City Contemplating Ban on Hiring Tobacco Users


News from Largo, Florida:

"In this type of economic environment, we have two hundred, three hundred people interviewing for positions. If we have equally qualified individuals, it helps the city if we hire a tobacco-free individual," said Susan Sinz, Human Resources Director for the City of Largo.

And it's not just cigarettes.

"Pipe smoking, cigar smoking, dip, chew…all that falls under that definition of tobacco."

The subject first came up before the city commission in July. Mayor Pat Gerard plans on supporting the policy when it comes up for vote in September.

"We're talking about new hires. So if somebody's a dedicated smoker or has tried to quit and they can't, well, they just can't come to work for the city," said Gerard. "Certainly we'll continue to help existing employees try to quit. We've had those kind of programs for many years. I think it's a good idea."

Hat tip: Joseph Mailander.