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Harvard's Loss Is Nation's Gain: Larry Summers Harpooned, Hauled In, Speared


As predicted here 11 months ago, the genius of Lawrence Summers has finally proved too lethal for America. With a recession-fueled midterm election meltdown brewing, President Obama is bidding goodbye to the director of the National Economic Council. Summers will be sent down to a teaching position at Harvard (the McGill University of the south), after the November vote.

Keep track of the deaths of Obama economic team careers with this illustration from Ryan Lizza's unintentionally hilarious puff piece on the brain trust from the distant year 2009:


Only Treasurer Tim Geithner and wacky neighbor played by Ted McGinley remain.

Summers, an arrogant fool, a baldfaced believer in too-big-to-fail banks, a vain and petty palace plotter, deserves much worse. He should not be given the dignity of remaining in office until after the election. Nevertheless, this is an occasion for joy.

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  1. You know, Reason pumping out all these 5-6 p.m. blurbs makes it that much harder for me to hit the gym.

    Oh, and update the porn site. I'm late for that too. Hope you're happy, Cavanaugh!

    1. Tell me about it. I've was planning to post some porn on Laberday weekend. Almost a month later, I'm still not finished with that project.

      1. Done. And in the Kindle store. You can't keep a pornographer down, Cavanaugh!

  2. Summers will be sent down to a teaching position at Harvard (the McGill University of the south), after the November vote.

    Oh, come on. Is McGill that bad?

    1. I used to say the same thing, but people looked at me funny and said McWho?

    2. Damn, McGill anything is just uncalled for. Is Yale the Southern York?

  3. I'm a terrible photoshopper, but that picture definitely needs rakes on the ground for a true Sideshow Bob ethos.

  4. Right, we were much better off when the country was run by people from Liberty University and Oral Roberts compared to Harvard graduates and faculty. Thanks for reminding me why I don't come here any more.

    1. Speaking of adrenaline, I regretted not firing more than two shots into Tyler. Not because he needed them, but I just wished I had taken advantage of the opportunity to fire more shots. Then again, my thumb was a bloody mess thanks to the hammer of the Glock 19 9mm handgun pulling back and taking a patch of skin with it. The last thing I needed was to create the sort of situation where my own blood would be dripping all over the place. No doubt the police would find it and trace it back to me. They probably would not buy my story as to why Tyler needed to die.

      1. Glocks don't have hammers, you idiot.

        1. Take that up with Hobie. Wart is merely sharing.

    2. Angry Troll is angry.

    3. You is right, Hobie. W's experts weren't the right kinds, inbred and all. Now, Obama, clearly the best expert a country could wont, don't seem to have the right experts. Why, oh why, don't it seem like we cain't never git the right experts. You'd think Obama would create a an Expert Task Force that could find the right experts. They jist have to be out there.

        1. They don't exist.

          But a Czar Expert--maybe, maybe.

    4. Hobie: Not smart enough to understand that maligning Harvard doesn't mean Liberty University is in any way a decent school to get more politicians from.

      Also stupid enough to trust people from Harvard to "run our country".

    5. "Right, we were much better off when the country was run by people from Liberty University and Oral Roberts compared to Harvard graduates and faculty."

      I know, dude, how fucked is that? Apparently Christianity's bullshit is less out of touch with reality than the religion they preach at Harvard.

      1. Is it?

        I'd have to go with a tie between current Ivey Leaguers in power and JC's boyz.

        I'm thinkin' old Jaysus is going to be essential to an election that will hopefully at least keep the O off that gargantuan backhoe he's saving and/or creating jobs with.

        1. Who you callin a backhoe, you fish eyed fool.

    6. The Civil Service is packed to walls with highly-credentialed Ivies, so a bitchfest about them being underrepresented in government is particularly lulzy.

    7. Bush appointees in the same position as Summers got their postgraduate degrees at:

      Columbia Law School

      There may be a problem here, but it's obviously not what you think it is.

    8. Hobie was David Hasselhoff's gay son's name in Baywatch. Anyways, Harvard elitist from the previous administration includes Bush, and Paulson. Thanks for playing fag.

    9. How many Bush appointees went to ORU and LU?

    10. Are you seriously suggesting we're "better off" NOW, Hobie?

  5. So only 40% of the people in that picture remain on Team Obama. Isn't that also his approval rating?

  6. Say, do you remember that guy Larry next door
    Well, he always was the neighborhood clown
    Like the time he took my pants off and he took those color pictures
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    But I'm sure if ol' Lar' were still with us today
    He would have to agree with me it was a pretty good gag

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  7. So I guess this means that men have a very poor aptitude for economics? Amirite, amirite?

  8. I would prefer Summers be tarred, feathered, and pursued naked and squealing through the streets by a pack of wild dogs.

    But I'll take what I can get.

    One more reason election day cannot be in the rear view mirror soon enough.

  9. Don't quote me on this, but rumor has it that Obama may be considering bringing in someone with experience in private industry...

    ...which would be the first person with any private industry experience in his administration--so far as I can tell. The top 40 or so appointees are all academics and career bureaucrats.

    I know. It's hard to believe. ...but the President of the United States of America may be considering bringing someone with demonstrated experience working within market constraints into his team of economic advisers!

    Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick, our President is so fucking dumb.

    1. You know why they have golden parachutes? 'cause sometimes the first step in a turnaround is getting rid of the idiot who was running things before.

      Is there any chance Obama would just resign since he obviously doesn't know what he's doing? No? What if we offered him a cushy severance package and use of the company jet?


      So, what's the next best thing?

      You find people for his economic team who are smart enough to know what they're doing but stupid enough to want to work for Barack Obama?

      Someone who thinks everything the president has done so far has been really great, but that he should do so much stupid stuff in the future?

      They're looking for the Paul Krugman of CEOs--I don't think that person exists.

      1. Unfortunately, the "next best thing" is Joe Biden.

        1. Biden would be fine. Hopefully he'd go back riding the Amtrak train back and forth to Wilmington 5 hours a day so we'd see much less of him than of the current idiot.

          1. He certainly would be entertaining.

      2. GE's Jeff Immelt maybe...

        1. MEEEEEEEEEEE!1!!1!1

      3. They increased entitlement liabilities--during a recession.

        Invented whole new classes of 'em.

        Change up your council of economic advisers? Ya think?!

        But he's not changing 'em 'cause of the bad policy decisions he made--no sirree. It's 'cause of the polls. This president's goin' for the title...

        ...and the people who support him really are America's dumbest people. How do you get so snowed, that you think this guy knows what he's doing?

        He's goin' for the title.

  10. Something tells me that Obama is not getting a very wide range of advice. Four guys, all wearing the SAME tie?!

    1. ...and its a good 'ol boy's club; they didn't tell the littl' lady that is was a "burgundy day" so she could coordinate.

    2. Power ties.

  11. They're looking for the Paul Krugman of CEOs--I don't think that person exists.

    Jeffrey Immelt.

  12. Every time Tim Cavanaugh makes that same joke about Harvard being the "McGill of the South," a part of me thinks back to that one episode of The Critic where they showed Jay Sherman making the same Tom Cruise being on... "Cruise Control" joke over and over and over.

    1. Damnit, server ate my link. Let's try this again.

  13. A real cause for joy would be would be anything that could cause Tim Cavanaugh never to write again.

    1. Yeah, Tim, you, you dick. Go write your bullshit somwehere else. You're not an expert like Summers. Asshole.

    2. A wildly successful and growing economy would probably make Tim shut up about Obama...

      1. In other words, Tim won't be shutting up for a good while yet....

  14. I could pick 5 catatonic patients from the local funny farm that would do less harm than this bunch.

  15. I just know He'll replace Mr. Summers with me!

  16. "Summers [is] an arrogant fool, a baldfaced believer in too-big-to-fail banks, a vain and petty palace plotter."

    I know you are, Matt, but what am I?

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