Manliness Is Next to Joblessness


When will somebody think of the men?

Daily Markets' Mark Perry declares the Great Mancession in session, with help from a mesmerizing time-lapse chart tracking employment growth by job type since 2008.

All workers equal!

Click here to watch the real-time shrinking of majority male sectors in opposition to the growth of two majority female sectors—education and health care. Perry says this chart helps

tell the story of the Great Mancession of 2007-2010 and how men were disproportionately affected by the recessionary conditions that adversely impacted male-dominated industries (construction and manufacturing), while employment in female-dominated industries actually increased throughout the entire recession.  And according to the employment report yesterday, there is still a 2% male-female jobless rate gap of 10.6% for men and 8.6% for women, so the Great Mancession is not yet close to ending.  

Bottom Line: Maybe it's not such a good time to be man, now that men are on the wrong side of the jobless rate gap by 2%, the wrong side of the college degree gap (142 women graduated from college in 2010 for every 100 men) and now even the wrong side of the wage gap.

Calculated Risk breaks down unemployment by level of education—another win for the girls, given their  comparative edu-vantage:

Proof that maleducated elites sometimes work.

Note that employment for Americans with less than a high school diploma is not only scarcer in percentage terms but considerably more volatile. Until August's overall increase in unemployment, high school dropouts were gaining jobs back faster than any of the other groups.

Will yer gwon an' get a blinkin' job?

A few months ago, The Atlantic revived the traditional end-of-men story with an article titled "The End of Men." Moribund masculinity has been a favorite crisis dating back at least to Teddy Roosevelt's war on neuresthenia.

But every data set has noise. Take another look at that unemployment-by-sector chart and you'll see about what you'd expect to see following a vast debt-and-spending bubble, during which real estate was heavily leveraged to obtain loans that were then used to buy more stuff. So you see a big rationalization in construction because it's directly dependent on real estate demand; in financial services because of the unwinding of asset-backed securities; and in retail and manufacturing because, without all that fake real estate value to draw on, nobody can afford to buy anything. (And the gender breakdowns [pdf] in some of these fields—such as retail—are not as lopsided as the ones in construction and health care.) The job losses tell you less about gender than they do about the misallocation of resources that preceded the bust.

There may be a crisis in American manhood—though as the late Simon Monjack taught us all, a useless man can always find some dopey girl to take care of him—but the Great Mancession isn't proof of it. In fact the most disturbing thing in the job sector statistics is that health care jobs have been growing at such an insatiable rate. Are people sicker than they used to be?

NEXT: No Exit Plan for Housing Quagmire

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  1. 1st!!

    A story about MEN on Labor Day. Finally!

    1. Fuck men. Every problem in the world, is YOUR fault. Every one of you fuckers ought to die a horrible, mangled, slow and painful death.


      2. Hate-filled Feminists|9.6.10 @ 11:15PM|#

        Fuck men.


        1. They meant figuratively speaking, of course.

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  2. Americans with less than a high school diploma

    Surely there’s a better way to phrase that.

    1. Americans with less than a high school diploma

      Surely there’s a better way to phrase that.

      Losers? 🙂

      And don’t call me Shirley.

      1. I just want to tell you both good luck. We’re all counting on you.

      2. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

        1. Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?

          1. You stupid fucking libertarians and your Airplane references! People are dying because there aren’t enough Democrats in charge! Suck Ron Pual’s dick!

            1. That’s some piss poor spoofing! C’mon put your back into it!

              1. I thought it was good.

      3. Americans with less than a high school diploma

        Surely there’s a better way to phrase that.

        “Diploma-challenged” Americans?

    2. Americans with less than a high school diploma

      Surely there’s a better way to phrase that.

      High school students.

      1. + 1

      2. At least he didn’t say high school education. Otherwise we would have to include those with at least two years of college in most instances.

    3. Tune in
      Turn on
      Drop out

      1. Correct order:

        Turn on
        Tune in
        Drop out

  3. Shirley got laid off.

    1. Steve Smith got her pregnant.

  4. The obvious solution is that there need to be more male nurses.

    “Matt Stevers, Male Nurse”

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      Note: Firefox wants to correct proctologist to paleontologist. Is Mozilla messing with my head?

      1. Calling you old is what.

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  5. Are people sicker than they used to be?

    What about all those rat-bagging teafuckers?

    Do they count?

    1. They’re not people.

    2. P Brooks and SFC B, those are rather hateful things for you to say.

  6. “…real-time shrinking of majority male sectors…”

    Woops. I blinked. Was that subliminal advertising for an erectile dysfunction product? Remember, boys, if you majority male sectors expand for more than four hours, call your procto-atrix.

  7. Apparently men are underemployed (and underpaid) because they don’t douche:


    Someone tell Bernanke.

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      1. Allow me to be the only one appreciative of an Idiocracy reference

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  8. Obama says his critics “talk about him like he is a dog”


    WTF? I guess Obama has one last card to play; the agrieved, proud black man.

    1. If i was an insurance company lobbyist after all the goodies Obama gave me with Obamacare i would call him my bitch as well.

      1. I don’t see what the point of saying that is. It just makes him look weak and petty. It is not like it is going to convince anyone to agree with him.

        1. Well he has lost the independent voters and won’t get them back.

          He is doing it to try to get his base to the polls.

          The demscan be screwed in two ways. One involves the lefty base not going to the polls and the other involves the lefty base going to the polls.

          The one involving the lefty base not going to the polls means he loses the senate and the house rather then just the house.

        2. Also Obama is not Clinton.

          He will not and cannot slither his way to the center. It is not in his character to do it.

          I have a feeling that 2011 and 2012 will destroy the man…that which cannot bend breaks as they say.

          1. Obama has neither the intellectual or political depth to slither to the center. Clinton was slimey. But it is no small feat to be both slimey and believable to all but partisans on the other side. That takes really knowing the issues and which ones to appropriate without alienating your own supporters or appearing to be too unbelievable. That takes knowledge and understanding as well as shamlessness.

            Obama has none of that. He really seems to have gone through his life and never been intellectually challanged. You know that he is the only editor of Harvard Law Review never to have published an article in the publication? He really is a completely shallow human being.

            1. Clinton was slimey

              And Bush was a retarde drunke who did his best to destroy the countrie. What a selective snob you are. Obama edited the Harvard Law Review in an insufficient manner! That makes him worse, I gather, than the man who would have failed at community college if not for the nepotism, which allowed him to fail in a consistently spectacular manner from the Ivy League to the presidency.

              1. I think you’re drawing the wrong conclusions. Sure, Clinton was slimey. He was still better than Bush or Obama. In fact, I’d say that sliminess was an endearing trait in him.

                1. In fact, I’d say that sliminess was an endearing trait in him.

                  In terms of relative results I have to agree.

                  Still in no way was it by design. If he had his way he would have been as bad as Obama. The republican house forced his hand.

            2. Hmmm…and instead of taking a high paying corporate job he works for a not for profit.Yeah thats pretty shallow.

              That makes you?

              1. “Hmmm…and instead of taking a high paying corporate job he works for a not for profit.”

                …which he leveraged to launch a career in politics. Hardly the benevolent servant.

                1. “Hmmm…and instead of taking a high paying corporate job he works for a communist not for profit.”


      2. Smith Barney? Bunch of bitches!

    2. Also if i was a lobbyist for a wall street bank i would call him my bitch.

      Ditto for the GM union lobby….lobby for the union boss, the workers actually got screwed.

    3. Yes John you’ve always talked about the current president in a measured, detached way.

  9. Off topic:

    here is a video of a guy getting tazered 3 times by cops because he fell down some stairs near his house.


    No idea how recent this was.

    1. Does Balko know of this?

      1. he linked it on theagitator

    2. It happened at the end of June.

  10. All you need to know about masculinity in 2010 is that the album of the year is from Rufus Wainwright.

    Nothing against Rufus; his music is really lovely. But yeah, Rufus is what kicks ass in 2010.

  11. Yes, Tim, People–specifically Americans–are sicker than they used to be, and you aren’t helping with your steady stream of right-wing drivel.

    1. Hey, no one knows more about streams of drivel than Edward. And streams of urine and diarrhea as well.

    2. Max, I suggest you see a health care professional. Your illness have biological causes. They are not the result of words.

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    4. Which can only be cured with a steady stream of left-wing drivel!

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  12. The Timpocolypse does not abide the holiday day off tradition.

  13. I think the root cause of this trend is female dominated government education. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the World.

  14. Are people sicker than they used to be?

    No, just older.

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  16. a useless man can always find some dopey girl to take care of him

    Do tell.

    1. It’s called getting married and pursuing a PhD.

      MUHAHAHAH She fell for it.

  17. In fact the most disturbing thing in the job sector statistics is that health care jobs have been growing at such an insatiable rate. Are people sicker than they used to be?

    Practically everyone I know works in healthcare.

  18. Healthcare Bubble?

    1. God knows there an artificial inflation of prices.

  19. 2 percentage points, Tim. Come on.

  20. If men are on “the wrong side of the college degree gap” than it’s a very good time to be a man.

  21. Americans with less than a high school diploma

  22. Healthcare Bubble?

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  25. I blame the chemtrails.

  26. I highly recommend Perry’s personal blog as well. http://mjperry.blogspot.com/ He’s an economics professor at UMich & I think he has some intro Econ classes & he works some simple freedom issues into his blog.

  27. No, people aren’t sicker, but the game has changed. Health care is increasingly being taken over by hospitals, and hospitals have created legions of administrators whose goal is to farm numbers for reimbursement. That is, hospitals are reimbursed by code numbers, and if a hospital can get a number “upcoded” to a more lucrative code, it gets more money.

    In addition, hospitals are increasingly making themselves the judge of what a patient needs. By the time a doctor sees a patient, standing “quality of care” orders authorized by nurses, etc. often results in patients being seen by physical therapists, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists, speech pathologists, respiratory therapists, etc. This is whether or not the patient actually needs to see them.

    Biggest conflict of interest in health care right now is that hospitals are directly employing physicians, making their economic livelihood tied to their employer, and not the patient. Woe is you if you want to try to fight what the hospital has already decided is in their best interest…er, I mean, the patient.

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