Velour Track Suits and the Road to Serfdom


The Wall Street Journal looks into the intellectual resurgence of the Austrian school of economics and identifies one of the driving figures: George Mason University economist Pete Boettke. As reporter Kelly Evans writes:

Peter J. Boettke, shuffling around in a maroon velour track suit or faux-leather rubber shoes he calls "dress Crocs," hardly seems like the type to lead a revolution.

But the 50-year-old professor of economics at George Mason University in Virginia is emerging as the intellectual standard-bearer for the Austrian school of economics that opposes government intervention in markets and decries federal spending to prop up demand during times of crisis. Mr. Boettke, whose latest research explores people's ability to self-regulate, also is minting a new generation of disciples who are spreading the Austrian approach throughout academia, where it had long been left for dead.

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