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Gibbs' Clarification: It's Just That I'm So Frustrated When People Use Accurate Words to Describe Things!


Robert Gibbs, while trying to walk back the cat on his bitch-slap of the left, uncorks this wild pitch (and yes, I like my metaphors shaken and stirred):

"Day after day it gets frustrating. Yesterday I watched as someone called legislation to prevent teacher layoffs a bailout—but I know that's not a view held by many, nor were the views I was frustrated about."

Why, it's almost as bad as calling teachers "special interests"!

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  1. I know that’s not a view held by many, nor were the views I was frustrated about

    Sheer genius. I do believe he just called the President’s most ideologically committed supporters a fringe group on par with the opposition.

    The question has to be asked: Is Gibbs a deep-cover Rove mole?

    1. The Iron Law of Bureaucracy: “A bureaucracy’s behavior can always be explained by assuming it is run by a cabal of its enemies.”

    2. I think he was trying to say, “…nor was that one of the views I was frustrated about.” But when you’re a spokesperson it’s your job not to make stupid mistakes like that.

      I guess Gibbs (and the rest of Administration Zero) represents the “amateur left”.

    3. Rove would pick a more articulate person. You can’t fake the kind of stupidity Gibbs exhibits.

  2. “It’s just that goddamned Johnson!”

    1. I think you mean “son of a bitch”, or were you quoting something besides Forrest Gump?

      1. Yeah, that’s it. Stupid interwebz.

  3. I know that’s not a view held by many, nor were the views I was frustrated about.”

    Uh, WUT?

  4. Gibbs is such a train wreck. How do people that stupid get such important jobs? I mean it is not like he is some hot blond like Dana Perino or something. How does a balding schlep who is too stupid to tie his own shoes become Press Secretary to the Whitehouse?

    1. Because he makes Obama look silver-tongued and competent in comparison.

      1. This seems to be the only qualification for most positions in the Administration.

  5. Yesterday I watched as someone called legislation to prevent teacher layoffs a bailout


    1. I know, right? The horror. That is so out of bounds – who would stoop so low? How can anyone even think such a thing?

    2. If he started yelling at the TV screen when that happened, then at least we have something in common. On the other hand, he remains a crusty douche.

  6. Mr. Gibbs. it’s time for your daily drug test.

  7. I swear, I am going to vote for anyone who can beat any democrat in every race from dog catcher to Pope. I know that attitude is what got us in to this mess, but I do. not. f-ing. care. anymore.

    1. Are you serious?

    2. I am actually thinking of voting for a Republican in a general election. (My Representative is Alan Grayson). However, there are 8 Republicans in the primary, and they all suck. Bad. If Grayson wasn’t such an idiot, I wouldn’t be considering it.

      1. Hey, just think about the choices we have for Governor! I’m sure that will brighten your day.

        1. At least there’s a Libertarian running for Governor. Senate, too.

        2. When I want to cry myself to sleep I think of the Senate race. Hell, I even sent the L candidate $200 and I probably won’t vote for him either. If only nullification was a choice.

          1. I have always believed that “None of these” should be an option on any ballot, and if it gets a plurality of votes, the seat should remain vacant until the next election.

          2. The guy running for senate is following almost a “Rand Paul” type strategy – allying more with the Tea Partiers, but he’s still the best choice out there.

  8. I hear that Morgan Freeman is next in line for Press Secretary. Then we’re all screwed. Can you imagine the silky smooth confident voice of God explaining why Obama had to rescind the fourth amendment?

    Maybe I’m watching too much “Through the Wormhole”.

    1. I saw a couple of those. Not bad.

    2. the silky smooth confident voice of God…

      …who makes crappy God movies. Is “Obama Almighty” next?

    3. Freeman might be good. Who else could carry on an incestuous relationship with his grandddaughter and still be a top-grossing movie star?

      That’s some powerful bullshit-fu.

      1. an incestuous relationship with his grandddaughter

        Wait, what?

        1. Not incestuous, but creepy. His second divorce is apparently due to his relationship with his first wife’s granddaughter (but not of his seed, so his step-granddaughter).

  9. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve never heard an Administartion whine and bitch about the opposition so much. What a bunch of fucking cry babies.

    1. They make the Nixon Administration seem sane and confident.

  10. Is this going to be like calling the health insurance mandate a tax, where 12 months from now they can say oh yeah, I guess it was a bailout after all?

  11. while trying to walk back the cat on his bitch-slap of the left, uncorks this wild pitch

    Pure gold, Matt, pure gold. Bravo


  12. The Whine House.


  13. Well, no one I know calls it a bailout!

  14. Re: MNG,

    Yeah, if only we could return to those fine less oppressive times before liberalism reared its ugly head. Jim Crow, 25% + unemployment, 30-50% poverty rates, virtually no individual rights recognized by federal courts…

    Aren’t you the intellectually dishonest one.

    What does Jim Crow laws have to do with liberalism, or lack thereof? Jim Crow laws were creatures of government, i.e. Omnipotent State.

    As for so-called “poverty”, by whose definition? What does “liberalism” have to do with the decrease of overall poverty?

    And individual rights are something each of us already has, MNG, no need for the feds to “recognize” them. Unless you’re talking about positive (i.e. faux) rights…

  15. I thought a press secretary was supposed to spin things to make them look better.

    1. In fairness, it took the Bush administration 6 years to figure that out.

  16. You can’t polish a turd. Well, unless it’s a lion turd, but while Obama may have been surrounded by lions at his birthplace, his defecation is all too human.

    1. You can’t polish a turd without getting shit on your hands.

      1. Christ, you don’t wear gloves?

        1. That was a cool episode, but I have wondered why they didn’t wear gloves when handling the poo.

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