Penn Jillette Explains It All at Bigthink.com


Great video interview with the great Penn Jillette over at BigThink.com. Among the topics covered in the near-hour-long Q&A:

Are Penn & Teller lovers? (No, but they are best friends or "more like guys who own a dry-cleaners together.")

Mistrust of government is a beautiful thing. (Self-evident, perhaps, but also cause for concern if these social scientists are right that it leads to calls for increased regulation by that very same untrusted government.)

Glenn Beck is nut—but I like him. (Do I smell an honorary degree from GBU in the offing?)

Why Penn doesn't drink or do drugs. (It wasn't those junior-high health class movies.)

How to raise an atheist family. (Every parent thinks he's doing everything perfectly until they wake up to the click of the shotgun barrel on their temple.)

Watch the whole thing here.

Penn in Reason here.

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