Best Campaign Vid So Far: "Madam Governor" Kristin Davis Wants to Legalize Pot, Poker, Prostitution in NY or, Oh No 4 Cuomo!


The Empire State has a long list of sad-sack governors, ranging from the current one, the previous one, and the one who served three terms too many, and Nelson Rockefeller, who passed draconian drug laws before eventually expiring in the arms of a woman not his wife (who was unironically named Happy).

Kristin Davis, who ran the escort service that provided former Gov. Eliot Spitzer with call girls and served time (while Spitzer remained free to purchase all the black socks he wanted), is running for governor on what some have called a "pot and pussy platform." She wants to legalize marijuana and prostitution and collect tax revenue from them; she wants to open casinos in the state's great vacation areas; she wants to legalize gay marriage and address a legal system that nets the poor and unconnected and leaves the big fish to swim free.

Besides running prostitutes, what qualifications does she possess for the top job in Albany (as if that isn't enough)? She was valedictorian of her high school and worked at a hedge fund, which pretty much makes her more qualified than Andrew Cuomo and whoever the Republican candidate is. But judge for yourself in this, the best campaign video so far this year (in a non-Basil Marceaux category):

Note: No Reason.tv T-shirts were harmed in the filming of this video and that curious, wonderful bit of product placement was completely uncoordinated.

Reason.tv interviewed Davis earlier this year. Take a look.