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Rand Paul Distances Himself From Libertarianism


As flagged in the Morning Links, the Aqua Buddha man has penned a USA Today op-ed under the headline "Rand Paul, libertarian? Not quite." But the only not-quiteness he references in a column that otherwise explains and defends libertarianism by name is the opening bit:

It's often repeated in stories about me or my race for U.S. Senate that I am a "libertarian." In my mind, the word "libertarian" has become an emotionally charged, and often misunderstood, word in our current political climate. But, I would argue very strongly that the vast coalition of Americans — including independents, moderates, Republicans, conservatives and "Tea Party" activists — share many libertarian points of view, as do I.

I choose to use a different phrase to describe my beliefs — I consider myself a constitutional conservative, which I take to mean a conservative who actually believes in smaller government and more individual freedom. The libertarian principles of limited government, self-reliance and respect for the Constitution are embedded within my constitutional conservatism, and in the views of countless Americans from across the political spectrum.

Reason on Rand Paul here.

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  1. seriously, fuck rand paul

    1. Don’t click on the link to an article you clearly don’t want to read. Seriously.

      1. The comments from the link are quite funny. There’s an idiot who alleges to be an ex-libertarian (which means he was never one) ranting against Ayn Rand, as if that mattered.

        Another idiot saying “What freedoms have we lost? We can still vote!”

        I got a kick out of that one.

        1. “What freedoms have we lost? We can still vote!”

          So can we!

          1. Purple fingers, biotches!

        2. quit fantasizing about old nasty pussy. ayn rand was total “EGO”. who gives a toss salad with mayo about her other than creepy people going through that ayn rand phases that coincides with listening to pink floyd’s the wall exclusively.

    2. “Our Founding Fathers were clearly libertarians, and constructed a Republic with strict limits on government power designed to protect the rights and freedom of the citizens above all else. Our deep respect for these principles of liberty and the laws that protected them are what allowed America to become the greatest, most prosperous nation in human history.

      Other principles shared by libertarians and traditional conservatives will be familiar to most, because they are the story of our greatness.”

      Yeah, fuck this guy.

  2. Rand Paul Distances Himself From Libertarianism

    I don’t understand – you mean he was closer before?

  3. A politician acts like a politician. Amazing!

    1. I’m guessing you have not even RTFA. He offers a beatiful defense of libertarianism. A rose by any other name. You should be thanking the man for enlightening millions to what you gripe for daily on this board.

  4. So he wants to avoid being lumped together with silver-drinking blue men, which is understandable. We would see even more ridiculous “Rand Paul hates black people! Rand Paul forces babies to take bong hits!” stories if he called himself a libertarian.

    1. I all fairness I have met blue guy and he is pretty nice. Blue, but nice. He says he didnt even notice he was going blue.

      1. What, he didn’t own a mirror?

  5. Advocating greater individual liberty is too “emotionaly charged?”

    1. Are drug legalization, private roads, and ending foreign wars not emotionally charged?

      1. What isn’t?

        1. If a term such as libertarian is too emotionally charged to be electable, why not use another?

          1. I suggest “tranny,” for “transitional.”

          2. Because then you’d be a pussy.

  6. Rand Paul’s Kooky College Days
    …The strangest episode of Paul’s time at Baylor occurred one afternoon in 1983 (although memories about all of these events are understandably a bit hazy, so the date might be slightly off), when he and a NoZe brother paid a visit to a female student who was one of Paul’s teammates on the Baylor swim team. According to this woman, who requested anonymity because of her current job as a clinical psychologist, “He and Randy came to my house, they knocked on my door, and then they blindfolded me, tied me up, and put me in their car. They took me to their apartment and tried to force me to take bong hits. They’d been smoking pot.”…

    1. OMG SWOMMERS SMOKE MARIJANA!?!?!?!?!?!???

    2. Wait a second, they blindfolded her, tied her up and put her in a car, driving her to destinations unknown, and the bong hit part was force?

      What was she hoping was going to happen when she voluntarily submitted to being blindfolded, tied up and driven to an unknown location?

      1. I was once duct-taped, thrown into a car, driven to a destination unknown (although I had a damn good guess and was correct) and thrown in a fountain.

        Other than the bong hit, which she didnt do, so it wasnt really too much force, it wasnt much different than my incident.

        1. Hasnt everyone been kidnapped in college at some point?

          1. Held hostage, but never kidnapped.

          2. College: Thrown into a fountain? Check.

            The hostage-taking was in high school.

          3. Tied down. Not exactly kidnapped.

            1. Wait a minute, does anyone know if Jeremy London was a swimmer?

      2. What was she hoping was going to happen when she voluntarily submitted to being blindfolded, tied up and driven to an unknown location?
        At Baylor, they call that “Tuesday”.

    3. Sounds more like she allowed herself to be persuaded into being blindfolded and going on a crazy trip. She doesn’t mention resisting or even trying to resist. And apparently she didn’t call the police when they let her go. Clearly she was too traumatized by the event to do anything for the next twenty years.

      1. Forced bong hits?

        “Oh, no Mister Rand! Don’t throw me in that brier patch!”

        1. I bonged, but I did not inhale.

  7. It’s often repeated in stories about me or my race

    Why did he have to bring race into it?

    1. Rat-fucking teabagger.

  8. The libertarian principles of limited government, self-reliance and respect for the Constitution are embedded within my constitutional conservatism, and in the views of countless Americans from across the political spectrum.

    Embedded. Like a dug-in tick or raisins in a otherwise delicious bread pudding.

    1. Why can’t people understand that raisins should be plumped before they’re used in cooking? And is it due to their ignorance or their evil?

      1. I like raisins out-of-hand and in a few applications, but bread pudding–plumped or no–isn’t one of them. Doesn’t improve the flavor or texture to me.

        1. Surely you agree that they belong in certain rice puddings.

          1. Yes. Rice puddings that I will not be eating can have all the raisins they want.

    2. More like peanuts in my shit.

      You’re welcome.

      1. I’d have to say corn is actually more embedded than peanuts.

  9. Why do people attach importance to this story?

    1. Uh, maybe, because, if elected, Paul will be THE MOST libertarian senator in at least the last 100 years. Heard of a tool called a filibuster?

  10. Why do we know more about Rand Paul’s college life than the President’s?

  11. Reason favorite Ted Stevens possibly dead in plane crash (it’s always hard to tell with him).

  12. He sounds pretty libertarian to me. Not perfect and certainly flawed from our perspective, but a damned sight better than anyone else in the Senate.

    1. He’s libertarian except for being socially conservative in nearly every way that most libertarians are not? In the “I favor small government except for in the application of socially conservative causes” kind of way.

      Just a guess.

      One needs to be mire than fiscally conservative to be libertarian. Wanting to cut government spending mixed with wanting an anti-abortion constitutional amendment, continued swat raids, and an underground electric fence does not a libertarian make.

      1. He’s socially conservative in that he doesnt support federal sponsorship of abortion, or state-sanctioned gay marriages. Big deal. Those issues are beyond irrelevant to anyone paying attention.

        Widespread gay marriage will be the worst thing to ever happen to American gays anyway

    2. I’m hoping Rand will be more libertarian than Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC).” As libertarian” will still improve the Senate.

  13. Hasnt everyone been kidnapped in college at some point?

    Yes. By a bottle of mezcal; I still can’t bring myself to talk about it.

  14. Libertarians can only get into office as stealth candidates in the Republican party. If a libertarian explains all his views to the voters, he’ll never get elected.

    1. Unfortunately, many Americans are still too enamoured of FDR-style fascism to accept a classical liberal (i.e. Libertarian) as a politician, so they have to be more stealthy, as you said.

    2. Well, at least they can stealth their way into the GOP, gods help them if they tried to infiltrate the Democrats–the Dems’d get out their lynchin’ gear.

      1. A, that is an accurate observation.

        Why are the Dems so utterly opposed to any semblance of freedom, liberty, or adherence to the constitution? Not that I think the Rs are any better on those underlying issues, but the Dems refuse to even be in the same room with such notions.

    3. Although somehow Ron Paul has been elected eleven times, while not hiding any of his views.

  15. Freedom = kidnapping and forced bong hits. I deem it so.

  16. Will he introduce a Bill to repeal Obamacare?

    If he’s willing to do that, I don’t care if he calls himself a Bullmoose.

    1. His dad already has, and Rand has it as part of his platform

  17. The reason that someone with an actual “L” after their name will not be elected to national office is because most Americans simply cannot compute not being a D or an R. If you’re not one, you MUST be the other. Their brains go on overload if you try to explain that you’re neither, and that you hate both equally.

    1. This.

      Nearly all of America is convinced that every issue has but 2 points of view as if the world weren’t complex.

    2. We have two independents in the Senate right now — a Socialist and a Lieberrhoid.

  18. Attention all libertarian purist opposed to Rand Paul: thank you.

  19. You mean “Rand Paul Mainstreams Libertarianism.”

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