Entrepreneurs and the Fight for Economic Liberty


The Institute for Justice released a new report today entitled "The Power of One Entrepreneur" that highlights five remarkable individuals who have fought for their right to earn a living and create jobs in the face of arbitrary and unnecessary government interference. It's a timely reminder that sometimes the best thing the government can do to spark economic growth is get out of the way. As John Kramer writes in his introduction:

They are the industrious individuals who ensure your favorite bagel and cream cheese are ready for you first thing in the morning, who make your computers run like a top, who transport you to and from the office, or who ensure that the remains of loved ones who have passed away are buried with dignity and respect.  They are American entrepreneurs, and despite all they do for us each day—and all they want to do to make our lives better through free enterprise—too often they find government-imposed roadblocks standing in their way.

Read all about it here.

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    Fo’ a nickle ah will.

    (I keed, I keed.)

  2. You crazy libertoadians – always acting like government is a problem, not the solution. Somebody has to make sure the consumer is protected from these greedy, careless “entrepeneurs”. They’re motivated purely by profit, so by definition, they don’t care about people.

    Excuse me – for some reason I was just channeling Chony for a minute, there.

    1. No Chony would say that entrepreneurs are a myth, as 90% of all small businesses are really just franchises of large corporations.

      That’s because he’s swallowed Marxist theory about capitalism wholely. According to Marxism, capital is supposed to accumulate in fewer and fewer hands, causing the market to evolve towards only having a few huge corporations that control everything. Once the corporations can no longer squeeze any excess profits out, they start speculating with obscure financial instruments. Then you get an economic crisis, and then comes a communist revolution, where the state takes over the few huge corporations and runs them for the benefit of the people.

      Chad obviously thinks we’re in late-stage capitalism. Which means that we’re supposed to be past the point where all the small businesses have been driven out of the market and onyl a few giant corporations are left.
      Hence he can’t admit that any legitimate small businesses are left. To do so would throw into question the validity of Marxist economic theory.

      1. The irony is that the bigger government “progressives” support helps bigger businesses – for the reasons outlined in the IJ reports – artificial barriers to entry.

        Not that they would ever admit that.

        1. They are just moving capitalism along on it’s inevitable progress towards communism. Only faster.

          If they can make big corporations take over the economy sooner, the Revolution is that much closer.

  3. Since there is, statistically, no such thing as a true “small business”, the best thing to do is entirely eliminate privately-owned commerce, and have the government run everything.

    1. We’ll start with you, Chad.

      All of your former belongings belong to the government now.

      Please move aside so we can search your assigned abode for contraband.

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