This Can of Beer Cost U.K. Taxpayers Thousands of Pounds


there's a reason it's green

And it's not even good beer.

Stephen Geddes, 42, had been banned from possessing any container of alcohol in public following a series of drunken incidents in Turnham Green.

But in June he was caught near his home in Chiswick with a can of Heineken.

Magistrates sentenced him to an 18-month community order with an alcohol treatment requirement and 40 hours of unpaid work.

But they sent his case to the Old Bailey [the court normally used to try only the most serious criminal cases] for sentencing over a breach to an earlier suspended sentence.

That decision surprised the judge, Mr Recorder William Clegg, QC who pointed out: "The only thing he's done is to open a can of beer. It is rather a brave [Asbo] order to make for an alcoholic. It's not exactly stealing the crown jewels.

"Who would have thought a can of beer would have cost so much public money?"

For good patriotic Americans who have no idea what the phrase "rather a brave Asbo" means—thank your lucky Founders. An Asbo is an Anti-Social Behavior Order, and they hand them out in the U.K. for such as offenses as swearing, drinking, spitting, wearing a hoodie, or (according to Wikipedia) "dogging (theatrical public sex)." Some kids in the U.K. consider an Asbo a badge of honor. Mr. Geddes probably does not.

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