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Allowing Two to Tango


Good news from Argentina, where the Senate has followed the lower house in legalizing gay marriage. Homosexual couples there now enjoy the same marital rights as heterosexual couples, including the ability to adopt children.

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  1. Homophobia is gay

  2. Argentina? Gee that’s swell. Next we’ll be aspiring to the level of civilization and enlightenment of Botswana.

    1. Don’t you know that Yahweh (the LORD if you prefer) has declared homosexuality as an abomination right up there on the sin heirarchy with shellfish eating.

      He nuked a city over it once to make his point.

      1. I prefer “Elohim”.

      2. Odin is wise and just but quick to anger.

      3. You know if you read the New Testament account of that story in the original Greek, it says that they were destroyed for going after “strange” flesh. The word “strange” is translated from the Greek word “hetero”. How hetero became homo in the minds of biblical scholars is a mystery to me.

        There is also a similar story to the Sodom and Gomorrah story in the where the people outside the house are asking that the strangers inside be sent out. The homeowner says they should take his daughters instead. Unlike the S&G story, these folks say okay. The daughters are sent outside where they are fucked to death.

        It always struck me as odd that G-d would basically nuke a city because some of its citizens engaged in gay sex, while giving the city whose inhabitants commit rape and murder a pass.

        There is a fantastic book entitle Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality that does a great job of explaining how the Church came to hate queers.…..=8-1-fkmr0

    2. Botswana is actually a pretty sane place from what I hear – sensible economy and all – aside from the AIDS, of course.

    3. South Africa has SSM – Botswana can’t be far behind.

  3. This is critical! I expect this to help save the economy in the Western Hemisphere.

    1. You miss the point. It’s bad for everyone if the Argentinian gays are unhappy.

  4. I do expect the telenovelas around gay marriage to be crazy entertaining.

    1. El Amor Prohibido is no more.

    2. I’m got a front row seat for the reality show if it ever happens here. I expect high drama and good comedic value when some of the bitchy queens I know get married and inevitably divorced.

    3. Are any telenovas *not* about gay marriage?

      1. I prefer La Vida Es Asi. The women in those 1-week episodes are sizzling hot.

  5. Gay men could already marry women and yes I know gay men who took advantage of this and married women and most of them got divorced.

    This gave gays new rights. I am happy for the gays, but it seems that Brinks Lindsey/David Frum-like-Reason libertarians enjoy focusing on this issue because it can be used to drive a wedge into the movement for lower taxes and less government.

    1. By your definition, it also gives new rights to straight men. Now straight men can marry men too.

    2. It’s a goddamned conspiracy!

      1. (Could the Kochtopus be gay? It would explain so much.)

        1. Your mom’s a big gay octopus.


  6. You, sir, are an idiot.

    The right in question is the right to marry *any* adult, not any adult *of the opposite sex*. This law codified newly recognized rights for *everyone* (including you, should you go live in Argentina.)

    Your definition is like saying blacks were equally free to have their own water fountains.

    1. The right in question is the right to marry *any* adult, not any adult *of the opposite sex*.

      Has Argentina’s equivalent of a constitution (if it has one) been understood to protect the right to marry any adult?

      1. Does it give government the power to establish anything like marriage in the first place?

  7. Good news from Argentina, where the Senate has followed the lower house in legalizing gay marriage.

    In a country where politicians spend money like drunken sailors, debase the currency therevby wiping out the savings of millions of hard-working Argentinians, the above would certainly pass as “good news.”

    1. Sounds just like the US.

  8. There are two kinds of people I can’t stand in this world: intolerant people and married gay Argentinians.

    1. You shouldn’t judge people you’ve never met. That’s what the Russians do.

  9. It is always great news when one group of people give another some “rights.” Fucking killer when it’s legislators – especially gay Argentinian legislators. Our overgaylords wipe their arses with our natural rights daily.

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