Libertarians Are Icky…


…and the things that some of them think are cool are really gross and nerdy! Alternet enforces the lefty thoughtcrime mode on "singularity"/transhumanist/futurist/extropian thinking, on the grounds that…well, it's really strange and people like Peter Thiel, Bryan Caplan, and Reason's own science reporter Ron Bailey are weirdos and "the thought of living forever among narcissistic libertarian cyborgs makes death's cold embrace seem more like a squishy hug from the Easter Bunny."

Of course, the connection with this sort of thinking and libertarianism qua libertarianism is more a sociological accident; there is nothing inherently "libertarian" about that stuff, in a political sense, though it certainly will be liberatory for all humans, left, right, libertarian, whoever, the more we master those techniques of life extension and consciousness control.

Anyway, we transhumanist libertarian cyborgs will miss ya in the year 2525, Alternet. A little. Maybe.