Farm Subsidies

Never Learn Not to Farm[*] Or, Rand Paul's Latest Outrageous Policy Proposal!


The latest "controversy" from the Rand Paul campaign in Kentucky? The libertarian-leaning Republican has the bodacity to question the most egregious form of farm subsidies. On the radio recently, he noted that the feds pay $1 billion to farmers not to get their hands dirty by, you know, actually planting and harvesting crops:

"I don't think that's a good idea, to pay people not to farm."

He is similarly unimpressed with programs that pay dead farmers to keep not farming.

Paul criticized the subsidies Wednesday in an interview on WHAS-AM in Louisville, saying that the program last year paid $9.1 million to 234 dead farmers in the Miami area.

The Bowling Green eye doctor also urged that subsidies be stopped to 2,700 farmers who he said make more than $2 million a year.

Needless to say, this sort of vile reactionary positioning has earned him the wrath of all good, decent Americans. Including that of his opponent for the honor of replacing Sen. Jim Bunning in the nuthouse known (to its members, anyway) as the World's Greatest Deliberative Body (now that the Soviet-era Politburo is in turnaround).

Paul's Democratic opponent, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, has been criticizing Paul for his opposition to the subsidies. In a heavily agricultural state like Kentucky, Paul's stand could alienate farmers, an important voting bloc.

More here.

Maybe it's the nut-bag libertarian in me, but I think any candidate who actually defends farm subsidies in the 21st century should be sent packing with their pockets full of ADM soybean samples.

[*] Headline allusion alert: Ladies & gennleman, Charles Manson's greatest hit, as interpreted by The Beach Boys.

It's Friday somwhere in the world, isn't it?

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  1. Why does Reason hate dead farmers?

  2. Good for him. Someone has to do it. And if he still wins in a state like Kentucky maybe the myth that such subsidies are untouchable will die.

  3. He who shall not be named was the only person at the post to write anything about the Philadelphia black panther case. But I am sure it is just a coincidence that someone on jounrolist outed his e-mails.…..he_po.html

  4. Just state the truth: that farm subsidies (invented by government, not farmers) are a form of theft, that farmers who accept this tax-supported largesse are picking the pockets of their neighbors, that even though wrongheaded government intrusion into agricultural markets entices many farmers to accept these handouts, they are handouts nonetheless, they are immoral, and they must end.

  5. Guys, please understand that the media is on a liberal jihad against this man. If you live in or around Kentucky-or have family friends that do– please volunteer for the campaign and/or get the word out.

    If you don’t live near Kentucky (like me) donate and encourage others to do so as well. Because he’s a small government guy “controversies” will be manufactured by the media as both local and national media are basically an arm of his opponent’s campaign.

    The only way to counter act this free advocacy–probably millions of dollars worth– is donations in time, effort, and money from true free marketeers like us.

    Rand Paul 2010!

  6. Tere’s no nutbag libertarian in you, Gillespie, you idiot. You are a nutbag libertarian. But to be one is human; to get paid for it is divine. Donate now!

    1. Don’t you have a sheep to rape?

    2. This must be “Fake Max”, cause “Real Max” posted a week or so ago that he was done posting here.

      What a great immitation of Max, Fake Max – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      1. I’m a liar. But it’s for The Cause.

  7. It’s official. This election is an IQ test. People who vote against Rand Paul are morons. Period.

  8. Its good they’re paying the dead farmers not to.

    Dead farmers would be creepy.

    1. Eat the Dead, I always say.

      Well, you wouldn’t eat the living, would you?

    2. Not as creepy as Farmer Vincent

      “It takes all kinds of Critters to make Farmer Vincent Fritters!”

  9. Better Charles Manson song This is the original not the GG Allin cover version.

  10. Can apartment dwellers claim that they are vertical farmers and get paid to not grow anything in their bedrooms?

  11. Dead farmers are compost, so in a way they are still farming. And $9.1M for 234 bodies (avg 170lbs/body but 57% is water weight) is $401 per pound of dry compost. That’s only about 3 orders of magnitude greater than what one of us would pay a private retailer. So overall a pretty good deal by govt standards.

  12. Dey trk urrrrr jrrrrrbs!!!!

  13. IM convinced Rand Paul truly is dumb as the day is long!


    1. I’m sure there’s more material about me that could be written. How about it?

      prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr {lick} prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      1. “Nobody wants to hear you sing about your rancid pussy.”

  14. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, to pay people not to farm.” He is similarly unimpressed with programs that pay dead farmers to keep not farming.

    Now, that is just crazy talk right there.

  15. I’m a better farmer dead than I was alive! Come to Hooterville and see!

  16. Maybe it’s the nut-bag libertarian in me, but I think any candidate who actually defends farm subsidies in the 21st century should be sent packing with their pockets full of ADM soybean samples.

    Politically, it’s a problem. Whether or not you believe Bryan Caplan that most non-farmers also like farm subsidies, the problem remains that supporters of farm subsidies will vote against someone for hurting their livelihood, but opponents will rarely if ever change their vote because of them.

  17. I didn’t think anyone liked farm subsidies except for farmers who receive them and senators from farm states.

  18. I can see the him criticizing paying people not to farm, but leave the dead farmers who get subsidies out of this. They deserve subsidies just like living farmers. We need to pass some comprehensive anti hate dead people legislation. It’s an issue that keeps dividing the living versus the dead.

    1. He’s such a racist.

  19. I can see the hit pieces now from Rand Paul: “My opponent is in favor of paying dead people to not farm.”

    This is a controversy? I hope Paul gets embroiled in a whole lot of other such “controversies”.

  20. There’s a terrible soundbite in that article, where Rand Paul is claiming to be a moderate on farm subsidies.

    I realize he has to get some Democratic support, but does he have to try so hard?

  21. To defend these subsidies as the writer of this B.S. article has done is shear insanity. How in hell can you oppose what Rand is saying? Our tax money is going to the dead, and to people making over $2 million a year, AND to not farm? WTF? That money could be used to relocate all progressive/liberal nutjobs over to China where this sort of thing might be ok.

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