Delaware's O'Donnell Disaster


At Sunday's Tea Party rally in Washington, I overheard a few effusive endorsements of Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, the longshot conservative running against the very moderate Republican Congressman Mike Castle for Vice President Joe Biden's old Senate seat. The race was once considered an easy layup for Delaware Republicans, but with the rise of O'Donnell, a crackpot of the first order, it looks increasingly likely that Democrat Chris Coons will be packing the U-Haul for D.C. in November. As stats wizard Nate Silver points out, if O'Donnell wins today's primary, the Republicans lose the seat in November: "Whereas Mr. Castle is nearly a 95 percent favorite against the Democratic nominee, Chris Coons, according to last week's FiveThirtyEight forecasting model, Ms. O'Donnell would have just a 17 percent chance of winning a race against Mr. Coons."

And the intellectual case against O'Donnell is overwhelming. A précis for those who have avoided the Delaware drama: O'Donnell lied about attending a Master's degree program at Princeton University; claimed that her political enemies are creeping in the bushes outside her house; is opposed to the sinister habit of masturbation; is a supporter of the "ex-gay" movement, despite the inconvenient revelation that her former staffer Wade Richards "returned" to homosexuality and denounced those peddling "cures" for his sexuality; filed a $6 million lawsuit against the conservative group ISI for "gender discrimination"; was denounced by her former campaign manager as a "fraud" who uses campaign donations to pay rent and utility bills; and has implied that her Republican opponent is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

As the former head of the clumsily named Savior's Alliance for Lifting the Truth (SALT), O'Donnell was the Tipper Gore of the 1990s, attending lewd and lascivious rock concerts just to tell stoned, Satanist teenagers that they were going to hell. "Walking through the crowd I also noticed more pentagrams than crosses around the teenage necks," she gasped. At a 1997 music festival in Washington, D.C., the Catholic killjoy "distributed thousands of brochures with information on the failure rate of condoms, on AIDS, on sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, pornography and the movement of former homosexuals."

In a piece for the Washington Post, O'Donnell told of one emotional breakthrough she made with a young concertgoer: "She was a girl of about 14 wearing cutoffs and a string-bikini top. A boy, hopefully her boyfriend, was draped around her neck absurdly with each hand firmly planted on her breasts. She did not look as if she was enjoying herself. As they passed me, I handed her the brochure, along with another one on "How To Say No." Something must have clicked inside her. She stopped and pushed his hands away." A true story or an extra feature from the Beyond the Valley of the Dolls DVD? You decide!

Or take this clip from Bill Maher's old television show Politically Incorrect (which, upon re-watching, one will discover was pretty politically correct), during which the True Conservative Fun Destroyer explains to her fellow panelists that she wouldn't lie to protect Jews during the Second World War ("Anne Frank? Oh, you mean that girl that lives in the attic?") because "deception" is immoral. Either way, it's a moot question, O'Donnell says, because "God would provide a way to do the right thing," despite not having providing a way to do the right the thing between the years 1941-1945.

But the moderate Mike Castle is unacceptable to many professional Tea Party adherents—radio host Mark Levin, for instance, is accusing all who doubt O'Donnell's qualifications as David Frum-like deviationists—who would rather a reliably liberal Democrat in the Senate than an insufficiently conservative Republican. They insist that good conservative foot soldiers plump for unqualified (and unstable) candidates because they aren't "RINOs," because they wink-and-galvanize but wouldn't know Milton Friedman from Milton Berle. One protester I spoke with on Sunday, holding a sign adorned with giant photos of Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan (the "Gipper and the Grizz"), said that Palin is the best conservative hope for 2012, pointing out that she was "getting better" at addressing both basic policy issues and the adoring crowds of Tea Party activists. If she can identify a national newspaper by 2012, she's qualified to run the Western world.

And while the screeching Stalinists and ideological purity tsars of talk radio denounce left-wing magazines and blogs like The Weekly Standard, National Review, and Powerline as sell-out squishes, and as Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer is deemed the moral equivalent of  Paul Robeson, O'Donnell trudges forward towards a primary victory. And the Republicans towards a November defeat.

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  1. She wouldn’t lie because deception is immoral? Funny statement for someone running for a seat in the hall of liars.

  2. She is wacko. This is not the hill that tea partiers should be dying on.

    1. No, in the long run, if the tea party folk hope to achieve success, they must never relent from the proposition that anybody is better than a career politician.

      1. I dunno. If its obvious that the non-career politician is also a lying dumbass piece of crap, isn’t that when you should vote libertarian?

        1. Not in the GOP primary

          1. aright …. fair enough. especially when the LP primary is fairly likely to have a bunch of people who base their whole campaign on the anti-drivers-licence, anti-flouride, pro-NAMBLA portion of the platform.


      2. But all O’Donnell has done her whole life is work for a think tank and run for office?

    2. She is wacko. This is not the hill that tea partiers should be dying on.

      I doubt this will kill them. This is the story of the week and will be forgotten soon enough.

      It is not as if the Daily Kos crowd did not pick some duds that went nowhere.

      1. Yeah, I personally don’t give a crap about the wacky stuff so long as it punishes yet another someone who voted for TARP.

        I don’t really care whether the Republicans take over the House or the Senate either–I want as many people who voted for TARP to lose their seats as possible…

        Actually, if they elect a stark raving lunatic over someone who voted for TARP–that’s even better!

        Maybe future representatives will think to themselves–“It doesn’t matter what else I do, if I ever vote for something like TARP, I could be running against a stark raving lunatic, and I’d still probably lose!”

        That’s exactly what I want them to think. That’s exactly what I’m hoping for. Elect a freaking UFO cult leader who thinks that the Queen of England is a lizard–I don’t care. …so long as we punish the the people who voted for TARP. …each and every one so that they’ll never, ever do it again.

        1. I hope whatever representative that voted for TARP in the next primary?

          …loses to a ham sandwich.

          I hope the next one after that, loses to a homeless guy that’s always talking to himself.

          I want the ugliest, craziest, most unbelievable idiots to beat the living crap out of the representatives that voted for TARP.

          I hope they get beat at the polls by opponents on the sex offender registry! How’s that?

          1. +10000000000

          2. Your dream has the added bonus of probably destroying the government/country even faster than our current brand of semi-competant closet-case monkeys who have been trained to keep their multiple personalities in check. Let’s elect Nero, and watch this shit burn.

          3. …maybe by the first 500 people in the Boston phonebook?

    3. This is how Woodrow Wilson got elected. Well, strictly speaking it was ex-Republicans going the other direction and trying to out-Progressive Democrats, but still. Glenn Beck is the only one who can bring them to their senses.

      1. Oh, man. I hope that’s true. Because if it is, then they are so screwed.

  3. They insist that good conservative foot soldiers plump for unqualified (and unstable) candidates because they aren’t “RINOs,” because they wink-and-galvanize but wouldn’t know Milton Friedman from Milton Berle.

    That was the funniest thing I’ve read this week.

  4. And the intellectual case against O’Donnell is overwhelming.

    Blah, blah. I don’t give a fuck. Mike Castle is a career politician. I’d rather have a syphilitic goat in the Senate than a career politician.

    1. OK Mr Dean…that was even funnier

      1. “Blah, blah. I don’t give a fuck. Mike Castle is a career politician. I’d rather have a syphilitic goat in the Senate than a career politician.”

        That’s exactly what I was trying to say.

        I want the worst opponent possible to beat anybody who voted for TARP. The worse the winner, the better!

        1. O’Donnell is a “career politician”, too. Just one who loses every race she runs. What’s the difference?

    2. They are almost always career politicians. The differnce is some are just starting, and some are more experienced.

      1. I think R C is right. Besides, this is just another Moynihanian tempest in a teapot.

    3. “”I’d rather have a syphilitic goat in the Senate than a career politician.””

      So you would have voted for Pelosi on her first term? 😉

      1. Who was her opponent?

          1. A nutless monkey.

            1. A flogged dolphin.

      2. “So you would have voted for Pelosi on her first term? ;-)”

        If you don’t punish the drunken wife-beater the first time? He’s just gonna keep doing it over and over again.

        Anything’s better than letting them think they can beat up and rape the American people like they did and get away with it!

        The only redeeming quality I see in elections is that we get to kick the bums out every once in a while–we almost never get the people in leadership we want, but every once in a while, we get to kick the bums to the curb.

        Pelosi would have been worse?! Seeing the people who voted for TARP thrown out in the primaries like yesterday’s trash is the only way we’re ever gonna make people like Pelosi any better.

    4. RC,

      You won’t get a syphilitic goat. You’ll get a Democratic career politician.

      1. No shit. RC usually seems pretty intelligent, but there’s a loose wire somewhere in his noggin on this issue.

      2. Worse, the syphlitic goat will win, and becuase they’re so frigging dumb, they’ll be the puppets of career politicians.

      3. This time you’ll get one career politician instead of another. BFD. But maybe next time the GOP will find a candidate that doesn’t suck.

    5. Thank allah, you can always write one in. I voted for a fish head in 2008.

    6. This is badthought. She will sully the TP movement and that is unacceptable. Whoever wins the GOP primary, vote democrat or LP in Delaware-they are the only options.

    7. I’m more or less of this mind. I think it was more important that a chair-warmer like Castle got bounced than a loopy bint like OD won. The GOP establishment can suck both of my balls.

    8. “She IS a professional politician. She’s just really fucking bad at it.”

  5. but wouldn’t know Milton Friedman from Milton Berle.

    I know one was a comedian and the other had a TV sit-com show.

    I loved them both.

    1. I can’t watch TV shows because I’m blind.

      1. We’ve got a blind Jew girl hiding out in this thread!

      2. Too much masturbating up in the attic?

  6. If she is against deception, at least we can count on her to push for the termination of police undercover operations.

  7. I do enjoy these weekly-or-so H&R reiterations of the establishment line on all things ratbaggy, but I love the “I see ________ already posted about this, but I have to say the same thing with my name on it, because because” post that inevitably follows.

    Who’s got next?

    1. Hey! Some of us get all of our news from HnR.

    2. She campaigned against wacking off. If there ever was a minoritah that deserved ridicule, shunning and being laughed out of the room, it is the anti-masturbation lobby.

      1. If God didn’t want us to beat off, He wouldn’t have made our arms so long.

  8. At a 1997 music festival in Washington, D.C., the Catholic killjoy “distributed thousands of brochures with information on the failure rate of condoms, on AIDS, on sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, pornography and the movement of former homosexuals.”

    This would make concerts even more awesome.

  9. Anti masturbation? WTF?!?

  10. Again, Reason ignores the LP candidate.

    Am I missing something? Does Reason have something against the LP? Moynihan couldn’t have at least mentioned him in this post?

    *DRINK* x 2

    1. Reason is just doing the same thing everybody else will do come election day.

    2. Again, Reason ignores the LP candidate.

      So, apparently, is the entire state of Delaware.

      1. Well, since you put it that way, it makes it OK.

        But I’ll bet Jim Rash, would at least, “know Milton Friedman from Milton Berle”. What does Moynihan care anyway, he didn’t even vote in 2008 or 2004.…..singlepage o

        1. What’s wrong with not voting? It’s the American Way!

          1. Sad but true. And when Americans do vote, it’s for the Big Government Party.

            1. There’s nothing sad about it. Not voting means you decline to participate in a hopelessly corrupt system.

      2. “This November, give Delaware a Rash!”

        1. This has to be the disease Rash for you.

          In the dark
          Where all the fevers grow
          Under the water
          Where the shark bubbles blow…

          Out through the night
          and the wisperin’ breezes
          To the place where they keep,
          the imaginary diseases…

          You know
          My python boot is too tight
          I couldn’t get it off last night
          A week went by
          And now it’s July
          I finally got it off
          And my girlfriend cried, YOU GOT STINK-FOOT!
          Stink-foot, darlin’
          Your Stink-foot
          Puts a hurt on my nose
          Stink-foot, stink-foot, I ain’t lyin’
          Can you rinse it off, do you suppose?

          – FZ

    3. Perhaps the LP should do more to get taken seriously.

        1. IF that guy wasn’t pimping his appearance at WorldNetDaily’s hatefest in Miamah, I might consider voting for him.

    4. The LP candidate ran in the Republican primary?

  11. The race was once considered an easy layup for Delaware Republicans, but with the rise of O’Donnell, a crackpot of the first order, it looks increasingly likely that Democrat Chris Coons will be packing the U-Haul for D.C. in November. As stats wizard Nate Silver points out, if O’Donnell wins today’s primary, the Republicans lose the seat in November:

    Rumblings of my much derided theory, eh?

    1. 1 seat loss =/= equal validation for your stupid theory.

  12. The fact that she’s endorsed by Palin and the Tea Partiers tells you everything you need to know about Palin and the Tea Partiers and why libertarians should think twice before jumping on either of the bandwagons (they may be the same bandwagon depending on who you ask).

    1. She even dresses like Palin. Creepy.

      1. Lie down with Tea Partiers, wake up with thousands of dollars in designer clothing purchased using campaign funds?



      2. It’s funny you mentioned that b/c when I googled her there were a couple small pics that I thought were of Palin.

    2. Palin has a record of endorsing lots of women– in NH she endorsed Attorney General Kelly Ayotte early on, not more hardcore conservative (and perennial candidate) Ovide Lamontagne.

      1. If I could make a candidate from portions of them both, I’d want to vote for Ovide Ayotte.

  13. Nice call, Mr. Whipple!

  14. Wait, what the fuck was up with the weird bears with badly synthesized voices? What the hell was that supposed to be?

    1. Go watch the one about iPhone users. Hilarious. The NoSQL one is good too, but…you sort of have to understand relational database geekery to get it.

      My guess is that Warty is a MongoDB fan.

      1. The NoSQL one was listed on HN recently. Was it good? It has to be for me to get past those voices. *shudder*

        1. It’s funny enough…unless you’re a PHP programmer who doesn’t really understand databases. Then it’s just mean. Which is what I like.

      2. A schema-free database? I’ve never been so insulted.

        1. There are potential uses for such a thing, but they are usually very specific. If you have your data coming from a variety of schemas, you can just put it in in its original format and not have to normalize into your own schema.

          But I digress. You’re probably a MySQL fan.

    2. Get a clue, Gramps!

  15. Miss O’Donell sounds entertaining. I don’t like that she sued ISI but she’s still way better than Castle. A 17% chance of winning just might be enough to put her in office this year if she takes today’s primary.

    1. …she’s still way better than Castle.

      He must be really bad, then. You know who else thought it was wrong to lie to protect Jews during the Second World War?

        1. Bazinga!

  16. Agree she is an unqualified loon. But what is the intellectual case for Castle or Coon being any better Senators? If it just comes down to electing somebody the Washington Cosmos feel better rubbing shoulders with at DC dinner parties, I’d rather vote in the loon.

    1. Thank you! Now die you Republican fuck.

    2. He voted to investigate Bush?

    3. Now, that is an excellent argument.

  17. Just got done battling away the Teatards that have infested my BFF rightwing blogs. Good. fucking. lord. I haven’t seen blind vehemence for one person since Ron Paul/Obama. They were calling people Ayatollahs and not seeing the irony of supporting a religious nutjob. They literally can’t tell me anything good about her except that Castle fucks babies. I think they did, can’t be sure cuz all the hateful words were flyin and gellin into a blur. I didn’t even know about that Holocaust clip from Maher.

    1. …except that Castle fucks babies

      Is that better, or worse, than fucking sheep? Chickens?

      1. And even more relevantly, is it worse than f***ing rats?

      2. Speaking of which, I understand that some people have heard that Joel Pile does NOT deny that he fucks sheep.

        1. But he has carnal knowledge of a syphilitic goat or two…

      3. Apparently, its not as bad as fucking yourself.

  18. The race was once considered an easy layup for Delaware Republicans, but with the rise of O’Donnell, a crackpot of the first order,

    In high school I was taught when writing to “show” rather then “tell” the reader. Every English course i have ever taken beyond that has emphasized this point.

    I am pretty sure that rule works in journalism as well. If you are going to call a politician that most of your readers has never heard of, a crackpot, perhaps you should show us why she is a crackpot rather then dismissing her with an empty statment.

    1. You fuckwit, the entire post provided several isntances she’s a certifiable crockpot.

      1. I’m telling the Nazis you are masturbating in that attic!

    2. Never mind i read the rest of the article.

      Well done.

      1. She’s still a better choice than the career politician.

        1. True enough. But It is an open seat….a conservative lunatic killing a RINO only to go down in flames against a left winger at most only gives my brain a micro dot of endorphins.

          I would much rather kill the career an incumbent.

          1. What is best in life?

            To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

        2. Why? Has she committed to limiting her time in the senate to 1-2 terms with no possibility for running for any other elected office? What has she done outside of politics?

          1. After further review, I found she did, in fact, state she’ll leave after two terms…but I’m having a hard time finding anything she’s done of any significance outside of politics… maybe she’ll run for president during her last term as senator…

            1. Granted, she has not exactly set the world on fire.

        3. She’s still a better choice than the career politician.

          That’s what they said in 1933.

        4. Maybe. “Loser of election” isn’t a very important job either way.

  19. Sometimes I wonder whether some here who identify themselves as libertarians forget that the electoral defeat of career politicians who support the military industrial prison building surveillance national security state is always a positive result even if the candidate who reitres the career politician / incumbent resembles the 1980s Tipper Gore and thinks masturbation is wicked.

    1. Right now, I’m more interested in getting enough Reds into Congress to throw a big wrench into the Blues’ gears.

      1. Historically, how’s that worked out for those of us who want teeny, tiny government?

        1. IMO our only choices are (1) gridlock and (2) irrelevance. So I go with gridlock. But I’m old and don’t have high expectations.

          1. The slow way is the safe(r) way.

            1. Even with masturbation.

        2. Historically, how’s that worked out for those of us who want teeny, tiny government?


          Bush tax cuts, NAFTA, and welfare reform.

          Not terribly great…still it is not without hope.

    2. From her website.

      “Believes terrorism is an act of war requiring the full force of our intelligence and military resources rather than granting terrorists precious Constitutional rights and outsourcing our foreign policy to the U.N.”

      1. Sounds completely libertarian to me.

        1. Until you realize she’s for endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan… as well as military force against Iran.

      2. “precious Constitutional rights”

        So there’s like a limited supply?

        1. Just like my brain cells.

          1. -1. Should have quit while you were ahead upthread.

        2. At least she didn’t say bodily fluids.

  20. And while the screeching Stalinists and ideological purity tsars of talk radio

    Yes feel the hate grow…join the dark side of hyperbole young Moynahan.

    Kidding aside i am glad our Mikey has decided that calling others Stalinists is OK in political discourse.

    1. Moynihanian tempest in a Teapot.

    2. I’m perfectly comfortable with Michael using hyperbole to refer to people like Mark Levin or Sean Hannity. They’re fucking animals. They should be being fed bananas at the zoo with a shock collar on for when they start masturbating and flinging shit around.

      Oh wait, this candidate is against masturbation.

      1. I am pretty sure he is talking about Rush and Beck.

        1. radio host Mark Levin, for instance, is accusing all who doubt O’Donnell’s qualifications as David Frum-like deviationists

          Mark Levin. He makes Beck look like Professor X. And Rush is just an entertainer.

          1. And Rush is just an entertainer.

            I listened to Rush a bit this morning. He was very pro O’Donnell today. This is what i based my assumptions on.

          2. And Rush is just an entertainer.

            Which makes it kind of funny when conservatives bitch about hollywood liberals. I don’t know of any actor or musician who leads the Democratic party around on a leash like Rush does the GOP.

            1. Hey, I have a cable show and all you democrats are my bitches wearing a collar I can pull and tug at my every whim. I’m not Hollywood enough for ya?

            2. Jon Stewart at least jumps in front and tries to lead them. Does that count?

              1. Jon Stewart jumps in front, lashes them with a limp noodle, and claims he’s trying to turn then away when they charge ahead. But granted, he is funny.

          3. Do you mean Beck Hanson, or Glenn Beck?

            1. He means Beck, Hanson, and Glen Frey. They’ll all be touring together next summer.

      2. Against doing it or against other people doing it?

        Or is this some kind of sexbot-for-every-citizen campaign? That is, poor people shouldn’t have to masturbate but have a right to their own sexbot?

        1. Do you have to be poor? How about us married guys too?

          1. Married men have legally waived their right to sex.

            1. Yeah, we find that out years after the fact.

  21. Since when does the Supremacy Clause mean that Congress can pass a law whenever it wants to override the will of the states or the people, and that law supersede the state law?

    1. 1932? or 1934? Somewhere in there.

  22. Whats the disaster. The GOP won’t win the seat. Not much of a disaster if you ask me.


      I AM the disaster! I’m gonna eat your babies! Seriously, you have any idea how much protein is in one serving of baby? Enough to feed ten people for one day. If the Republicans dare to try to get rid of agricultural subsidies they better have a back up plan to feed people. The can’t just be the party of no.

      1. Is that your modest proposal?

        1. This word ‘modesty’, I looked it up on line and still don’t understand it. Perhaps I am trying too hard. Can you teach it to me, hu-mon?

  23. Castle is an arrogant, statist prick who’s been in public office since the 1960’s. I’d vote for anyone running against him in any election…be it Mickey Mouse or Christine O’Donnell.

    1. Hell, even Adolf Hitler.

      1. But he’s creepy and he keeps chasing me!

        1. She’s in here, Adolf!

  24. As much as she does sound like a moral crusading loon, Moynihan didn’t actually spell out whether or not she has campaigned on using the government to enforce those ideas which is all that matters to me.

    1. True dat!

    2. Doesn’t matter if any of the Tea Party candidates campaign on or even believe that. The courts will keep smacking them down. What matters is: Will a TP candidate vote for bailouts, will a TP candidate vote to repeal Obamacare etc… Stop being scared of boogeymen. The left does this shit with “George Bush wants to steal your uterus” and it works every time for them. DOn’t be stuck on stupid! Its reeeeeeeeediculous!

      Nothing is going to change with RvW, and butt fucking, masturbation nor carpet munching will not be outlawed any time soon.

      1. Well she does want war with Iran, so fuck her

  25. On a side note she is not bad looking…

    …I would jerk off to her in an attic.

    1. If she was tied up in a pentagram.

      Which she kinda gives the impression she’d be really into.

      1. ….and screaming “You’re all going to hell! You’re all going to hell!!”

        Man, I’m gonna google her pic and go have a tug…

        1. While you’re at it, could you photoshop that up?

          1. Please include the Pentagram and provide a link!

  26. The problem is not purity tests. Purity tests are great.

    The problem is that this girl fails the purity test, too.

    If I have two people failing the purity test, I have to fall back on the Who Serves the Hillbilly God? test.

    1. “Who Serves the Hillbilly God? test.”

      How do you determine that? I might start voting again.

      1. How do you determine that?

        Anyone who is a Christian. Fluffy has an irrational hatred of Christians.

        1. You know what I’m going to do next, just ’cause I’m so crazy?

          I’m going to go to Christian rock concerts and try to save those in attendance from the evils of the religion they’re being seduced to by the corrupters of youth performing.

          Oh wait, that’s right, I forgot. I won’t do that, because I’m not a complete fucking idiot.

          1. That would make some excellent performance art though.

    2. What Would Bubba Do?

  27. Motherfuckin’ crackpot. Anti-mosquerbation. Oh, masterbation. Nevermind.

  28. very moderate Republican Congressman Mike Castle

    For conservatives, tea pirates and libertarians it is probably best that this guy is removed from the process.

    Complaining about Christine O’Donnell is a bit like complaining about the politics of the ice pick that killed Trotsky.

    Who cares so long as the villain is dead.

    1. I have to admit that I like the idea of squashing incumbents and presumptive candidates. So long as there is a vigilant electorate keeping an eye on the “crackpots,” of which there is no shortage on Capitol Hill.

    2. Tea Pirates? Nice …

  29. O’Donnell lied about attending a Master’s degree program at Princeton University; claimed that her political enemies are creeping in the bushes outside her house; is opposed to the sinister habit of masturbation; is a supporter of the “ex-gay” movement, despite the inconvenient revelation that her former staffer Wade Richards “returned” to homosexuality and denounced those peddling “cures” for his sexuality; filed a $6 million lawsuit against the conservative group ISI for “gender discrimination”; was denounced by her former campaign manager as a “fraud” who uses campaign donations to pay rent and utility bills; and has implied that her Republican opponent is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    But other than that, she’s OK, right?

  30. The Republicans can only benefit from not controlling the Senate in the dire years to come. I’ll take this opportunity to try to purify the brand at the cost of the Senate. And who among us isn’t a crackpot about something?

    1. who among us isn’t a crackpot about something?


  31. Hmmmmm. So Tea Partiers tend to be right-wing, militaristic evangelicals rather like Sarah Palin. And this surprises “Reason” why?

    1. So Tea Partiers tend to be right-wing, militaristic evangelicals

      Christine O’Donnell is more of an outlier.

      Scott Brown was also a tea party candidate.

      They are a diverse bunch.

      1. Yeah so diverse that Brown is now considered a traitor and RINO for a single vote he made.

        1. what vote is that?

          And who is calling him a traitor?

          1. The financial reform bill. Keep up.

        2. Unlike the accepting, big-tent approach that Democrats took toward, say, Joe Lieberman…?

    2. Because Reason has been to Tea Parties and hasn’t seen any signs about God or war.

      1. Tea Partiers consider Kratos to be a morally repugnant nihilist, unworthy of mention.

        Oh, God or war.

        1. I read it like that, too.

    3. You tell us A. V., you greatest tipster in the world you.

  32. Come on, it’s fucking Delaware.

    The problem with any national populist movement, such as the teapartiers, is that the movement ends up resembling the population it’s composed of. Garbage in, garbage out, if you will.

  33. I’m sure Castle is an schmuckass, but O’Donnell is an absolute disaster of a candidate. Which only leads me to wonder why all these committed Delaware conservatives couldn’t come up with a better challenger for Castle.

    1. Upthread, I think you meant 1932.

      As to the merits of your analogy, um, after listening to her, I wouldn’t worry about a new reich coming any time soon. Besides, she’s against deception, so there would be no Reichstag fires.

      1. BTW, do you think Ms. O’Donell has presidential timber, or should I say, fuerherprinzip?

        1. There’s a joke in there about getting presidential timber, (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) I just can’t think of it.

    2. I think because Castle was such a shoe-in nobody but the little loony lady had the (blue) balls to take him on.

  34. O’Donnell wins! What has God wrought?

    1. Coming next: the bizarre Mike Castle LP bid…

    2. I wish her luck in November. I wonder if she can still fit into her old Catholic schoolgirl uniform?

      1. Sure, I just have to wash the cum stains out first.

        1. At least they’re not the product of masturbation…

    3. I think Allah has been sending a pretty big “Go Fuck Yourself” message to the GOP establishment.

      *just read the RNC will not support her in November

  35. I’m gonna laugh so hard when the Republicans lose the senate because of this dingbat, who makes Palin look like IMP.

    And is there anyone who doubts this chick isn’t fingering herself every night?

    1. I bet they take the Senate regardless of her performance in Delaware.Even Dave Weigel is predicting a Ratfucker GOP Senate takeover.

    2. Damn, a Catholic wins a primary and already there’s talk about a schism in the GOP.

    3. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  36. The entire controversy over cures for homosexuality is overblown. If someone wants to see a mental health professional to fight homosexual urges, more power to him. Likewise, if someone wants to pay a surgeon to cut up his genitals and rearrange them as the genitals of the other gender, that is his choice. Someone who wants to pay an expert to shove a hose up his rectum and turn on the water (aka Colonic Hydrotherapy) also has every right to do so. After writing for the CAM field for several weeks, I’ve learned that there are all sorts of procedures that people seek out.

    Besides, LGBT activists spent the past couple of decades arguing that homosexual urges are caused by genetics. It’s difficult to argue that same-sex attraction is simply a matter of biochemistry and then turn around to argue that a pill won’t eliminate those attractions.

  37. I read Hit and Run everyday, multiple times a day, but this piece is really just a hit job of Weekly Standard proportions. LAME. Go join that rat-fucker!

    1. Even though I fuck rats, I’m still a better candidate than O’Donnell.

    2. No, that is not right or I would have called MM on it. He nails her and the case for accepting her shit is not even close.

  38. meh. We have our own hot, crazy, right wing nutjob chick in Michelle Bachmann.

    Except for the Anne Frank bit, I think Michelle could trade crazy shit with O’Donnell tit for tat.

    1. I like Michelle. She is probably the fourth or fifth “most libertarian” Congressperson

      1. SIV, I agree that she sometimes says nice small government things. I’m suspicious, though, whether she will continue to say those things once the GOP takes the house over.

        She has always been a big time theocrat. She would love to use the gummint to enforce her ideas of americans being good christians.

        If you saw her paw GWB during her first state of the union address, you’d be wary about her too. She still needs a drip bucket any time she talks about him.

    2. People would probably pay to see that. I’m thinking a $10 cover.

      1. Two girls, one cup?

        1. You mistake me for SugarFree. But considering Pope Jimbo’s original comment, I can see how you went there.

    3. True. I like the hotness that is Michelle too. I mean to the extent a person could like a politician as they are almost entirely another species so it is more a xenophaliac fetish than feeling sympatico with her politics.

  39. I’m starting to feel bad for Castle. The man is 70 years-old, a former governor, and Congressman, and the voters of Delaware couldn’t even give him a Senate seat. Why are the voters so damn self-centered? Real patriotic leaders only retire in coffins like Teddy and Byrd, the fiddlin’ bandit.

  40. delaware voters are top notch in their decisions…from Joe Biden to Ruth Ann Minner to Christine O’Donnell (who will be lucky to get 5% of the general election vote, leaving us with Chris Coons as a senator, a class A moron. It’s moments like these that make me sad to be a delawarean

  41. Takes me back, there once was a lass by that name in college who was crazy about me. She was even president of the Young Republicans chapter though I don’t think she held as many crazy views as this one. The only real impediment was, like most Irish lasses, she had an asshole bully of a brother who needed killing for it to have ever worked. Though I tossed around the idea there were just too many ladies more compatible to take that risk.

  42. “Tired of your rascal establishment incumbent congress-critters? Try a syphilitic goat.”

    Paid for Tea Partiers for Syphilitic Goat for Senate and the Sarah Palin Teenage-Pregnancy Prevention Foundation: Prevention Starts at Home (we mean really).

  43. Nice hit job. Don’t mention any negative thing about Castle, ok? Satan would be a better candidate than that good ball.

    1. Good point on not saying much about Castle and frankly not being from the area I know little about him, but how does being antijackingoff not piss off 99% of the planet?

      ‘Hey Ms. O’Donnell, you are like Jodie Foster in Contact, you don’t represent us!’

    2. I don’t care about Republican or Democrat or really any other issues any more–I just got one question for ’em…

      Did you vote for TARP?

      I’m rooting for everybody who’s up against anybody who voted for TARP.

      I don’t care if they’re conservative or liberal; I don’t care what they think about the price of yuan in China or what should be done in Afghanistan…

      I just want everybody who voted for TARP to pay with their seat in Congress. In this primary race? Justice has been served.

      Now the people in this state can have a debate about the issues. As long as some jackhole traitor who voted for TARP was running–there was only one issue that mattered…

      He voted for TARP. Now, thank Dog and the people of Delaware, he’s gone.

      Who’s next?

  44. The formerly-sane John Cole of BallonJuice has latched onto this bit of fluff as further evidence that anyone opposed to the DNC is Teh Insane. Thanks, Mike.

  45. “O’Donnell lied about attending a Master’s degree program at Princeton University”

    I’ve seen that claim before, but as far as I can tell it isn’t true, at least if it is supposed to be based on her charges against ISI. You can find the full text of her complaint linked to a news story at:…..suit-again

    The relevant text reads:

    68) “In February 2003, Mr. Nelson telephoned Miss O’Donnell at her home in Washington, D.C. to explore whether she would be interested in a new position that ISI was creating.

    69) When ISI approached Miss O’Donnell, Miss O’Donnell had already applied to Princeton University’s Fall 2003 semester to work towards a Master’s degree, making the job at ISI seem impractical and unworkable for her.

    (75) ISI by Jeff Nelson then responded to Miss O’Donnell’s concerns about attending Princeton by promising that Miss O’Donnell could take some or all of one day a week to attend classes at Princeton University, and encouraged Miss O’Donnell to do so.

    She goes on to complain that ISI did not give her the free time they had promised to take classes at Princeton, and she was therefor forced to quit, forfeiting time and money invested. The implication is that she had made a deposit and spent time applying and getting accepted, but since the original plan was to take courses in the fall of 2003 and her employment began the previous March, it’s clear from the complaint that she was not claiming to have taken the classes.

    Do you have another source to justify your claim? If not, would you like to retract it?

    1. I wish it were true.

      I wish she were a slack-jawed yokel climate denying race-baiter with tattoo tears comin’ out of her eyes, a prison record a mile long and a cleft lip.

      …because the worse she is, the more it will scare every legislator into thinking, “Wow, I better never vote for anything like TARP–or I’ll be so hated, even a mess of an idiot like O’Donnell could beat me!”

      Yup. The worse she is, the better it’ll be for all of us.

  46. This woman sounds nuts, but I wonder if the author has watched Republicans in New England and the Northeast (Delaware, PA, NY) – during virtually every piece of big legislation – hold hand-wringing town meetings, trade Republican positions for state pork, switch parties, etc…

    Lincoln Chafee, Jim Jeffords, Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, etc. The list goes on, and it’s crappy. We elect socialist Senators and Pat Leahy up in VT. We’re responsible for Barney Frank in the House, among others! CT has not one R representing them in the federal gov’t. And when we get an R, they cave horribly. So…wax on about stupidity and this awful candidate, but politics up here has been lousy for two decades.

    This is a Goldwater moment that has sadly been met with runoff water candidates. But it’s not much worse than the alternative.

  47. Moynihan, stop sugarcoating and holding back, tell us how you really feel. 🙂

    Also, re: career politician vs syphilitic goat.

    O’Donnell has been running for one office or another for the better part of a decade and a half.

    She *is* a career politician, just before last night, a uniformly unsuccessful one.

  48. If she can identify a national newspaper by 2012, she’s qualified to run the Western world.

    She can also see Russia from her house and stuff!

  49. Screw it, I’m not flushing. Let them see the wrath of the Monarch!

  50. Hey! Watch the rhetoric you Stalinist extremists!

  51. So, this 41 year old single woman (no husband seems to be evident in either her wiki story or campaign stuff) doesn’t masturbate and is a virgin.


    But, then, if it’s true, it goes a long way in explaining the crazy.

    1. Crazy, sure. Ken & RC are bringing me around on this one, though. The crazier the better.

      1. And the Republican Senate committee is refusing to send her any money. They are a little angry one of their good old boys went down. If she were to win, she would give them fits. Fuck them. I am tired of these career political thieves like Castle thinking they have a right to be elected. I don’t care if this woman is running a clandestine exorcism business in her basement. I want her to win.

      2. Oh, I was just commenting on her credibility as a moral scold.

        Anything that gives the finger to the GOP establishment is A-OK.

        And as for the crazy, at least it’s entertaining, which is more that the dyspepsia you get from watching the eastablishment pols pass bills like TARP and such.

        1. Agree with both of you. With a list of names like Lincoln Chafee, Jim Jeffords, Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter, being the dominant part of the GOP of the North East going with a lunatic actually becomes a rational option. Maybe that will force the establishment to either clean up their game or get the fuck out of the way.

  52. Castle is the typical big government piece of shit that Libertarians hate. And he is exactly the kind of Republican that Libertarians rightly point to when they claim Republicans really don’t mean it when they claim to be small government.

    Is O’Donnal any better? All I have seen about her is that she can’t win. So what? Isn’t this the magazine that was talking about the virtues of running a principled but losing candidacy last year?

    I would rather see O’Donnal lose the general election than Castle win. A Democrat in that seat will do less damage to the small government cause the Castle will. The problem with big government Republicans like Castle is that they cut the legs out from under Republicans who really do believe in small government. National Review admits that he will vote with the Democrats 40% of the time. When he does that he makes that 40% of the Democratic agenda “bi partisan”. And since every Republican is going to be portrayed by the media as some small government type, it will allow Democrats in the media to say to small government advocates “see, even one of your own thinks you are nuts”. Castle in the Senate will allow Democrats to marginalize and de legitimize small government. We are better off with a Democrat.

    And lastly, Reason is constantly bitching and moaning about the Republican establishment. Well, here is a case where Republican voters are telling a big government Republican establishment guy to go get bent. Reason should be applauding this. Mike Castle and Charlie Crist stand as a warning to all other big government Republicans that the days of getting elected because you only steal half as much as the Democratic alternative are over.

    This is really good news. Reason only sees it as bad news because O’Donnell is on the other side of the culture war. And Reason as usual cares more about the culture war than they do about getting anything done.

    1. Hopefully the results of these primaries will also encourage better candidates to buck the GOP establishment and run against the insiders and safe choices they always favor. That could be a long term benefit.

    2. Or it could be they care that serious political candidates not be seemingly channeling a variety of nature fairies; if elected, these candidates would seek various ways to restrict liberties based on their own peculiar mystical channelings. That does seem like something to care about.

      1. Or it could be that you can’t write a coherent sentence.

        1. Or it could be you can’t read beyond the 6th grade level

  53. So…..’Reason’ writers and thread commentators usually write off the GOP as posturing, politically weak-kneed creatures who back ‘big government’ as much as Democrats. Much withering commentary follows.

    ….so Delaware primary voters essentially torpedo a GOP Senate slot in order to send a big ‘Fuck You’ to establishment, big-government Republicans. It’s a message of ‘Get busy with small government changes, or get out..’ ‘Reason’s response? “How stupid, take the guy who can win even if he’s no better than a Democrat…

    Honestly, ‘Reason’…..pick a fucking stance and stick with it. If you’re for GOP political gains, stop acting like prickly college freshman too ideological pure to give a rat’s ass. If you’re for limited government rather than same-old bureaucratic, don’t get snippy when GOP voters spike their own senate seat to send precisely that message to the GOP in Washington.

    1. …’Reason’ writers…’Reason’s response?…Honestly, ‘Reason’…


      1. Regardless VaginaTaco, you’ve got a good point.

    2. An fiercely negative assessment of Christine O’Donnell’s support for authoritarian cultural views does not equal an endorsement of Mike Castle. Just like Matt Welch criticizing John McCain does not mean Matt Welch hearts Barack Obama. Us libertarians, we generally hate them all…

      Still, from a pragmatic perspective, a Mike Castle that caucuses and more often than not votes with Republicans is unfortunately still preferable to electing almost any Democrat in an era where we desperately need as much divided government to slow the spigot of bad legislature becoming law as much as possible.

      1. It looks like the House will be taken over by Republicans. That gets you to divided government regardless of what happens in the Senate.

        Is Castle somewhat less worse than the Democrat who will likely win this race now? Yes.

        Is it fun to watch small government types give the finger to “not quite as evil as the Ds” candidates? Yes, indeed.

    3. Perhaps Reason is referring to the belief that voting for a career politician known for lying, spending political funds on personal items, hating on immigrants, and espousing fanatical puritan viewpoints simply because she is good at impersonating Sarah Palin is “a big ‘Fuck You’ to establishment, big-government Republicans” as stupid.

      Delaware Tea Partiers have basically assured that a democrat will represent them out of loyalty to a nutbag of a candidate who offers vague promises about fiscal responsibility.

      I also like the characterization of a candidate with extremely authoritarian social views is somehow a small government candidate just because she engages in conservative economic rhetoric.

      1. The socially authoritarian views don’t matter much because the courts will throw out any imginary anti-masturbation laws etc… that’d never pass anyway.

        The conservative economic views are not your typical campaign rhetoric since this woman strongly believes its a sin to lie.

  54. In part, I suspect our author the roots of her social conservatism, namely religion. That’s too far right for him (though she may well be wacky and a bad pick).

    Perhaps he should think about whether or not there is a causal correlation between social liberalism, California-style, and the rise of big State and the Democrats.

    1. a.) California-style social liberalism is not necessarily libertarian social liberalism. See also: Texas style economic conservatism vs. libertarian economic conservatism. Similar but definitely not lockstep by any means.

      b.) How would government getting out of our bedrooms contribute to a bigger state?

      1. Loose morals = welfare babies

  55. You lost me with this phrase,

    “. . . she’s qualified to run the Western world.”

    This is Reason’s website, and that’s a consideration worth looking into for an elected official? What happened to “free minds and free markets”?

    I thought we wanted elected officials who are not “qualified to run the Western world”! That’s what we the people should be doing.

    She may not be qualified for much of anything, but that’s not a disqualification for limiting government and increasing freedom.

  56. John commenting on coherent writing: yeah, this is the guy who can’t even spell his own name right half the time. Anyway, he’s just sore because he favors dumb-as-a-rock, authoritarian, religious wackos like himself

  57. The race was once considered an easy layup for Delaware Republicans, but with the rise of O’Donnell, a crackpot of the first order, it looks increasingly likely that Democrat Chris Coons will be packing the U-Haul for D.C. in November.

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