Never Learn Not to Farm[*] Or, Rand Paul's Latest Outrageous Policy Proposal!


The latest "controversy" from the Rand Paul campaign in Kentucky? The libertarian-leaning Republican has the bodacity to question the most egregious form of farm subsidies. On the radio recently, he noted that the feds pay $1 billion to farmers not to get their hands dirty by, you know, actually planting and harvesting crops:

"I don't think that's a good idea, to pay people not to farm."

He is similarly unimpressed with programs that pay dead farmers to keep not farming.

Paul criticized the subsidies Wednesday in an interview on WHAS-AM in Louisville, saying that the program last year paid $9.1 million to 234 dead farmers in the Miami area.

The Bowling Green eye doctor also urged that subsidies be stopped to 2,700 farmers who he said make more than $2 million a year.

Needless to say, this sort of vile reactionary positioning has earned him the wrath of all good, decent Americans. Including that of his opponent for the honor of replacing Sen. Jim Bunning in the nuthouse known (to its members, anyway) as the World's Greatest Deliberative Body (now that the Soviet-era Politburo is in turnaround).

Paul's Democratic opponent, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, has been criticizing Paul for his opposition to the subsidies. In a heavily agricultural state like Kentucky, Paul's stand could alienate farmers, an important voting bloc.

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Maybe it's the nut-bag libertarian in me, but I think any candidate who actually defends farm subsidies in the 21st century should be sent packing with their pockets full of ADM soybean samples.

[*] Headline allusion alert: Ladies & gennleman, Charles Manson's greatest hit, as interpreted by The Beach Boys.

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