When Big-Government Conservatives Invite Themselves to a Tea Party


Over at the Atlantic website, Conor Friedersdorf catches Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol playing footsie with the Tea Party movement, collects a greatest-misses package of Kristol's big-government cheerleading, then works to this conclusion:

anyone who cares about limited government, as I do, would be foolish to join Mr. Kristol of all people in a "bold" but conspicuously unspecific GOP effort. Our national greatness lies in Constitutional designs that limit our government's ability to seize ever-greater power during times of crisis, not in the willingness of our citizens to demand that politicians of either party save us from crisis by being sufficiently radical in their response.

I wrote about Kristol's TP enthusiasm back in February. And a reminder–we'll be hashing out Tea Parties and conservatism and libertarianism tonight at 6:30 pm, live from Reason HQ.