldn't have been directed toward a less-deserving or more inappropriate target. It is the lowest level of identity politics that one can comprehend.

Says Van Tran: "Even worse is that implicit in her statement, she said: 'That's my seat.'

"It's the people's seat…"

Sanchez has since apologized for her comments. Identity politics are, of course, the first refuge of a scoundrel, but given how Sanchez' win over Dornan was itself cast as a harbinger of changing California demography, I'm inclined to classify this under Politics Ain't Beanbag. But then I'm biased: I say if there's one group American politics needs more of, it's sultry, manhungry party girls desperate for anything in pants.