Ron Hart on Obama's Jes' Plain Folks Shtick


Columnist Ron Hart in the OC Register:

After making more TV appearances and videos than Lady Gaga in his first year interning as president at the White House, Obama has decided to take a different tact in appealing to women. Women viewers and shut-ins, who otherwise would be in the throes of being taken advantage of by the Home Shopping Network or being pitched by a local plaintiff's attorney, are now his target audience. If explaining macroeconomics on "The View" works for him, he should make a guest appearance on "Grey's Anatomy" to explain the 2,000-page Obamacare bill.

He wants to show that he is in touch with the "common" man, but makes no mention of why his wife, Michelle, booked 30 five-star hotel suites in a ritzy Spanish hotel this week on the taxpayer's dime. We all know the Obamas scorn greed and ostentatious spending – by others.

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