This Can of Beer Cost U.K. Taxpayers Thousands of Pounds


there's a reason it's green

And it's not even good beer.

Stephen Geddes, 42, had been banned from possessing any container of alcohol in public following a series of drunken incidents in Turnham Green.

But in June he was caught near his home in Chiswick with a can of Heineken.

Magistrates sentenced him to an 18-month community order with an alcohol treatment requirement and 40 hours of unpaid work.

But they sent his case to the Old Bailey [the court normally used to try only the most serious criminal cases] for sentencing over a breach to an earlier suspended sentence.

That decision surprised the judge, Mr Recorder William Clegg, QC who pointed out: "The only thing he's done is to open a can of beer. It is rather a brave [Asbo] order to make for an alcoholic. It's not exactly stealing the crown jewels.

"Who would have thought a can of beer would have cost so much public money?"

For good patriotic Americans who have no idea what the phrase "rather a brave Asbo" means—thank your lucky Founders. An Asbo is an Anti-Social Behavior Order, and they hand them out in the U.K. for such as offenses as swearing, drinking, spitting, wearing a hoodie, or (according to Wikipedia) "dogging (theatrical public sex)." Some kids in the U.K. consider an Asbo a badge of honor. Mr. Geddes probably does not.

Lots more Reason on Asbos here.

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  1. the judge, Mr Recorder William Clegg, QC who pointed out: “The only thing he’s done is to open a can of beer. It is rather a brave [Asbo] order to make for an alcoholic. It’s not exactly stealing the crown jewels.

    What’s Limey for “impeach”?

  2. I dunno, for imports you could do a lot worse than Heiny. It’s overpriced for what it is, though.

    1. A lot worse? Heiny is pretty terrible from an import standard. I’d rather drink Corona.

      1. I have to respectfully disagree; I’ve had a few beers in my day, and think that Heinecken makes a pretty good baseline lager. I like it better than Corona, because it has a bit more of a refreshing, acid bite. Corona is just a bit too smooth. As soon as you swallow, the flavor is gone.

    2. He could’ve done a lot worse than Heinie in a can… like, say, Heinie in a bottle. Welcome to Skunk City, population you!

    3. This is just some trick to get out of buying your share of the beer.

  3. Is this much differnet than how he would be treated in the US?

    If you have a court order preventing you from doing x, and you do x. You’re usually in serious trouble.

    Now if his last name was Lohan…

  4. theatrical public sex

    “Theatrical”, as opposed to … discreet?

    1. It’s not just public sex, it’s public sex with a pre-arranged audience. Usually two couples. They watch you and your partner have sex in a park or a car, and then you two watch them.

      1. But who watches the watchers?

        1. Naked blue men. England is weird.

    2. “dogging (theatrical public sex).”

      ASBO – anti social? Isn’t the problem that the couple is too social?
      And I see public sex only as a problem if done by the fat, or unattractive, or the very old.

      1. Somebody mention “dogging” around here?!

  5. theatrical public sex

    Does this require selling tickets?

    1. The smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd….

      “The did much better in dress rehearsal.”

      Gives new meaning to “a standing O.”

    2. Theatrical public sex:sex::WWF:wrestling

  6. ASBO’s are on the way out under Theresa May’s administration.

  7. Sucks to your ASBO.

  8. I don’t know about ASBO’s, but I do know a friend of mine was written a ticket and forced to attend anger management for yelling out “motherfucker!” when he tripped in a curb during a teenage trip to the beach. That cop was a dickface.

  9. ASBO? Fuck off!

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