So What Did Christine O'Donnell Run On?


Run for your lives!

Do you know what's surprisingly hard to find in a quick search of the Interwebs? A sense of which policy issues the newly minted Delaware GOP Senate nominee and certified "sideshow freak" Christine O'Donnell actually ran on during her successful insurgent campaign. Her Wikipedia page lists all of three briefly described positions–on "abortion," "gun rights," and "masturbation." Her Democratic opponent clucks that Delawarists want "a leader focused on creating jobs, not promoting bizarre conspiracy theories and an extreme social agenda." News reports (understandably) focus on her bizarro-world resume (which Michael Moynihan detailed yesterday), and on the hot right-on-right rhetorical action following her election. But seriously, what did she run on?

According to WBOC News (Delmarva's news leader!), the one issue O'Donnell emphasized when kicking off her campaign was this:

"Voting to spend money we don't have has become the appealing option for too many politicians. The men and women of America know this is not sustainable."

The News Journal of Wilmington ran a long pre-election thumbsucker, saying the primary has been "short on issues, partly because of [Mike] Castle, who has spent the bulk of the race ignoring O'Donnell." When the article finally got around to describing those issues, it came up with this:

O'Donnell opposes budget earmarks, traditionally used in Congress to fund local projects. Although Castle has submitted earmarks over the years, last year he joined several Republican House members in revoking all of their earmark requests.

SOMEONE has a case of the Wednesdays!

When the financial crisis hit, Castle voted with Republicans to give assistance to banks. O'Donnell has attacked Castle for that vote, which he said was necessary to save the economy, although he voted against the stimulus. […]

Both opposed the health care reform act. Castle voted against it, but O'Donnell said she would go further and work to repeal it.

Castle said parts of the health care law make strides in improving access to medical care in a more cost-efficient manner. He said he would support repeal, but only if the bill was replaced with a Republican version that cuts costs while maintaining the improvements.

Delaware has already joined several surrounding states' cap-and-trade program that limits greenhouse-gas emissions by industry and requires any company that exceeds its allotment to pay a penalty. Castle voted in favor of a proposal that would extend that regional program to the nation.

O'Donnell said the program will drive up electric bills. Castle said the nation needs some program to reduce greenhouse gases, but current cap-and-trade bills in Congress, even the one he voted for, are not acceptable.

Which one is the Tea Partier?

So, O'Donnell (in rhetoric, anyway) is more staunchly anti-earmark, anti-TARP, anti-Obamacare, and anti-cap-and-trade, all of which she stresses more than her Norman Maileresque views on self-abuse. At every campaign stop she emphasizes being "anti-establishment," reverent of the Founders, and in tune with Tea Party nation.

One way of interpreting O'Donnell's upset victory is as a sign that insane anti-masturbators are emerging from America's fever swamps and marching toward Capitol Hill, ready to sic ex-gay-ministry counselors on Barney Frank in the unlikely event they can get past Democrats on Nov. 2. And maybe that's true. But I might propose an alternate way of looking at it: Anti-spending and anti-establishment sentiment is running so strong right now that even an obviously flawed, possibly nutsoid political neophyte looks better to a lot of people than just another TARP supporter. While I'm troubled by the former, the latter bothers me very little. But then again, I'm no Republican, and I'm certainly no David Frum.

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        1. 21

          Blackjack, I win.

  1. This is what she ran on:

    1. Mike Castle is a RINO.
    2. I’m not Mike Castle.
    (And 3. Sarah Palin endorsed me.)

    This was an anti-incumbent, anti-party establishment phenomenon.

    1. That would have been enough for me!

      1. So apparently you are a Democrat? Because O’Donnell’s win guarantees that the Democrat will win. If Castle had won the primary, he was equally sure to win in the general.

        1. Then again, if he supports cap and trade and doesn’t strongly support repealing Obamacare, do we really want him to get elected?

          1. Castle is the type of shit bag-george bush republican that doubled offense spending and then haded the presidency to Obama…better for the democrats to win if the choice is between castle and a Democrat…at least that way the crash of civilization won’t be blamed on “small government”.

            If the economic decline continues then the revolution just grows stronger…perhaps a pro-masturbation, small government, anti-bailout candidate will emerge next time….why slow downt he momentum by putting establishment GOP back in power?

            1. They’ll find some way to blame it on the failure of the free market no matter what. Look at the way they’ve blamed the housing crisis on the falure of the free market.

            2. So you think the end of civiliz’n is imminent, and just want the blame to be in the right place?

          2. Even worse. Not only does he not want to repeal it outright, he only would do so if Republitads could “improve” Obamacare in their image, keeping the “benefits” while cutting the cost.

            Fuck that guy.

            O’D is a loon, to be sure, but I fail to see how her stance on masturbation has any bearing on her ability to govern.

        2. I’m not certain about that.

        3. Apparently logic eludes you because I’m not a democrat and I certainly don’t care if the democrat has a D or and R stapled onto their name. How does the presence of Mike Castle in the senate hurt the democratic part at all?

        4. It’s not always about winning the election. Libertarians often vote to send a message. Many Republicans are now trying to sell themselves as Tea Partiers because of primaries like this

        5. Castle would’ve won, if he hadn’t lost.


  2. Nice job on the alt-text.

    1. Screw you!

  3. I see masturbation is such a hot topic they pulled it from her wiki page.
    Wasn’t there some pol years ago who wanted to outlaw pr0n because people might stay home and ‘bate, rather than vote?
    Politicians are weird.

    1. Pron should be outlawed. We don’t need no prons around here.

      1. The Conversative’s haven’t produce any solutions for our Economy Crisis. The Conversative Republican’s plans is to do away with Social Security,Medicare, and Medciad,and any other Government Program. Serious talk is need to fix the problems we have. I don’t want to hear about that Sex crap.

      2. The Conversative’s haven’t produce any solutions for our Economy Crisis. The Conversative Republican’s plans is to do away with Social Security,Medicare, and Medciad,and any other Government Program. Serious talk is need to fix the problems we have. I don’t want to hear about that Sex crap.

      3. It’s spelled pr0n, retard!

  4. You’d think that I would have a strong opinion on O’Donnell, but you’d be wrong.

    1. “she stresses more than her Norman Maileresque views on self-abuse”

      The very term “self abuse” is anti auto erotic, analogous to calling homosexuals “queers” and insinuating that there is something wrong with spanking the monkey or choking the chicken, when in fact such activities are not only harmless, nay, they are DE RIGOUR when it cums to mental and physical health.

      Loving onself is the epitomy of self acceptance, so I propose the term “self – amuse”
      Who will give me a hand?

      1. (The sound of one hand clapping)

      2. No matter how I look at it ‘bating will never be “loving myself”. I always feel dirty afterward.

        1. I always feel dirty afterward.

          Perhaps you should work on your aim?

      3. If I don’t want to fuck me, who will?

      4. For the record, young gay males have successfully reclaimed the word queer.

  5. If you voted for TARP and support cap and theft you have no place in polite society, period. Castle deserves to spend his retirement living in a dumpster behind 7-11 mumbling to himself.

    And whatever O’Donnell’s views on masturbation are, we currently have a Supreme Court judge who during her confirmation hearings refused to deny that the Federal Government had a right to forcibly determine everyone’s diet. So honestly, I am not seeing how O’Donnell is any more crazy than what we have now.

    1. I agree with that. Painting O’Donnell as egregiously nutty is being blind to history, recent and otherwise.

      1. odonnell may be anti-masturbation, but she is not be in favor of the retina scan databases neccessary to enforce any new anti-masturabtion enforcment system that Lockheed Martin, Department of Homeland Security and Oracle may be working on.

        Castle would actually support the mechanisms for enforcement…which is a lot worse.

    2. Great! She’s as crazy as the rest of them. I therefore see no problem putting her into office too!!

  6. Anti-spending and anti-establishment sentiment is running so strong right now that even an obviously flawed, possibly nutsoid political neophyte looks better to a lot of people than just another TARP supporter.

    Yesterdays comments on Moynahan’s article mirrored this sentiment.

    1. The nutjob is one who thinks that Moynihan had something interesting or insightful to say.

  7. The first link is hilarious. You’d think someone shot this guys dog, raped his wife, and kicked his lawn gnome over on the way out.

    She is what politics produces when you divorce politics from government. She is what you get when you sell to the country that nothing government can do will help, and that the government is an alien thing, and that politics is nothing more than the active public display of impotent grievance.

    She is what politics produces when you turn them into a game show and the coverage of them over to a generation of high-technology racetrack touts. She is what you get when political journalism reduces politics to numbers on a scoreboard, divorcing them from the real world consequences of what are increasingly seen as cute little eccentric decisions.

    I don’t know a thing about either candidate and don’t care. I just find the crying and whining in the first link hilarious.

    1. She is what you get when you sell to the country that nothing government can do will help, and that the government is an alien thing, and that politics is nothing more than the active public display of impotent grievance.

      What, are they trying to convince libertarians to vote for her, too?

      1. I know, right.

        and that politics is nothing more than the active public display of impotent grievance.

        STOP, you had me at government is an alien thing.

      2. Why not support her? She would be nothing if not entertaining as a Senator. And it is not like a single Senator can do much. Besides which, she is pretty cute. A hell of a lot easier on the eyes than the balding middle aged or older trolls that we usually send to the Senate. Just think of the pain that electing a Senate that includes O’Donnell and Sharon Angle will cause people like David Frumm and David Brooks. That alone makes a vote for her worth considering. And it is not like that alternative, Coons, is Ron Paul.

        1. And it is not like a single Senator can do much.

          I don’t know, the two twins from the Northeast (Kennedy and Dodd) fucked this country nine ways to Sunday!

          1. They had a lot of help and it took them more than one term to do it. I will take my chances with O’Donnell banning self abuse.

            1. Yeah, and I’d really rather look at her than them…although watching Teddys corpse slowly moulder might hold some appeal!

    2. From my experience, anyone who useses the word divorce twice in two paragraphs is either going through a divorce or has just finished doing so.

  8. Dont’ call them “Delawarists.”

    I believe that, during an episode of Taxi, the Delaware state legislature voted to call themselves “Delawarians.”

    1. You must be from Frisco.

      1. Frisco (as in Frisco gondola) is in Texas, Matt.

    2. Delawankers?

    3. Not saying much – the alternative was Delaweenians, I believe.

      1. Actually, it was Delawarts.

        1. Delamations?

  9. Do you know what’s surprisingly hard to find in a quick search of the Interwebs?

    Apparently movie posters in English.

  10. I’m with ya, John.
    I remember, as a callow youth, my teachers being disappointed that the newer generations weren’t political, that we didn’t want to get involved and change the world…
    Be careful what you wish for, muthafuckas, and welcome to interesting times.

    1. hhhhaaaa …i agree! they can’t stop us from masturbating if they don’t have a office of information awarenes and 200 billion a year NSA budget.

      Therefore Odonnell > Castle

  11. I can’t wait for the nutroots to simultaneously claim that the Tea Party people are both Republican Party apparatchiks and intent on destroying the Republican Party at all costs.

    1. You need to practice your doublethink, my friend

  12. O’ Donnell is certainly a wack-job. However, is she any less of a wack-job than say…Cynthia Mckinney, Al Franken, Dennis Kucinich, etc.?

    That’s not to argue I believe any of them should be/should have been in government, but the main point that Welch hits on is voters didn’t give a shit about ‘GOP gains’. It’s a primary atmosphere of ‘get with limited government, or get out..’.

    GOP primary voters kissed off a sure bet to vote for a nut whose only redeeming quality is mouthing a small government line. That’s a huge ‘Fuck You’ to the Washington GOP establishment, and a clear message that there is a strong segment of voters looking for actual change.

    I can understand why politically-tied pub’s like National Review or Weekly Standard would get their undies in a bunch about this, but why should libertarians or other shades of right-centric commentators? I know the Tea Party folks aren’t as glamorous or polished as the Georgetown cocktail set, but the trend of limited government/balanced budget over career politicians should be making libertarians hearts flutter.

    Yes, your average ‘Tea Partier’ probably couldn’t illuminate you as to the numerous ways ‘Opus One’ is over-rated or why Clara Schuman may have been just as talented as her husband, but in Delaware they just sent a finely vintaged ‘Fuck You’ to the GOP bureaucracy more visible than anything coming from too-cool-for-school think-tanks. Why libertarians are laughing at the O’Donnell situation? Beats me. Who cares if the GOP misses some political gains, it’s a strong voter message.

    1. “Why libertarians are laughing at the O’Donnell situation?”

      Because the Libertarians at Reason get too caught up in the culture war. This is the Republican Party reforming itself. It is exactly what Reason has been screaming for for years. And as I said above, even if she wins it is not like she is any worse that what is already there or that one Senate vote makes much of a difference. And if she loses who cares? Since when are Libertarians invested in Jim DeMint getting to be majority leader?

      1. Why laughing? Probably because the anti-government types do themselves no favors when nominating Palin-lite candidates. And it gives them a bad name. Ed Clark was a credible candidate on the Libertarian ticket. The blue guy sipping silver wasn’t.
        One boosted his party, the other became a standing joke. let’s find the best candidates, not just those perky types who can mouth “you betcha.”

        1. No offense but I don’t think a party that has never cracked 5% (the Libertarians) are really in any position to be handing out advice on finding credible candidates.

          I guarantee you win or lose, McDonnell will get a higher percentage of votes in November than any Libertarian candidate for Senate has ever gotten.

          We got it. You are on the blue team culture war squad. But others of us are not.

          1. Libertarians are absolutely qualified to find credible candidates. We wrote the book on how to find unsuitable candidates.

            Either way, it has NEVER had anything at all to do with the quality of the candidates in recent US politics, but with the letter that follows their name.

            People vote R or D, not for the name, or principles, that precede the letter.

            1. But why do people vote R or D? It must be because Rs & Ds have, over time, been good candidates.

              1. Here’s a recent quote: “I don’t know anything about ____, but he’s a Democrat, and that makes me happy.”

        2. Right now, all of the 8 “teaparty” candidates, with the exception of Angle, are leading in the polls.

          1. O’Donnell is leading Coons??

      2. No, it’s the Republican Party snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The only Republican that can win in the general election in Delaware is a moderate. Just like in many rural House districts, the only Democrat that can win is a Blue Dog moderate.

        1. What the hell is moderate about supporting Cap and Theft and TARP? Say what you want about Coons, but what could he want that is any worse than that.

          Castle is not a moderate. He is a scumbag establishment thief.

          1. Arguing whether the Republican Party or the Libertarian Party is better for libertarians is akin to arguing whether drinking turpentine or antifreeze is better for your health.

          2. John, you should know by now that the former is just a euphemism for the latter.

        2. If “GOP victory” = “cap and trade = TARP” then

          fuck the GOP…this was a huge win!

          1. Sometimes you have to choose between bad & worse, because those are the only effective choices you get — such as helping the Commies beat the Nazis.

            1. Good point! If we hadn’t helped the Commies, half of Europe might have been ruled by power-hunger dictator(s) for 50 years, and tens of millions of people instead of just seven or eight million people might have been killed by their own government.

              1. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?!

  13. Maybe I am just old, but wow did Pheobe Cates and Jennifer Jason Leigh have the whole beautiful girl next door look down.

    1. Pheobe Cates was fantastic in her prime. Just had it all.

      1. So did Jennifer Jason Leigh. She had a fantastic body when she made that movie. She was thin but still had a little bit of baby fat to kind of fill her out. She just had a wonderful perfect girlish figure.

        1. Ah, to be Mike Damone!

        2. She just had a wonderful perfect girlish figure.

          John, even when talking about women, you sometimes say the gayest things.

        3. Mary-Louise Parker is much better looking in her forties than she did in her twenties. Holly Hunt is another one that improved with age.

          1. Mary Louise Parker is fucking hot. Holly Hunt may have improved but it was such a low bar to start with who cares? Jennifer Jason Leigh still looks okay the last I saw her. I think the over 40 all star team would have to include at least Parker, Diane Lane and Catherine Zita Jones.

            1. I liked Diane Lane in Lonesome Dove. How old was she when she was in the movie?

              1. She was well over 40 in Under the Tuscan Sun and looked spectacular.

          2. Hunt? She was adorable in Raising Arizona, now she looks like someone used a shrink ray on Cheryl Crow.

            But, she Parker is still a very attractive woman. But I don’t think she looks different so much as she has learned with age not to let her mouth gape open all the time.

            1. *But, yes* stupid typing

            2. She was always at best cute. She had a certain sex appeal about her. But cute almost never ages well.

              1. Are you fucking retards talking about Holly HUNTER? I certainly hope so because the alternative is Helen Hunt, and that makes me want to vomit.

                Oh, and don’t leave Lea Thompson out of the hot-ass chicks from that era category.

                1. Lea Thompson in All the Right Moves. Now there was a smoking body.

                2. Hey, I threw that name out there cause I knew old lantern jaw would cause a commotion. Sheesh, give me some credit.

          3. The picture of Mary-Louise Parker on her wikipedia site reminds me of the Seinfeld two-face episode.

            They could have gotten something much more flattering.


            1. She was in a photo shoot last year where she was baking a pie wearing nothing but an apron.


              Hell yeah it is NSFW

    2. You’re just old. I don’t even know who they are.

      1. First, you should know who they are because you should watch Fast Times At Ridgemont High. It is wonderfully written movie. It is one of the best youth movies ever written. The dialog in that movie is fantastic.

        Second, when you do watch that movie, you will see what I mean about Cates and Leigh. Give the Van Wilder movies a break for a while and watch this.

        Now GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

        1. Hey! I don’t watch Van Wilder movies…still haven’t seen Fast Times which is five years older than I am. Always wanted to though!

          1. Unless you are six, it can’t be five times older than you are.

            1. Good thing I said five years and not five times.

              1. 1987? Whipper-snapper!

                1. Jesus! I’m old enough to be your immeasurably disappointed father!

          2. Fast Times which is five years older than I am

            Oh fucking A.

            Jeez, you’re makin’ me feel old. I remember going to see Fast Times in the theater.

            Your timing sucks. I just had a birthday this weekend – 9/11. In addition to causing our government to feel the need to curtail our liberties, the damn terrorists also ruined my birthday.

            1. My 16th B-day was rudely interrupted by the destruction of my home in Hurricane Andrew (1992).

              That was horse shit.

            2. Whippersnappers. I saw A Hard Day’s Night in the theater….

            3. I, too, was born in 1987, and you know what makes me feel old? Knowing that kids who are old enough to drive a car weren’t alive when “Toy Story” came out.

      2. OK, I’ll give you Cates, because she dropped out of the public eye when she got older, but Jennifer Jason Leigh has been in about 70 movies.

        1. She still looks good, you judgmental tool.

          1. The vast majority of women are less attractive in their late 40s than their 20s. Take it up with time and gravity, not me.

            1. Yeah, maybe, but by the same token, I’ve seen a lot of women in their 40s who manage to be hotter than a lot of women in their 20s.

              Maybe that’s just me and my “thing” for “mature” women, though. But there is something very hot about an older woman who manages to keep her shit together. It’s easy to be perky cute and sexy when you’re 20. But a 40-something woman who still manages to be smoking hot? That’s a bigger turn on.

              1. I think women who take care of themselves and are not fatties or bimbos peak in their 30s. A woman in her 30s has all of the maturity of one in her 40s but still a lot of the looks she had in her 20s.

                1. Our office manager is still hot at 55.

              2. are you trying to attract cougar website bots again?

              3. But then, aren’t you really turned on by effort?

                1. Of course there are attractive older women. But a few data points doesn’t invalidate my qualified statement.

                2. But then, aren’t you really turned on by effort?

                  For BSR.

          2. Death to the demoness Allegra Geller!

        2. She was captured and tamed by Otto.

          1. Quoting Nietzsche is a panty-stripper.

            1. Apes don’t understand philosophy.

              1. Oops, screwed that up. Apes don’t read philosophy.

                1. And lawyers don’t quote John Cleese movies very well.

                  1. Oh, please. I’ve posted that one thousand times without error. Given the usual error rate in commenting, I should get a Nobel Prize. Besides, that’s a John Cleese movie where he plays a lawyer.

                    I once suggested that there should be an Otto TV series on HBO. I think it would be awesome. Not sure Kline could play it any more, but maybe he still has it in him.

                2. And London Underground is not a political movement. And Aristotle is not Belgian.

                  1. And…case in point.

                    1. Oh, and here’s a clip of that scene. One of my favorites in comedy history.

                    2. REMOVED! BURN!

                    3. Not my day. I found it elsewhere and reposted–try the link again.

                    4. I’ve always been fond of this insult barrage:

                      Hey. If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I’d like Frank Shirley, my boss, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here, with a big ribbon on his head, and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit he is! Hallelujah. Holy shit. Where’s the Tylenol?

                    5. It lacks vim.

                    6. That is a good one. I like R. Lee Ermy in the opening scene of Full Metal Jacket. If I were dying and had one wish, it might be to line up a select group of about 20 people of my choosing and be allowed to walk in and give that rant to them.

                    7. P.S. Stan Polley is a soulless bastard. I will take him with me.

                3. “Oops, screwed that up. Apes don’t read philosophy.”

                  We appreciate the clarification. Thanks.

    3. I’ve always had the hots for Phoebe Cates.

    4. I know I am getting old because I remember Jennifer Jason Leigh in her prime being raped by Rutger Hauer in Flesh+Blood . . . Nice movie, by the way.

      1. Yest it is. They show a very nice close-up shot of her sweet vagina.

  14. Here’s how I would spin the attacks coming to her, were I her:

    “Is it likely that there will be a law on the floor about ‘batin? No. But let’s say that there is one… I will *NOT* be the deciding vote. It’ll be a 99-1 vote. Maybe 98-2. (winks at Frank Lautenberg) But you know what? There will be another vote on bailing out banks with *YOUR* money. Ima vote against that. My opponent, will vote for it. That vote is a lot more important than the ‘batin bill.”

    1. Your probably right….
      but this is my entire sex life (as well as most nerds, all geeks, and an overwhelming plurality of fatties) your talking about – we can’t take the chance!!!

      1. Hey man I feel your pain. Even those of us who get regular sex still like a little quality time with ourselves.

      2. What is the difference between a nerd and a geek?

        I thought they were different words for more or less the same type of person.

        1. Hobbies, autism manifestations, and ratio of men:women who happen to share the appellation.

        2. Anyone can be a geek about something; people who are geeks about too many things become nerds in that they can no longer function socially.

          1. Did you know that the word nerd was invented by Dr. Seuss? No kidding.


            That man was an American Shakespeare.

          2. No, nerds are people who are geeks about only ONE thing, all the time.

        3. Nerds are the whole package (dress, vernacular, facial structure, hair).

          Geeks just geek out on geeky shit without having the whole package.

      3. You left out married guys.

    2. But how can you trust her on other social issues that might come up? I bet she’s opposed to the concept of separation of church and state. She’s probably also opposed to porn and might try to outlaw it.

      1. “I bet she’s opposed to the concept of separation of church and state.”

        I don’t know of any politician who opposes that concept. They may not interpret it to mean what you think it does. But they always believe in the concept. And I see no evidence O’Donnell is any different.

      2. I don’t trust her on the other social issues that might come up in Delaware.

        (Out of curiosity, what is her opponent’s position on Gay Marriage? Gays in the Military? Gays in the airport restrooms?)

        I trust her marginally more on future TARP-clones than her opponent, however.

        Which is most likely to come up for a vote on the floor?

    3. the media will not report her spin. Her arguments are irrelevant. All her tv appearances will be like the court scene in idiocracy.

  15. “Voting to spend money we don’t have has become the appealing option for too many politicians. The men and women of America know this is not sustainable.”

    So why did her college have to sue her for unpaid tuition ($4,000) and why did it take her another nine years to come up with the cash?

    Also, in Matt’s long quote from the News Journal, I guess Matt forgot to pick up the part where O’Donnell says she’s opposed to abortion even in the case of rape or incest. And she filed a $6 million lawsuit against a former employer charging gender discrimination, on what I would call dubious grounds, and Reason is usually against employees sueing their employers for anything. But, hey, no one’s perfect.

    1. But, hey, no one’s perfect.

      Especially not you, you hideous know-nothing.

    2. And yet Mike Castle still couldn’t beat her.

      Hahahahahahahahahahah — gasp! — ahahahahaha!

    3. Jesus, Vanneman, just shut the fuck up already.

    4. “And she filed a $6 million lawsuit against a former employer charging gender discrimination, on what I would call dubious grounds, and Reason is usually against employees sueing their employers for anything.”

      Since when do liberal douchebags like you have a problem with a woman bringing a sex discrimination suit? And who are you to say it is on “dubious grounds”?

      I would like to know what kind of sex favors you give to the Reason staff to get them to tolerate you and kiss your ass like they do.

      1. Do you suppose he gives free moustache rides?

        1. I could see Venneman having a seriously gay porn stache.

          1. I’m thinking more like Camping Cub Scouts Make Fire by Rubbing Two Sticks Together and shit like that.

    5. But this wasn’t an article about how crazy she may be – It is an article pondering how teh crazy! beat the heavily-favored Establishment candidate. In that context, an exhaustive cataloguing of O’Donnell’s belfry-dwellers is not germane, but an investigation of the positions she publicly espoused during the campaign just might be.

    6. Shouldn’t you be at home working on your next Indana Jones novel?

  16. According to WBOC News (Delmarva’s news leader!)…

    It really only competes against WMDT, since Salisbury is essentially a two-station DMA.

  17. If whatever happens on election night she wins or loses, tea partiers cause Republicans to win or lose, no matter what else, if it also causes David Frum to choke to death on his own bile, mission accomplished.

    1. Would it be too much to hope that this woman’s winning would cause Frum and Brooks to finally consummate a mutual suicide pact?

      1. It would be a slightly more just world though if the will to live and the desire to see their retro Technocratic Utopia come to fruition was still strong in their hearts at the moment the lights went out in their eyes.

  18. Phoebe Cates! Spankalicious!

  19. jesus, reason, give it a rest. we know you would like more liberal candidates. fine. but don’t sink to sourcing a wiki page. can you at least go to the campaign site and give us something from that. how many cheap shots do you want to take here because you think she’s “weird”? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Her campaign page is not exactly teeming with information. It’s a single image with a “donate” button, at least when I was looking at it earlier.

      1. Matt,

        That is because it went down last night after she got a money bomb from the national tea party. I imagine they put that up as a stop gap.

        1. BINGO! but she’s weird and, remember, Ron Paul is teh racist!

          1. The libertarians at the libertarian magazine Reason aren’t Republicans.

            Any other news flashes for us, dipshit?

            1. If they are not Republicans then why are they so concerned that a Senate seat might go Democratic? I can’t understand for the life of me why they are so upset a RINO like Castle went down.

              1. RINO is just a term to split the republican party. There is no single ideology in any party. It just a way to divide and conquor. Ironically, themselves.

              2. Exactly. Seems to me they want to jump on the train and rack up the hits for their site, as well as make sure they go with the DC crowd. They certainly don’t focus on the Libertarian candidates running for office this election cycle.

      2. “Her campaign page is not exactly teeming with information. It’s a single image with a “donate” button, at least when I was looking at it earlier.”

        She’s lookin’ smarter and smarter by the minute!

        Maybe she learned something from the Badnarik campaign–that guy would have done a lot better with a lot less information on his website…

        “Against TARP?

        Donate Button”

        Everything that matters and nothing that doesn’t!

  20. As much as I despise the Republican Party establishment, I was still hoping Castle pulled this out. It’s not that I like Castle, but I really don’t want more unqualified egomaniacs in Congress.

    But then I had an epiphany. Vote in as many nutjobs as possible, and let the fucker burn. Maybe our only hope to restore sanity is to see some real crazy.

    1. “not that I like Castle, but I really don’t want more unqualified egomaniacs in Congress”

      this is stupid for a few reasons

      “let the fucker burn”

      this was smarter

    2. I want the Democrats to lose heavily in the upcoming election for cramming Obamacare down our throats against our wills, but I don’t want a Democratic Congress to be replaced with a religious right, warmongering Republican Party. If the Republican Party can’t clean up its act, maybe it’s time for people to start voting for a third party that is free market, pro-liberty, and antiwar. The Libertarian Party comes to mind.

      1. Great. Just as soon as you get all the chemtrailers and anti-fluoridation candidates of the LP ballot, I’ll join in.

    3. Like it hasn’t been “real crazy” that got us into this mess in the first place.

    4. Now you’re talkin’. Crrrrazzzzy mofos.

  21. If she wants me to stop masturbating then she’s gonna have to stop being so damned sexy.

    1. For the win. I would love to date O’Donnell. I look at her as the social conservative counterpart to organic girl. She is very cute. And she would bring the crazy big time. She is 41 and has never been married. Yet, she claims to be a strict Catholic who disapproves of all pre-marital sex. No way am I buying she is a 41 year old virgin. The strict Catholic stuff is just her making up for being seriously freaky in private.

      A part of me wants her to win so I can send her my resume and work on her staff and seduce her. I want to be at the center of the next sex scandal in Washington. I want to be the guy who can tell a war story that begins with “then there was that time I had an affair with this female Senator who claimed to be a virgin”. If it ever happens, I will be sure to give a shoutout to the Hit and Run comentariot when I get my weekly sex column at the Daily Beast.

      1. I don’t know if your reason.com psychoanalysis is worth a damn….but I certainly hope so and give my best to Matt Taibbi!

      2. I’m gonna beat you to it.

    2. She’s cute until she starts talking. Then she drops to 0.1.

      1. Which is why I told Tulpa his godwinning was so off last night. I just do not see her enthralling the anti-masturbatory creme shirted throngs at Delaware Stadium.

  22. I still can’t believe this happened. Castle is a certified-and-crowned good ol’ boy in a state whose government runs on them, and hadn’t lost an election since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Christine’s insane and I dread the idea of her actually having meaningful power over me, but at the same time I’m really glad there are enough people who are that pissed off, even here.

    1. My question is, will the Republican establishment and the Democratic Party reform after all these primary losses of establishment Republicans to Tea Party types and the upcoming losses of Democrats in the general election?

      1. No. not unless the “outsiders” who win can resist becoming like the establishment they kicked out. i’m not sure that’s possible.

  23. I wonder how much of the invective towards O’Donnell at reason has more to do with the Tea Party’s ability to get it’s candidates into positions where they can actually get elected, while the Libertarian Party can’t seem to get elected hall moniter, than it does with any stance she has.

  24. If she is crazy, or retarded enough to vote NO, then I hope she wins. In Congress, divided we (the people) stand, united we fall. When I hear the word bipartisan, I think congressional gang rape. Loons against loons. Mainstream America thinks Ron Paul is a loon. Imagine how much better off the country would be if Dr. No was eye-balling the legislative vomit being passed in Congress as Commander-in-NO? The economy would have recovered by now.

    1. The reason politicians and like Keynesianism so much is because it gives them permission to spend large sums of money. So many politicians like it so much that it has become the conventional wisdom. That’s why they think Ron Paul’s a loon, because he doesn’t accept the conventional wisdom.

  25. Maybe this is why she hates masturbation so much.


    1. Jesus! Just buy the fucking mag and go home to your bunk.

  26. Libertarians are Soooo dense. If men spend their itme with themselves, where’s MY action?

    1. Shit baby…I’m a phone call away!

  27. Honestly, I have no idea what to think about O’Donnell. The news media is so patently eager to smear anyone who isn’t on board with the Obama administrations radical expansion of economic controls that I would not be at all suprised of the stuff about masturbation and homosexuality was sheer fabrication. Or something O’Donnell believed 20 years ago and has repudiated. Or completely true.

    You can’t fucking believe a word the mainstream media says about any ‘Tea Party’ cadidate, they so obviously hate and fear the entire movement.

    1. Or what spews forth from the froth of Moymihanianism.

  28. As far as masturbation is concerned, They can have my cock when they take it from my cold, carpel-tunneled fingers.

    1. You should have stuck (sorry) with the original phrasing…They can have my &@*$ when they pry it from……..

      1. I tried to hit the stop button, but too late. We gotta get an edit feature on this site.

  29. According to NRO, she’s raised $450k today. Maybe she can win after all.

    1. After she pays her rent.LOL!

  30. I’m willing to bet Coons is not quite as happy about this outcome as Gibbs and the other Demo insiders were today. She is a formidable candidate simply because she is the anti-Coons now.

    You wait and see, when the first ads start running and the money pours in, the poll #’s will tighten. This thing is a long way from done, especially since the registration deadline for the general election isn’t until October 9th.

    Intrade’s asking 22.0 for O’D. I’m buying today. It can only go up for at least the next 3 weeks or so.

  31. I was looking at this site for a different reason and ran across this.

    “Ms. O’Donnell has drawn intense criticism for a multitude of questionable financial issues that most notably include using campaign funds for personal expenses. Her former campaign manager accused her of using campaign donations for rent, among other things. Ms. O’Donnell acknowledged doing so, but said the rent expenditures were justified because her townhouse is also her campaign headquarters. Records show that Ms. O’Donnell has no steady income and earned only $5,800 last year.

    Ms. O’Donnell’s financial woes don’t stop there. In March 2010, the IRS filed a lien against Ms O’Donnell for more than $11,000 in unpaid income taxes and fees. She claims there was a computer glitch and has since paid an undisclosed amount to settle the issue. In 2008, she was sued by her mortgage company for not making payments since October 2007. While the house was in foreclosure, Ms. O’Donnell sold it to her then -boyfriend. She said she sold the house in order to fund her campaign and denied that she was ever sued by her mortgage company despite court records showing otherwise.

    Other questions about Ms. O’Donnell’s honesty and integrity abound. For example, Ms. O’Donnell’s has provided varying accounts about her educational background. During her 2006 and 2008 Senate campaigns Ms. O’Donnell touted a degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. During this campaign, however, her website stated merely that she attended FDU. This month, 17 years after she attended college, an FDU spokesman confirmed Ms. O’Donnell finally earned her degree after completing a course requirement just this summer. FDU sued Ms. O’Donnell in 1994, citing unpaid tuition bills.

    Additionally, Ms. O’Donnell falsely claimed she had carried two of the three counties in Delaware during her 2008 Senate campaign against former Sen. Joe Biden. When confronted about the statements by a radio host this September, she denied making that claim. The radio host then played audio of her at a rally making the statement. In response, she claimed to have clarified her remarks by stating she meant she tied Sen. Biden in those counties; that, too, was a lie.”


    1. Well, as far as taxes are concerned, that’s really nothing compared to say Timothy Geithner.

      Some of the other stuff is also equivalent to the financial shenanigans of current and past elected officials.

      I’m not in Delaware, and I don’t give much of a shit, but given the fact that even Milton Friedman can get smeared as a supporter of torture in today’s climate, I treat any claim that sounds too hyperbolic to be true with a heavy dose of skepticism.

      1. “I treat any claim that sounds too hyperbolic to be true with a heavy dose of skepticism.”

        You heard it here first everybody…

        Hazel’s gone on the record equating the people of Delaware with sewage!

      2. And on top of that, she’s defending torture apologists!

  32. “One way of interpreting O’Donnell’s upset victory is as a sign that insane anti-masturbators are emerging from America’s fever swamps and marching toward Capitol Hill, ready to sic ex-gay-ministry counselors on Barney Frank in the unlikely event they can get past Democrats on Nov. 2.”

    Reminds of back during the Reagan Administration, when the press and the rest of the chattering classes were all on the side of wrongness, they started going after Nancy Reagan and her astrology…

    …as if that had anything to do with anything.

    The only thing the chattering classes can do to ensure O’Donnell wins in the general election is to demonize her–correctly or incorrectly…

    Keep going after her personally.


    1. Yes because following astrology or believing in UFOs never kept a candidate out of office.

  33. Any organization with the name citizens for ethics should be dismmissed as out of hand if it is unwilling to attack propositions like the state’s monopoly control of elections, public financing of campaigns, ballot access provisions which favor the two parties of state and for that matter, democracy, itself. Otherwise, they are useless.

  34. All of these limited-government types who didn’t seem to be gathering and protesting Bush’s policies. Odd, that.

    1. Just for the record, nobody was harder on the Bush Adminsitration than me.

      And for what it’s worth, I don’t care if the Republicans win in Delaware or retake the House or the Senate…

      So long as another disgusting freak who voted for TARP bit the dust, Republican, Democrat, Independent–I don’t care. If they voted for TARP, I hope they lose in the primaries to a nutless monkey on the sex offender registry.

      I hope she’s even worse than her worst adversaries say, and I hope the people of Delaware put her in office just as an implicit threat to every legislator everywhere–vote for something like TARP? And even if they’re run a nutcase against you, you’ll probably lose too!

      I hope she really is a nutjob. And wins!

    2. This shite again?

      1. The first Tea Party-style protests were born as a direct response to the TARP vote, in which both parties blatantly thwarted the clearly-expressed will of their constituents. The name expresses frustration with a perceived state of “taxation without representation”.

      2. If you actually associated with ‘limited-government types’, you would know that a great many of them – of us – hold a particularly intense loathing for Bush, who campaigned like a conservative but governed like a typical power-drunk statist.

      Take your strawman and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  35. Yeah, I just can’t fathom why Reason wouldn’t be tickled to have the ‘batin hatin’ hottie in Congress. What’s important is that she’s cute! And it isn’t like concerns about authoritarianism on the Right have anything at all to do with libertarianism, right? And hey, did you notice how easy she is on the eyes?

    1. Not really, her hair looked awful and that jacket, ouch.

      However, Shultz gives a fantastic argument. He should be hired on as a media guy to her campaign. Get her to have squirrels to roll around in her hair before public events, and teach her to not bat her eyes during interviews. If a fly could crawl across her face while she didn’t blink that would really sell it. Trade in the Palin look for a more Obama era haute culture bag lady look, purple scarves and roughed up minks. If her Democratic opponent refuses to debate her, invite Alvin Greene up to debate the merits of pornography. The bigger the travesty the better. When her poll numbers go up after all of that, the political establishment will beg for mercy as if their arms were on the verge of being broken because at that point they would know for Goddamn certain they are no longer in control.

  36. O’Donnell is a spendthrift deadbeat.

    Just because she talks about fiscal responsibility doesn’t mean she actually cares about, let alone lives, it.

    1. And Adam Smith was never rich. So what is your point and how could it possibly matter?

      1. LOL!!
        Adam Smith Could read.

  37. She ran on stupid and won!!
    Thanks !

  38. “You can legislate morality” – The screeching dingbat from Delaware, Christine O’Donnell.

    And that, my fellow prisoners, is all you need to know about the GOP’s “small, non-intrusive government” ideology.

    And libertarians can cozy up to that..sure they can.they have no ideas or principles either.Libertarians are just the wackjob- cheapskate- crazy uncle of the republican party.

    True Conservative


  39. If I masturbate while thinking of her being a senator, would she still disagree with it? ANSWER ME THAT, O’DONNELL!

    Oh, and we better watch out if we talk bad about her…I’ve heard she’s pretty handy with witchcraft…

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