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Reason Writers on the Tube: Matt Welch Talks Independent/Third Party Politics on "The Alyona Show"


Yesterday, Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch went on Russia Today to talk about the across-the-political-spectrum desire to see the emergence of a third party. Here is the seven-minute conversation:


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  1. I really don’t think that the problem is the failure of the two parties, and I really don’t think a third party will help.

    The present discontent isn’t because the two parties are bad at governing: it’s because having such a large and powerful central government inherently breeds divisiveness. The death of real federalism and local power leads people to feel like cogs in a machine, as their opponents aren’t people they know from their town, they’re people wholly divided by space, class, race, and religion from them.

    A third party won’t help, because it’s just another division for people to latch onto: what’s really needed is for the states and the people to reassert their rights to run education, drug policy, law enforcement and everything else. That’s not a matter of another party, it’s a matter of legal challenges and even changing congressional personnel.

    1. That’s not a matter of another party, it’s a matter of … changing congressional personnel.

      How is this not a matter of political parties?

  2. I know what I think RT would really appreciate? Some impromptu discussion of human rights in Chechnya. Maybe just blurt out the name “RYAZAN!!” really loudly and repetitively one day while you’re on air.

  3. One thing we can be sure of–if a third party does emerge it won’t be led by a libertoid asshole like Matt Welch. It will be led by a very different sort of asshole that will be just large enough to accommodate Welch’s nose

    1. Jealous Troll is jealous.

    2. The Universal Sit-Up Party?

      1. Anti-Masturbation League Party of Extraordinary Hands.

        *megan fox need not apply


    4. I’m jealous that Matt got to sit at the same desk as Alyona.

  4. Wow – nearly eight minutes of RT, and not a single mention of the Truther movement or American plans to build secret military bases and go to war with Russia. Must be a record.

  5. Russia Today is the best propaganda news station out there, take that Press TV!

  6. Welch is absolutely correct; there is a bigger hunger in the country today for a real alternative to the democrat-republican dichotomy than I can remember seeing in my lifetime.

    It’s just a damn shame that libertarians are squandering one of the best opportunities they have ever had to truly become relevant and get their voices heard.

    1. Hey, Mike, that’s just how we roll. Deal with it.

    2. Squandering? How so? What would you advocate L(l)ibertarians do?

      1. Gee whiz, I don’t know, maybe run some of their own candidates for office or something?

        They wouldn’t even necessarily have to be on the Big-L ticket. I don’t see why libertarian minded people couldn’t be putting up younger Ron Paul disciple types to run in republican primaries.

  7. a very different sort of asshole

    We know the kind – pledging “this is my last comment!!” – only to return later like an alkie to his booth in the corner of the bar – complete with inane mutterings to himself.

  8. Great outfit Matt. Including the undone top button and loosened tie. Good touches.

  9. okay, i’ll say it since no one else will… DAAAAYYYYYYAAAAMMMMM she’s nothing but cute.

    1. Yup, young Russian pussy smells good.

      1. She is not aging well. I remember when I first saw her years ago. Holy cow, I wanted to bang that so bad. But now, it’s kind of like, I’d settle for it.

  10. The increasing tendency for H&R comments to focus purely on the appearances of people mentioned in the blog post is appalling.

    That said, Matt Welch is a total hottie.

    1. I’d give him every my very last inch.

    2. I agree, it’s terrible. Just terrible.

  11. I’d really like to see the Democratic party splinter like the Republicans. Maybe a group of aging hippies and kids who are anti-war and pro-personal freedom could form a tea party-like group. Now THAT would make politics interesting.

    1. We’ll have to wait until a white man is in charge of the Democrats again.

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