Friday Morning Stagliano Roundup


In addition to Richard Abowitz's latest greatest, here is some other outside coverage of and commentary about the John Stagliano obscenity trial:

* Libertarian Party: Ridiculous Pornography Trial Violates Constitution

* Wendy McElroy: The Federal Screwing of John Stagliano

* Amanda Hess, Washington City Paper: Who Brought Milk Enemas to DC?

* Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow: [Former Bush Administration Porn Prosecutor Calls] Obscenity Case 'Critical'

* Mark Kernes, AVN: Stagliano Obscenity Trial Hits its Midpoint

* Jason Kuznicki, Washington Examiner: Buttman Is on Trial. What About the Rest of Us?

* Aurora Snow, AVN: Trial and Error in the Nation's Capital

Watch Nick Gillespie's 2009 interview with John Stagliano below: