Stagliano on Obscenity, Justice, and His Upcoming Animated Video on the Federal Reserve


And that wasn't even his whole legal team

Richard Abowitz, who covered John Stagliano's federal obscenity trial for Reason, has just published a post-trial interview with the adult filmmaker and distributor (who has donated to the Reason Foundation over the years). Excerpt:

Q: So, what are your plans now that the case is over?

A: I have lots of projects in the works. I am working on a mainstream movie or two, and a political advocacy video on the Federal Reserve. It is an animated movie. With or without this trial, I was not planning  on doing a lot of porn. The trial did not change my mix of work, if that is what you are interested in. […]

Q: Will the trial impact how you make movies in the future?

A: It probably will. But I am not sure what that will be. I am certainly going to think, "Well, how's this going to play in front of a jury?" I will have my arguments ready in advance. However, I am vulnerable. Anytime hard-core porn is shown to a group of people who don't want to watch it, they are repulsed. They could vote as a jury to show that they don't tolerate stuff that is outside the norm. […]

Q: Do you have a definition of obscenity?

A: To me obscenity is completely outside the political realm. I don't think any visual image should be considered illegal. It is acts that people commit that are criminal. Selling people a picture should never be criminal. If the picture shows an illegal act, then it is evidence. Selling a picture should never be a crime, because it is a picture. Government needs to be strictly limited in terms of power. […]

Q: Do you think your political activism had anything to do with the decision to prosecute you?

A: That would be interesting and flattering. It would make a nice sinister subplot in my autobiography.

Whole thing here. Reason.tv caught up with Stagliano moments after his case was tossed out of court: