Mice-Human Hybrids, Vince Foster's 'Murder', and the Anti-American President of America


Just how unfair are the RINOs, squishes, and Tea Party-haters being to Delaware Senate hopeful Christine O'Donnell? I mean, we all could make the mistake of thinking that there exists an army of mice with human brains, or that Vince Foster was "murdered," possibly by those in the White House. (A number of people are offering up the "O'Donnell was just asking questions" defense, though she explicitly refers to "the murder of Vince Foster" "the issue of murder with Vincent Foster," not the shoddy investigation into Foster's suicide.) But what about the testimony of the two former O'Donnell staffers, one of whom currently works for the conservative website Townhall.com, who worked on her 2008 campaign against Joe Biden? From Politico:

Kristin Murray, who left her position in the state party to serve as one of several campaign managers for O'Donnell during that race, said warning bells went off in June 2008 when the two were discussing cell phone plans.

"She told me that she thought Joe Biden tapped her phone line," she said.

Alan Moore, who worked on press releases and policy statements for two months during the 2008 bid and now helps run the conservative site Townhall.com, said his conversations with the candidate led him to believe "her priorities were completely out of whack."

Moore, who first decided to volunteer for O'Donnell after hearing about her at a meeting of college Republicans, said that at one point, O'Donnell talked to him about winning a lucrative television contract with CNN or Fox News Channel.

"I informed her that most media organizations prohibit their employees from running for office. She didn't seem to understand and was more interested in getting a contract," he recalled. "She was more concerned about getting a TV deal than winning office."

Yesterday, I pointed out that lefty talker Ed Schultz frequently denounces ideological opponents as "anti-American" and "unpatriotic." The left-wing group Media Matters notices that O'Donnell too enjoys employing the lazy "anti-American" attack (though they seem not to mind when someone like Schultz—a comrade in the struggle, after all—engages in the same cheap rhetoric). Appearing on Fox News in 2008, she predicted presciently that Republicans would rather run against Barack Obama because he "sooo liberal [that] he's anti-American."