1099 Provisions Go Nowhere in the Senate


Politico is now reporting that neither party's proposed fixes to the PPACA's 1099 reporting requirement passed votes in the Senate this afternoon. The basic problem? Democrats didn't want to repeal, and the GOP didn't want to reform, so there wasn't quite enough support for either.

More on the new health care law's 1099 requirement here, here, and here.


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  1. Kill



    1. Can’t we just run out on it?

  2. Dees stuck their foot in it and Arrs aren’t going to help them extricate it.

  3. Is there something to be said for letting this thing just stand on the books, and be a total disaster, to spread FUD?

  4. What happens if Reds take the House but not the Senate? Will we be stuck with this dog?

    1. To stop changes in any law, you (basically) need either 218 House members, 41 Senators, or one President (assuming the other side doesn’t have 67 Senators and 290 House members). The Republicans will not have 60 Senators and 218 House Reps and one President any time soon (or 67 Senators and 290 House members and no President).

      That is, a Republican take over of one or even both Houses of Congress will not overturn any proposal enacted by the current Congress. Part of the reason the health care bill was such a slog to pass in the first place was because the Democrats only had 60 Senators for a very short period of time, and some of the moderate Democrats were quite picky as to what they were willing to vote for.

      Unless they beat Obama in 2012, they can’t even pass new stuff unless he signs off on it.

      Now, if the Republicans just take over the House, they can shut down the government. Of course, that worked so well when Gingrich did it.

      Or they can impeach the President for some sort of imagined crime. Of course, that worked so well when Gingrich did it.

      A Republican Congress (either or both houses) merely retains the status quo on just about everything.

    2. Do you really think that even if team red attains the requisite numbers to repeal Obamacare, that they will?

      They’ll be far to excited to play with their new toy and institute something like mandatory drug tests as a stipulation for using that new fancy federalized health care.

      1. Quit your bitching and suck it up, rrybabies.

  5. The basic problem?


  6. Businesses now have to report payments to lawyers. Do you think the IRS matches them up? No, and probably not even if the law firm is audited. How the heck will they ever reconcile tens of thousands of 1099s sent in for, say, business rentals from Hertz with income that Hertz reports? This isn’t a way to match revenue to catch tax cheaters, it is a way to bludgeon some poor snook who owns Joe’s Repair Station when he is audited and can’t show he’s sent out all the 1099s he is – by law – required to send out.

    1. Didn’t Rand suggest that an effective means of control is to make it impossible to not inadvertently break the law?

  7. Great job last week, Peter

  8. is this possibly the first example of “bad gridlock”? Cause the Rs backed away from repealing the whole shebang almost immediately after passage. So if they arent going to repeal the PPCA then we are fooked with this shitty 1099 requirement even IF the Rs take back the senate and house. I feel this horrible sense of dread.

    Judge Dread!

  9. Im assuming no one filibusters, but havent read the details, so neither option got 51 votes?

    Who voted against both?

    1. Okay, the reform proposal got 56 votes. So ignore my comment above.

  10. So the constituents of the republican congress folks should get screwed so their elected officials can prove a point?

    1. The dems proposal would just raise the threshold. It would make it less of a pain, but still a pain.

      1. Is that a yes?

  11. “”The basic problem? Democrats didn’t want to repeal, and the GOP didn’t want to reform,…””

    Didn’t want reform while the President is a democrat. Come 2012, republicans will have reform the health care law as part of their platform. Possibly with Romney leading the way.

  12. Good for the GOPers, I say. Show a little discipline on these side show issues to build credibility for the big fights later. Let the Dems twist in the wind until they feel enough pain to rip it out, root and branch.

  13. Fuck you assholes! You all deserve to have to spend a lot of money on accountants and 1099s! Pay what you owe and then some! I hope this kills big corporations forever!

    1. You call THAT a Max spoof?

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