The Tantalizing, Sober, Respectable Joys Of Nuking Iran


There's a lot you can say in this country that will get most respectable voices leaping forward to mock and deride you as a dangerous lunatic–like, for example, believing that people should have the right to choose who they deal with on their property as businessmen.

However, as Robert Kaplan's latest warm, hairy rub up against the leg of Henry yes that's right Kissinger in the September Atlantic shows, advocating blowing up people with nuclear weapons because you just don't trust those obviously extremely dangerous bastards, is one of those things that's it's always OK to say in America.

By gosh, we mean we can use our nukes, and it'll be totally OK–in fact, the right, smart, wise, thing to do? What a "tantalizing" thought, Dr. Kissinger! Read the whole article, somewhat misleadingly titled "Living with a Nuclear Iran" since its prime conclusion is that "we must be more willing, not only to accept the prospect of limited war but, as Kissinger does in his book of a half century ago, to accept the prospect of a limited nuclear war between states."

And that Kissinger is so fucking "forceful and articulate" in calling for mass murder, Kaplan notes approvingly. And while Kissinger's status as the shambling corpse of bloody and horrific "foreign policy realism" (kill them, with sober, articulate, often even courageous force: kill them, kill them, before it is too late to kill them!) is too settled for me to be surprised no one is calling him out, I'd sure love to see someone raise an eye at Kaplan or The Atlantic for running that article, which is part of a growing and alarming set of prominent public pronouncements preparing we the people for war against Iran