Two Things Loretta Sanchez Can't Stand: Racial Intolerance and Vietnamese


Democrats may not support (openly) the strafing of immigrant children, but they have their own ways of chipping away at the gorgeous mosaic.

It's not right to use your pussy just for a cheap pun.

Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-California) has served six terms since she first brought a bit of calor to the Orange County seat formerly held by Bob Dornan. That makes me feel really old, and it may also have diminished the popularity of Sanchez, who is now in a tight race against Republican assembly member Van Tran.

In the Univisión interview above, however, Sanchez flips the script by pointing out that Tran is not just a racist but a goddamn Vietnamese to boot.

The ensuing tempest in a green teapot has helped boost Tran's campaign. He spoke with Left Coast Rebel about his chances and other topics:

The "anti-immigrant" attack by Loretta Sanchez couldn't have been directed toward a less-deserving or more inappropriate target. It is the lowest level of identity politics that one can comprehend.

Says Van Tran: "Even worse is that implicit in her statement, she said: 'That's my seat.'

"It's the people's seat…"

Sanchez has since apologized for her comments. Identity politics are, of course, the first refuge of a scoundrel, but given how Sanchez' win over Dornan was itself cast as a harbinger of changing California demography, I'm inclined to classify this under Politics Ain't Beanbag. But then I'm biased: I say if there's one group American politics needs more of, it's sultry, manhungry party girls desperate for anything in pants.

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  1. I wish I lived through my entire lifetime without ever hearing something dumb as the Vietnamese coming after any one. But this year is one low after another when it comes to Democrats and race. Next up for liberals: Gay Filipinos.

    1. Ah, the infamous wily Philipino.

      1. Ah, yes.. the Mexicans of South Asia..

    2. How is calling a Vietnamese man “Vietnamese” racist? Isn’t Sanchez really referring to the Vietnamese voting bloc in her district? It’s quite a stretch to imply she meant the nation of Vietnam.

      1. Oh, for God’s sake. “The Asians are coming to take away our seat.”

        Change “Asians” to “Negroes” and put that in George Wallace’s mouth.

        1. The difference is that ‘the Negroes’ had been here since before the nation was founded. Not so with the Vietnamese, or even the Mexicans (the vast vast majority of Mexicans are descendants of recent immigrants with zero historical connection to California)

  2. and the fucking Koreans.

  3. “sultry, man-hungry party girls desperate for anything in pants”


  4. When it comes to racism, who can top libertarian darling Ron Paul?

    1. I think you can!

    2. Tell us how cool the SEIU is you toffey nosed wiper of other peoples bottoms.

    3. “Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who share superficial physical characteristics are alike: as collectivists, racists think only in terms of groups.”

      -Rep. Ron Paul

      1. The boring old fuck seems to have left that out of his racist newsletter. Probably didn’t want to offend the subscriber list. See his quotes from the newsletter below. But he’s like some pedophile priest isn’t he? The faithful will shield him.

        1. Why don’t you pull your WalMart phone card outta your wallet and call someone who gives a rat’s ass.

          1. Right this hypocritical echo chamber has no interest in the flaws and foibles of its own. What a bunch of mindless right-wing assholes.

            1. I keep getting the urge to point out that you’re proving the point Paul was making in that quote, but it’s so over the top that I can’t figure out if you’re being genuine or providing us with a bit of theater.

              1. I don’t go to movies, everybody knows it’s run by the fucking jews. Consider it my own personal intifadah.

                1. Oh another thing I want everybody to know I lick other guys assholes for two bucks, I also jerk off at gay porn in my mother’s basement, not only that I put words in other people’s mouths and believe whatever the mainstream media tells me. I am smarter than all you hick, libertarian assholes. Oh I need to stop typing, my mother needs to shave my ass and testicles then bathe me in Mr. Bubbles!

                  1. MaxiieeEEEEE! Come tickle my clitty! Don’t make me get out the cucumbers again!

            2. But… but… Ron Pual IS racist! Because I said so!

    4. I’m as hard on and disappointed in Ron Paul as anybody, but I’m not sure if he’s a racist or just fucked up at managing a newsletter. Either way, it didn’t make him look like Presidential material.

      1. Ron Paul is a dick. I know my dicks, trust me.

        1. This troll was brought to you by Gorman’s Dick Guards. GUARD YOUR DICKS!!!

        2. You want to know how I know dicks. Because I suck my dad’s for free and then go out on the street and do it for 2 bucks. I’ll do it for free if the guy is really nice and has a Obama/Biden bumper sticker on the back of their car. Then I’ll be glad to pop their trunk!

      2. I’m as hard on and disappointed in Ron Paul as anybody, but I’m not sure if he’s a racist or just fucked up at managing a newsletter. Either way, it didn’t make him look like Presidential material.

        How I feel about that matter to a T. Nation of 300 million, it can’t be that hard to find a sensible classical liberal who has a first rate set of executive skills on display. Why settle for a Bush, or even worse, an Obama when you don’t have to?

        1. Because the best and brightest libertarians, or for that matters liberals and neocons, woudl never dream of going into the sleazy and idiotic world of elected office. elected officials are teh bottom of teh barrel of what our society has to offer.

          1. Fuck me, I can’t type worth shit. More coffee!

            1. I still agree with you, Kristen. I was about to post the same thing.

              I’m sure we have some great people among our 300 million. Hell, there might be 50 million of us who, while not perfect, could be better choices for the White House than the people who end up there. But those 50 million aren’t too interested…

              See Joseph Heller, Catch-22, Yossarian.

    5. Why, Democratic Party icon Woodrow Wilson. That’s who.

      1. Or Franklin Roosevelt, who thought the only things that were unconstitutional were anti-lynching laws.

    6. Re: Max,

      When it comes to racism, who can top libertarian darling Ron Paul?

      And thus Loretta Sanchez is excused for her racists words she uttered herself, in Max’s mind.

      See how the mind of the eleutherophobe works???

  5. There’s only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch.

    1. Hey! Whadddya got against wooden shoes, Buster?

      1. Dey tay-uhk er jarbs iz wut.

  6. If there were no borders, there would be much less hysteria of the “lifeboat syndrome” type amongst recent immigrants. (Not that I’m at all anti-hysteria.)

  7. “If you have ever been robbed by a black teen-aged male, you know how unbelievably fleet-footed they can be.” – Ron Paul, 1992

    “Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the `criminal justice system,’ I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.” – Ron Paul, 1992

    “We don’t think a child of 13 should be held responsible as a man of 23. That’s true for most people, but black males age 13 who have been raised on the streets and who have joined criminal gangs are as big, strong, tough, scary and culpable as any adult and should be treated as such.” – Ron Paul, 1992

    “What else do we need to know about the political establishment than that it refuses to discuss the crimes that terrify Americans on grounds that doing so is racist? Why isn’t that true of complex embezzling, which is 100 percent white and Asian?” – Ron Paul, 1992

    1. You know as well as I that none of that was written by Ron Paul. You also know that he has accepted responsibility and apologized for not monitoring what was written in his newsletter. You also know that Ron Paul in his own writings and public speeches condemns racism and other types of group prejudice as a vile manifestation of the collectivist thinking he has spent thirty years and more fighting against.

      But then, you are a troll, so I suppose none of that matters.

      1. “Years later, in an interview printed in the October 2001 issue of Texas Monthly, Paul changed his story about these and other racist comments: “I could never say this in the campaign, but those words weren’t really written by me,” he said. “It wasn’t my language at all.” Unfortunately, this explanation doesn’t really withstand scrutiny. The Ron Paul Political Report was an eight-page newsletter, not a 200-page magazine; whether he employed other writers or not, it beggars belief that Paul would not have had full control and approval over its contents. Moreover, the L.A. riots article does in fact bear some evidence of having been written by Paul, at least in part. (For example, the article relates the observations of one Burt Blumert, who is labeled “expert Burt Blumert” but who is actually just a gold coin and bullion dealer in San Francisco who happens to be a longtime personal friend of… Ron Paul.) Regardless, the fact remains that Paul suffered these words to be published under his name in his newsletter as a representation of his views, and his efforts to distance himself from them are more than a little bit disingenuous.”–Adam Holland

        1. Most of us, I believe, are sure it was Lew Rockwell who wrote the newsletter (he’s also a friend of Blumert’s). That he didn’t fall on his sword during the campaign was disheartening and made me give up on the campaign.

          1. Re: Nemo,

            Most of us, I believe, are sure it was Lew Rockwell who wrote the newsletter[.]

            He didn’t.

            1. Max has an unhealthy obsession with Ron Paul. If I were the latter, I’d consider an order of protection. You never know when a freak like Max will snap.

    2. He says he didn’t actually write those things. I have to give him the benefit of the doubt, since it’s uncharacteristic of him. His handling of it was pretty awful.

      1. His handling of it was not convincing, to say the least, but the mainstream media never brings it up and treats him with respect. Doesn’t that interest some conspiracy nuts out there? How come conspiracies never involve right-wing nutbars?

        1. Why do you post here?

          Go away.

          1. I’ll never go away. I live here now and there’s nothing you nutbars can do about it. I’m in your head, asshole. I can literally see through your eyes right now. Maybe that’s the cough syrup talking.

            1. Max|9.28.10 @ 11:21PM|#
              I’ll never go away….”
              Oh, good. It’s handy to have a brain-dead asshole ignoramus around.

            2. You want to know why I am in your head? Because my dick is so small that can fit in your head, not only that I got nutbars on my mind. I love nuts, hairy and sweaty. I also excuse every racist thing a left winger says and then stick my thumb in my ass while singing the communist internationale. Oh why am I obsessed with Ron Paul? Because I would love to suck on his dick, that is why. He reminds me alot of my dad while I suck his dick on the toilet while he is taking a hot steamy dump. That is the best!

              1. “The behavior by these commenters is threatening our ability to keep comments enabled at Hit & Run.”

          2. Max promised a while back to never return here, AA, but like most liberals he’s a damned good liar.

            1. Max promised a while back to never return here, AA, but like most liberals he’s a damned good liar.


        2. Umm, the mainstream media doesn’t bring it up because they’re not all that interested in Ron Paul. They probably aren’t even aware the newsletter fiasco happened.

        3. Max|9.28.10 @ 9:03PM|#
          “His handling of it was not convincing, to say the least,…”
          You’re assholery, OTOH, is quite convincing.

    3. “That’s all Hymie wants to talk about is Israel. Every time you go to Hymietown that’s all they want to talk about.” Jesse Jackson 01/24/1984
      “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved…. After all we have been through. Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.” Jesse Jackson 11/29/1993

      1. It’s okay when OUR side does it!

  8. You don’t know who I am.

  9. A good friend of mine who teaches at the university and is pretty dang liberal told me that Sanchez is not helpful whenever there are immigration type problems that affect Latino students.

    Ironically, my friend refers her Latino students with immigration type problems to Ed Royce, a Republican House Member. That speaks volumes to me.

    BTW, Royce used to be a hard core anarcho-capitalist when we wuz vagrant yoots. Now he’s a libertarian leaning R and friend of Reason.

    1. Yeah. Gustavo Arellano, who I think is in one of the links above and in any event is always worth checking out, makes the same case against Sanchez.

    2. “Give it to a Jew congressman in another district; not to our paisan.”

    1. Patent leather is beautiful!

  10. That post title makes me want to watch Goldmember again.

  11. But I thought only white people could be racist.

    1. No, but only right-wing assholes like to claim they think so.

      1. A black professor at my alma mater professed this belief on the first day of his race relations class. When my English major friend told me that I couldn’t understand how she hadn’t walked out of class.

        1. Why didn’t you shoot him? That’s what you gun nuts do isn’t it?

          1. Max|9.28.10 @ 11:26PM|#
            “Why didn’t you shoot him? That’s what you gun nuts do isn’t it?”
            As opposed to ass-sucking brain-dead left wing assholes who think only the government can shoot people and get away with it, right, ass-sucking brain-dead left wing asshole?

          2. I keep on using the word nuts: nutbars, gun nuts etc. I’d like to use my flesh pistol to shoot guys in the ass! I am pro flesh pistol. That is for sure, want to put track lighting in my mom’s basement, pink fur on the walls, a leather dungeon where other guys can whip me into submission while I look at my play girls. Mmmmmm! Tasty! I like little boys too. Obama is my dream honey!

      2. Max, you intolerant, fucking kook, Loretta is running an explicitly racist campaign. How can a sane person overlook that?

        1. Because she makes me tingle in my special place. Reminds me of Mom.

      3. Max|9.28.10 @ 9:46PM|#
        “No, but only right-wing assholes like to claim they think so.”
        Unlike ass-sucking brain-dead left wing assholes who claim otherwise. Right, ass-sucking brain-dead left wing asshole?

        1. I want to suck your dick Ron.

      4. Re: Max,

        No, but only right-wing assholes like to claim they think so.


        “[…]racism is culturally sanctioned strategies that defend the advantages of power, privilege and prestige which ‘Whites have because of the subordinated position of racial minorities.'” – Caleb Rosado
        Department of Urban Studies
        Eastern University
        Philadelphia, PA

        Seems like not only right-wing white assholes believe this nonsense, Max…

  12. Gee, you couldn’t see this coming if you were to make diversity the highest goal around.

  13. Didn’t anyone tell Congresswoman Dirty Sanchez that hating Charlie is so 1960s?

    More importantly how is Dirty Sanchez, a born citizen, going to call out Van Tran, an immigrant, for being anti-immigrant?

  14. Democrats may not support (openly) the strafing of immigrant children

    Classic, Tim, Classic.

    1. Gah, that’s so funny. Strafing.

    2. My Quake game rocket jumped when I discovered strafing.

      1. There is code to correct that problem.

        If you want to do it by hand, change the think function for the rocket to match that of the nail gun or the perforator. The rocket think function is slower than it should be on the client update. Will look less ugly, though the patch I linked too has some nice maths built in that do a less hacked job of it.

  15. Okay, we’ll take the niggers and the chinks…but we don’t want the Irish!

  16. California racial politics are not one dimensional. Not white and black.

    1. Welcome to the future.

    2. What is truly amazing is Californians believe they invented that third dimension. Sayanora from the past.

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  18. “Raaaaacist!!”

  19. Why should this be any kind of surprise? Loretta Sanchez has always been about appealing to the ethnic solidarity of Hispanics. Does she not run under her maiden name of Sanchez because her married name was too WASPish? When a politician deliberately appeals to the baser instincts of a particular group by presenting herself as “looking like them” it makes sense that she would pander to that group’s intolerance and sens of entitlement. Just because a group is an ethnic minority does not make them immune from prejudice.

    1. So racism is no big deal when it’s just pandering?

      1. Why was it not a big deal when she first ran? I’m saying that Sanchez has always appealed to Hispanic ethnic prejudices. The difference now seems to be her opponent is a different minority rather than a white guy like Dornan.

        1. Because there’s protected and unprotected classes. And Sanchez was too careless to cover her politics in the usual politically correct double-speak.

          1. No, because the interview was in Spanish she probably thought it was safe to speak with the filters off.

            1. A very plausible point.

  20. I never said I don’t like vietnamese.
    I said I can’t stand gooks.

    You people have obviously never had to live with them.

    They stink! And can’t drive!

    1. But they are such good hairdressers!

  21. Sanchez’s married name was Brixey (English). She left her husband Brixey for her official military escort (on congressional travel), Colonel Einwechter (German). She divorced her husband and shacked up with the German, to whom she is engaged. Seems she wants to reproduce with the “master race.” I wonder if she will adopt one of those hyphenated names when she marries the German: Loretta Sanchez-Einwechter. Their first child could be Adolph Wolfgang Sanchez-Einwechter! Laugh with me.

    1. You’re too sad to laugh at.

  22. “…it’s sultry, man-hungry party girls desperate for anything in pants.”

    Hey, to be fair, Hef looks pretty good considering he died and was mummified 5 years ago.

  23. Loretta Sanchez is an idiot. I have never been so unimpressed with a politician before in my life. Every TV appearance she does makes me question the sanity of anyone who would vote for her. And this identity politics bullshit just reinforces what I already thought of her. I hope she goes down in flames in November.

    1. Next to Ron Paul, his idiot son Rand, and the tea party dimwits, Loretta Sanchez is Einstein.

      1. Next to you Trig Palin is Da Vinci

      2. Max, you don’t get the last word, you bigoted prick.

  24. gorgeous mosaic

    Racist. Seriously. The oblivious hypocrisy of the post was… interesting.

  25. Sanchez first won her seat by making racist appeals to Hispanics. She is a goose-stepping Stalinist, a racist, who likes puddy-tats. How many Hispanics will continue to vote race this time (yes, I know Hispanic is not a race.)

  26. Sanchez’ foot in mouth comments may seal her defeat in November. I certainly hope so. She is typical of an “entitled” Democrat.

  27. Even if she wins, she’ll be only the second hottest Latina politician next to this Class of ’10 superstar (see http://www.jaimeherrera.com/ ). Cant she supplant fat sister Linda so we can see the mother of all cat-fights?

  28. Shame on you, Sanchez!
    Shame on Democrats!!

    DEMs always act hypocritically.

    They claim they are stand with American people, but the fact is they only fight for their own interests!

    Just remember how wasteful the Obama family lead their lives. Michelle Obama spent lots of money in Europe!!

    These aren’t American values! WE AMERICAN should say NO to DEMs, and support people like Van Tran, who will fight for small businesses, working families and Californian JOBS!!

    United WE stand, together WE can!!!

  29. Typical myopic comment by Cavanaugh. Sure Timmah, economics are important. ‘Liberty’ is important. But the fact is, both Tran and Sanchez are where they are today because *the* most important thing to folks are ethnicity/kinship. Or at least to everyone by white folks (although that is changing). Defending Van Tran on a ‘non-ethnic’ , non ‘collectivist’ , individualist basis is like championing Larry Flint’s ‘freedom of expression’ while decrying pornography (and yes, I know you wouldn’t do the latter, but its a metaphor).

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