What Would You Do With $111 Million In Stimulus Money?


As Tim Cavanaugh noted previously, L.A.'s comptroller has issued two briefs indicating that two city agencies have so far managed to create just 55 jobs with $111 million in stimulus money. Now the Los Angeles Times follows up, noting that the real worry, according to the comptroller, is that the agencies are not spending money fast enough:

The reports conclude that the agencies, Public Works and Transportation, moved too slowly in spending the federal money, in part because of the time it takes to secure approval of government contracts. The two agencies plan to create or retain a combined 264 jobs once all the money is spent, according to the reports.

For those keeping score, that comes out to a little more than $420,000 per job.

With unemployment above 12%, city officials should move more urgently to cut red tape and spend the money, Greuel said. "The process needs to be changed to make sure we get these projects out as quickly as possible," she said.

So the problem here isn't that two city agencies got hold of $111 million in bonus taxpayer cash and came up with the plan to save or create just 264 jobs. (And there's a good chance that a fair amount of those are jobs saved rather than new positions; the story later indicates that so far, "the public works agency has shielded 37 public employee jobs from elimination.") It's that those agencies didn't execute their plan to blow nearly half a million bucks on each job fast enough. Accountability!

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  1. It’s that those agencies didn’t execute their plan to blow nearly half a million bucks on each job fast enough.

    The November elections are right around the corner. We need to show that jobs are being created wherever we can.

  2. Sometimes, reading Hit & Run can be like reading the LA Times. First the teacher thing and now this. Why do you rely on the LAT to do all your leg work for you? Doesn’t anyone at the Kochtopus Komplex know how to fill out a FOIA request?

    1. Why do you rely on Arthur Conan Doyle to create all your characters for you?

  3. For those keeping score, that comes out to a little more than $420,000 per job.

    I’m sure that $370,000 is just for the pension alone.

  4. Ooohh, this will get a nice little pat on the head from The Corner and Instapundit for sure! Come and get it you fucking rubes!

    1. If you are so smart, garage mahal, than why do you say things that are stupid?

  5. My answer:

    I sure as fuck wouldn’t spend it on shit that has nothing to do with stimulating the economy.

  6. Give $1000 to each homeless person in LA County. This will stimulate sales of cheap wine, thus raising revenue through sales taxes, excise taxes, etc. while allowing some po’ folks to get their drink on.

    Yes, I know it’s as wasteful as creating or “saving” these phoney jobs but it is a lot more fun.

  7. So what this really boils down to is that the City can’t even waste money efficiently.

  8. What Would You Do With $111 Million In Stimulus Money

    I would have hired 2500 people and paid them $40k each for a year to do nothing but sit home and fill out FOIA requests for Reason.

  9. What Would You Do With $111 Million In Stimulus Money

    Launder it. Leave the country.

  10. The only conscionable way to spend such money is on infrastructure that increases the capability and effectiveness of private industry. I saw a listing of how stimulus funds in Wisconsin, which pissed me off big time. They were spending tens of thousands on gunshot detectors in New Berlin! Finding a bowl in someone’s pocket is a news story out there.. What a waste. And that was only one line item!

  11. I’d send a lot to Africa to teach our lessers how to wash their johnsons and not get The Aids, then I’d get a shit load of coke and high as a mofo with some of my test-chimpanzee friends. And then donate the rest to the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service.

  12. Run for office so I could vote me more money!

  13. What Would You Do With $111 Million In Stimulus Money?

    Not sure.

    But it sure wouldn’t involve sitting at this goddamned desk and cyberslacking.

  14. I could start a band with 1480 members each getting $75,000. That would be 2600% better results than L.A. achieved.

    Of course, we would write songs about government ineptitude and other nefariuos shennanigans they indulge in , so I won’t hold my breathe.

  15. two chicks at the same time.

  16. 1. Proper electronics lab. I mean the works. A couple scopes, huge isolation xformers, a service upgrade from the utility…

    2. A renderfarm; at least 128 cores.

    3. 50 square feet of LCD monitor.

    4. Solar cells for my roof.

    5. and I guess I’d pay off my house.

    And still have like $90mil leftover. Hook it up, Uncle Sugar.

    (Have to say I seriously considered Fluffy’s and RC’s plans though.)

  17. I would use it to complete my robot army.

    First, they would be put to the task of destroying every stop light camera in America. Then I would put them out in the fields to prevent the rape of America’s sheep by an assorted troupe of liberty’s enemies led by some sheep fucker named Joel Pile.

  18. We shall see, sucka ass fools.

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