Regulation Nanny of the Month for June 2010 - Ladies' Night Foe James Kirkpatrick!


Busybodies in Illinois are itching to bag baggy pants, and—Holy handcuffs, Batman!—in Los Angeles they're throwing the Caped Crusader behind bars!

But there can be only one Nanny of the Month, and this time it's the state bureaucrat who's thumbing his nose at the great Kool & the Gang anthem by cracking down on bars and restaurants that offer ladies' night (it discriminates against men, you see).

Presenting's Nanny of the Month for June 2010: Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights James Kirkpatrick!

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"Nanny of the Month" is written and produced by Ted Balaker. Associate Producer: Alex Manning; Animation: Meredith Bragg.

Approximately one minute.

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  1. Yeah, guys just hate ladies night.

  2. You can tell that men are outraged to the point of civil disobedience by the concept of ladies night because they pack the bars that are holding them, spend loads of money and try to flatter the ones who are getting a discount at their expense.

    It's a very strange form of protest to be sure.

    1. Yup. And Kirkpatrick trying to turn bars and clubs into sausagefests is a wonderful idea! I'm sure that's not his scene, though.

  3. This time they've gone too far.

    Seriously, exactly what crime did the street superheroes commit? The ladies night thing is stupid, but at least I can see where the nanny got confused.

    1. Seriously, exactly what crime did the street superheroes commit?

      Taking a few bucks for a picture with them, I guess. This might have something to do with taxes, copyright or both.

  4. I'm actually a little torn by this one. I think going after Ladies' Night as discriminatory is an excellent way to illustrate the absurdity and double standards of the discrimination industry.

    1. Agreed. It's funny how many people will eagerly say that the government ought to prevent sex discrimination by businesses and yet regard a very obvious and straightforward application of that principle- forbidding blatant sex discrimination in pricing- as a bizarre, silly, or shocking idea.

  5. On Ladies' Night, Warty rapes for free.

    1. Ass, ass, or ass, no one rapes for free.

  6. Does Nick wear the same v-neck and leather jacket or does he have 7 sets in the closet?

    1. I believe you meant to ask, "Does the v-neck and leather jacket only have one Nick or are there 7 sets in the closet?"

      1. I stand corrected!

      2. You just won

    2. It's a Gillespie impersonator.

  7. Poor choice. Dude's clearing the field. Women who only come out for Ladies' Night are all screechy cockblockers and broke fat chicks. Bros before those.

  8. I'd like to see how close the voting was for the winner this month. The pants-on-the-ground is pretty Nannytastic, and the super heroes thing is just mind boggling. The ladies night bill was stupid, but I agree with RC in that it can be used to demonstrate the hypocrisy of reverse discrimination.

    I'd probably go with the Super hero thing just because California has such economic problems that it's insane to think they need to crackdown on guys wearing tights trying to make a few bucks.

  9. Good video. Although it'd be nice to know why there was the "crackdown" on folks dressed up as superheros.

    1. Fraud. If you see the Hulk in the street you have a right to expect the real Hulk, not some unemployed actor.

      1. "Who are you?!?"

        "I'm Batman."

        "No you're not."

        1. "Can I ask you something I've always wanted to ask the real Batman?"

        2. I'm the Goddamn Batman!

  10. I find it sad that "anti-male discrimination" (no such thing exists) would even be considered in banning this. The real reason to ban this is to save women from rape. Women are victims of the bar owners who ply them with free drinks so that they will become drunk, and easy prey for the drunken louts that show up at these events looking for easily-seducible (drunken) women.

    1. Is that a real comment or is this person using sarcasm? I honestly can't tell.

      1. Sarcasm! But it's sooooo good.

    2. It was me, Tuck, and it was sarcasm. Thanks for taking the bait.

      In my experience strident feminists (Dworkinites) would never describe themselves as "strident."

      Bonus Clue: mouse over the name in the 2:45 post for a little easter egg. Ont-day ell-tay elch-way mkay?

  11. Kirkpatrick strikes me as a guy who makes the ladies buy their own drinks on ladies night.

    The purpose of ladies nights is to make a target rich environment that doesn't drain a man's wallet so quickly.

  12. What's the party affiliation of this nosy bastard? Because, nowadays, he could either be Team Red OR Team Blue.

  13. Ya this just means a lot less guys are going to get laid in Minnesota. Less drunk girls at bars = more drunkin meat beatin for many a Minnesota man coming home from a night out from the sausage-fest town.

    1. Or the new unwritten rule or trend would be for the males patrons to have to buy a female patron a drink everytime they pony up. That would actually work extremely well if any bar can make it a trendy thing to do... Let's go to XYZ Bar tonight. They got all the ladies... Yeah but you're uncool there if you don't buy a lady a drink every time you buy one for yourself... Idiot! That's how they get all the ladies. It's called Kirkpatricking!... Jeez, calm down. Ok, then let's go Kirkpatrick some ladies at XYZ tonight.

      1. That actually is a good idea.

        The first time a guy buys a drink, he has to pick a woman he doesn't know to offer a free drink to.

        If she's not interested, she just takes the drink. If she's interested, she comes over to thank you for the drink.

        Women aren't obligated to buy drinks for the men, but if they do it's understood as an invitation to meet.

        If the policy is universally applied, no one has to feel embarrassed because everyone in the bar is participating in the same game.

        It's as good an idea as speed dating, at least.

  14. On the intro, I caught the beer bottle- Franziskaner! Ya, das gut bier, ya. Very proud of myself for catching that...

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