Rand Paul Distances Himself From Libertarianism


As flagged in the Morning Links, the Aqua Buddha man has penned a USA Today op-ed under the headline "Rand Paul, libertarian? Not quite." But the only not-quiteness he references in a column that otherwise explains and defends libertarianism by name is the opening bit:

It's often repeated in stories about me or my race for U.S. Senate that I am a "libertarian." In my mind, the word "libertarian" has become an emotionally charged, and often misunderstood, word in our current political climate. But, I would argue very strongly that the vast coalition of Americans — including independents, moderates, Republicans, conservatives and "Tea Party" activists — share many libertarian points of view, as do I.

I choose to use a different phrase to describe my beliefs — I consider myself a constitutional conservative, which I take to mean a conservative who actually believes in smaller government and more individual freedom. The libertarian principles of limited government, self-reliance and respect for the Constitution are embedded within my constitutional conservatism, and in the views of countless Americans from across the political spectrum.

Reason on Rand Paul here.