Cop vs. Dog


Last July I wrote a piece for The Daily Beast on the continuing cops-shooting-dogs problem. While it's difficult to say just how often this happens (police departments tend to be less than forthcoming with the data), it's often enough to produce a regular stream of news stories. What I did discover while reporting that piece is that very few police departments provide training for their officers on how to deal with dogs, something I found astonishing given how often your typical cop is likely to come into contact with one. By contrast, a U.S. Postal Service spokesman told me all of their employees get annual training on interaction with dogs. Probably not coincidentally, he also said serious dog attacks on postal workers are vanishingly rare. The other problem is that there's rarely any accountability for these shootings. If a police officer says he felt threatened by the dog, that's usually enough to justify the shoot, even if the dog was a miniature Dachshund, or a Jack Russell Terrier.

Three cases of cop-on-canine violence in the news this week illustrate these problems. The first involves the disturbing video below, in which police officers in Lagrange, Missouri shoot a chained American Bulldog. A few points. First, the dog obviously poses no immediate threat to anyone. It's chained. Until the officer starts chasing it with a restraining pole, the dog is calmly lying on the ground. Second, even if you take the neighbor's complaint and the police report at face value, the dog never actually bit anyone. The complaint was that it growled. All dogs growl. If the dog has come off its property to threaten neighbors, the solution is to hold the owner accountable, not to execute the dog. Third, this dog is not a "pit bull," as police claim. It's an American Bulldog, which shares few characteristics with what are commonly called pit bulls, save perhaps for some physical resemblance. (The police definition of "pit bull" often seems to be "any dog we shot.") Finally, even if this were an aggressive dog, the shooting is outrageous. The animal was restrained and calm for most of the video. The police had ample opportunity to call animal control or a vet to subdue it.

The officers have been cleared of any wrongdoing. And the owner has been cited and fined.

In the second case, police in Washington, D.C. shot eight rounds at a dog belonging to 62-year-old Marietta Robinson. The dog was killed. Police had a search warrant naming Robinson's grandson. Robinson says the man hasn't lived in her home for years. Robinson says she asked if she could put the dog in the bathroom during the search. They allowed that. Then they opened the door and shot the dog anyway. (Hat tip to Patrick at Popehat for this story, who also has some excellent commentary.)

Finally, to illustrate the point that opening fire even on actually agressive dogs is a dangerous way of subduing them, there's this story from Philadelphia:

A Philadelphia police officer was shot in a leg Thursday morning when members of a team serving a narcotics warrant in East Germantown opened fire on an attacking dog, authorities said.

Cpl. Lawrence McKenny was treated at Albert Einstein Medical Center and released.

It was not clear whether McKenny, 38, was hit with a bullet fired by another officer or from his own gun, department spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore said.

The officers were serving a warrant in the 5700 block of Lambert Street about 9:45 a.m. when a pit bull attacked them from behind. Both officers turned and fired, killing the dog, Vanore said.

The point here is not that all cops are trigger-happy dog murderers. But there does seem to be an attitude that an officer is justified putting a few bullets into a dog if he feels even the slightest bit of discomfort around the animal. Mere fear of a bite, not even an actual bite, is justification for gunfire. Subsequent complaints about dog killings are usually dismissed with little consideration. The lack of training is especially troubling. A spokesman for the Humane Society told me last year that his organization offers free training to any police department that requests it. He could only think of a few that had taken advantage of the offer.

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    All 16 topless dancers are charged with violating a state law that, while allowing topless dancing, prohibits dancers at the adult clubs from performing naked.

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    1. The recent arrests follow a six-month undercover investigation into eight adult-entertainment clubs

      Sitting and drinking in a tiity bar is nice work if you can get it. I imagine there was no shortage of cops voluteering for this dangerous police work.

      1. That was my point. They can spend six months in a titty bar, but not six hours in a “How to Deal With Dogs” class.

        BTW, If a cop shot my dog, I would at some point thereafter, shoot the cop. I am not kidding.

        1. It’s worse than that. It shows they can spend six months in titty bar investigations to make sure they get it right and only the truly dangerous dancers are arrested, but can’t spend a couple days investigating whether someone still lives at a residence, whether it’s the right residence, whether there is an easier way to make the arrest, etc. They get one “tip” from an “informant” and they go knocking down doors and shooting dogs.

        2. > BTW, If a cop shot my dog, I would at some point thereafter, shoot the cop. I am not kidding.

          Absolutely agreed.

          Go for crotch and knee shots – a dead cop might make other cops think for a day or a week, but a living cop in a wheelchair with no dick or balls will make the other cops think for a much longer time.

          1. Good idea, because as soon as the jury gets a look at that injured cop, there’s no way they won’t convict you and then you can spend the rest of your life in prison.

            1. Assuming, of course, that he lives long enough to make it to trial.

              1. You guys are assuming he gets caught. CSI is only a TV show.

        3. Amen brother, That motherfucker would wake up on fire.

    2. That’s up there with the undercover vice cops having sex with prostitutes up to and including ejaculating in them, just so that the charges stick.

      1. BAAAAD pun.

  2. The point here is not that all cops are trigger-happy dog murderers

    We beg to differ. Release the hounds!

    1. Actually, I’m guessing only about 62 percent.

      1. Arf!

        1. *blam!*

      2. 73% of statistics are made up on the spot

  3. I cannot begin to describe how much this story pisses me off.

    Thanks for the crotch kick, Balko. My nuts hurt now.

  4. I saw that video on the Missouri dog murder. The dog was pinned to the ground when the officer shot it. It was wagging its tail, which is a submission gesture under the circumstances. The conduct of the officers is absolutely disgusting.

    When I was a 100 lb kid working in an animal hospital, I could have handled that dog without even the pole the cops used to subdue it before they shot it.

    1. It is disgusting. If you or I did that we would go to jail and rightly so. What pisses me off is the God damnd rat bastard media. If CNN would run a story like this someone might actually watch their network. And I guarentee people would be pissed and those cops would be sweating bullets.

      But no lets run that fucking ugly whore Nancy Grace and talk about some dipshit Dutch guy in Peru.

      1. +1 on every word of this

      2. Amen, John. They need to be publicly fucking humiliated for this shit.

      3. The media isn’t sure how to fit cops shooting dogs into the TEAM RED TEAM BLUE narrative, John, so they’re really just not interested.

      4. But the cops might be worried the dog will eat their police car.

        1. Good for the dog. Sticking up for itself and all

      5. Preach it John. +1. Fuck this shit.

    2. Was it pinned to the ground, or was it simply shot ineffectively once, causing it to fall? He got out his gun first, and then had his body in between the camera and his gun hand before the animal fell.

      Needless to say, the dog was no threat if he could handle it with one hand, even to get his gun out to shoot it.

      1. It was pinned to the ground.

        If you like dogs, I don’t recommend you watch the video.

        1. If you like dogs cops, I don’t recommend you watch the video.

          Also true…

      2. The dog was shot twice, yes.

        1. but was the dog on its side before it was shot? I cannot really tell. Not that it matters

          1. No, the cop has the pole noose thingy around the dog’s neck – in other words, he has control of the dog, which is on its feet. Then he just pulls his gun and shoots it. When its lying on its side twitching, he shoots it again. Disgusting.

    3. I didn’t look like the dog was wagging its tail. It looked like it had been shot once and was dying. The tail can move like that as an involuntary response as the life ebbs out of the animal. I have seen that with other animals when I had to put them down at the vet’s.

    4. Actually, the cop had already shot the dog when it was laying on it’s side. The tail wagging was just part of the nerves the bullet hit or something. I heard the video was 30 minutes and the dog was attacking them before this. I doubt it though.

      1. I wonder how well a dog can ‘attack’ anyone while it’s chained up. Seriously now.

  5. Police like to discharge their weapons and are excited by the prospect of discharging their weapons.

    Hyperbole? An unfair generalization? Yeah, I guess so. But only a little.

    Police know they can shoot a dog and have no repercussions. So naturally a lot of dogs get shot.

    If we declared tomorrow that any time a cop thought that a redhead or a Chinese person was “threatening” they could shoot them, we would immediately see huge spikes in the number of dead redheads and Chinese people, along with a lot of tales about how “threatened” police officers felt. Because anything that can freely be shot WILL be shot. A lot. That is a law of nature.

    1. ^This

    2. Gingers don’t have souls, dude.

    3. Young black males are almost in that category.

    4. You are exactly right. And I tell you one way you could deal with this shit. As much as I would like to see cops go to jail for this shit, I know that is not going to happen. But I tell you would good happen, an emphasis on “gun safety”. And by that I mean a full investigation into every incident in which a cop fires his weapon.

      You make those motherfuckers fill out more paperwork than they can ever imagine every time they fire their weapon. Then you make them appear before some kind of a board to explain themselves. The point would be to make it as big of a pain in ass as possible.

      Do that and all the fun will be taken out of shooting dogs. Because they like being lazy a lot more than they like shooting dogs.

      1. Because they like being lazy a lot more than they like shooting dogs.

        That made me LOL.

    5. If we declared tomorrow that any time a cop thought that a redhead or a Chinese person was “threatening” they could shoot them, we would immediately see huge spikes in the number of dead redheads and Chinese people, along with a lot of tales about how “threatened” police officers felt.

      Uh, no. In most areas cops can get away with shooting dark-colored human beings with very few consequences, yet this doesn’t happen.

      1. I should say, doesn’t happen in most cases where cops have this opportunity.

      2. While there may be few ultimate consequences, there are HUGE investigations. And lawsuits. Not so when it’s a dog.

    6. “That is a law of nature.”

      Or just the nature of a cop.

    7. It’s not hyperbole. To a large degree the people who go into law enforcement are aggressive people who see an opportunity to get paid to bully and intimidate others and to have, in essence, a license to kill. And, yeah, you can should shoot a dog or some other hapless animal, get your rocks off and not have to deal with any messy, genuine justification. And let’s be honest, the police are not there to protect you. They get involved after the fact, after you have been raped or murdered.

  6. fuck cops

    1. Who wants cop on their dick?

      1. Seriously dude, that shit doesn’t wash off.

  7. Where are all the defenders of this kind of action? Are police officers so terrified that they shoot chained-up dogs and dogs locked in bathrooms?

    PETA needs to jump on this shit, too. Not that I’m a fan of PETA, but any kind of pressure that can be brought to bear to stop stupid, poorly-trained, and scared cops from shooting people’s pets is good in my book.

    Maybe the next time cops open-fire on a dog, one of them will get severely injured or killed and it will at least show them the dangers of discharging their weapons when it is entirely not needed.

    1. PETA needs to jump on this shit, too. Not that I’m a fan of PETA, but any kind of pressure that can be brought to bear to stop stupid, poorly-trained, and scared cops from shooting people’s pets is good in my book.

      Bad idea. Given PETA’s history of disastrous PR campaigns, they’d probably put out PSAs along the lines of, “Cops should shoot the elderly, not dogs.”

    2. PETA is busy at the moment. It’s crucial that they determine who’s the sexiest celebrity vegetarian. Don’t believe me, see for yourself. peta’s home page. Also, no mention of the animals affected by the oil spill.

      1. Still worth a try. I just sent them this email:

        I would like to know what PETA is doing about all of the dogs being shot by police. It’s actually pretty common. As you can see via this link from Reason Magazine, the cops shoot dogs that are tied-up. The cops shoot dogs that are locked in bathrooms. Again, this is a common practice and as an organization that prides itself on protecting animals, you really should both look into and publicize this atrocity. Thanks. Here’s the link to the piece in Reason.


        Here’s the link to contact PETA regarding animal cruelty:


        1. PETA kills thousands of dogs a year themselves. Think they really care?

        2. Are you a celebrity? No. Well, then fuck you!

        3. Can’t hurt to try and get more people talking about this, yeah. This gets so little attention when most people I know (including myself) have a hard time even watching videos like this. I don’t know any dog owner who wouldn’t deeply mourn the loss of his pet if some shit like this went down.

          Cops man. Fucking fuck-asses, all of them.

        4. Given PeTA’s track record, if they were to get involved in this at all, it would be to bestow an award to the officers involved for ‘humanely ending the suffering of enslaved companion animals”‘

        5. And cops shoot caged cats…

          But at least he was fired…

    3. The luxury of being the powers that be is that you don’t have to defend it. The story will wither and die on its own, due to the complicity, timidity, powerlessness, or neglect of those who could keep it going.

      1. And this is exactly why humans, as a species, are not worth saving.

        1. Spoken like a true PETA member.

    4. Bad idea. PETA kills more dogs than cops do.

  8. Why don’t the bad cops just tase the doggies?

    1. Because pistols have that satisfying *kick* when they fire.

    2. I’m sure Freud could explain that one pretty easily.

      1. They obviously aren’t fucking enough mothers, despite being motherfuckers.

        How close am I?

    3. Why don’t the bad cops just tase the doggies?

      They specifically addressed this in the article. They were worried that the taser would only have an effect for about 5 seconds. So they had to shoot the dog, see?

      1. Be fair; they can’t be totally sure the dog isn’t armed.

  9. Cops shooting dogs is a great subject for a blog.

    1. We may have a winner.

      1. Drink? I don’t know the rules, and can finally drink (legally).

    2. Pigs Popping Puppies

      might be a workable title.

      1. Sounds like a bestiality blog.

        1. Sugarfree’s rule strikes again:

          “Any thread, continued through a sufficient number of posts, will eventually contain a reference to beastiality.”

          1. We hit that long ago when we were talking about fucking cops and having cop on our dicks.

            1. Point conceded, although I had categorized those “fucking cops” references as coprophilia.

  10. Too bad there is no such thing as a “Pit bull”. They are either English Staffordshire Terriers a.k.a. Staffordshire Bull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers. They are known for being great with kids.

    1. No such thing as a bad dog. Just bad owners. Any breed can be a great dog if it has a good owner. And any breed can be a vicious if it has an owner that makes it that way.

      1. What about my custom hybrid breed of wolfhound with the demeaner of roid rage, rabies, and blue balls built right into the DNA? How does that square with your “no bad dog” claim, huh? Let’s see you try to unpack that one.

        1. If you were my owner I would have roid rage to.

          1. I have hemorrhoid rage… does that count?

    2. The only breed listed on the AKC website is Staffordshire Bull Terrier. There they are called Staffies. Doesn’t sound as frightnening as Pit Bull though. “The cop shot a Pit Bull.” “The cop shot a Staffie.” Not quite the same.

      1. I think there is an Indian Tribe in OK that is an alternative to the AKC that registers dogs as “pit bull”

      2. The original purebred is named the American Pit Bull Terrier (1898). The AKC version of this is called the American Staffordshire Terrier (1936). The English cousin (the dog brought over to the USA and developed into the APBT) is called the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Most dogs called “pit bulls” are none of these purebreds. A “pit bull” is any dog that is shot by the police, as others have noted.

  11. I’m heading over to Feministing. Now that my nuts have been squashed, they’ll welcome me with open vaginas…or something.

  12. They are known for being great with kids.

    Which, ironically, is exactly what they were originally bred for.

    1. Actually, I have always found a light Beaujolais best with kids.

        1. I was talking about a wine, not a canine.

          1. A pint of Guinness and a half-pint.

  13. They keep it in the family:

  14. I’m not even a “dog person” and this just pissed me off. The fucking dog was chained up and docile until the asshole cops started messing with it. Then they subdue it and shoot it as it lay there. Fuck these jackoffs.

    1. that was exactly my thought. I like dogs but I don’t fucking go overboard like some people do.

      This is just disgusting. It is the equivalent of shooting a handcuffed prisoner.

      And after the fucker shoots him once, I’m thinking at least put him out of his misery and he walks around for a half a minute or more looking at the no doubt wimpering dog before he finishes him off. What a motherfucker.

  15. I’m sure Freud could explain that one pretty easily.

    Freud would say tasers are more not-just-a-cigar than guns are. They’re direct bodily extensions of the taser-er, and they have somewhat orgasm-mimicking effects on the taser-ee. That’s so cock.

    Freud was anti-anti-gun, for lack of a better term, because he understood Freud. Fear of penis-like objects is bad for your brain and/or pussy.

  16. Another good article, Mr. Balko. Keep punching back.

  17. Whether or not an American Bulldog is a “Pit Bull”, these days, is irrelevant. In these current times, any dog that even slightly resembles a Pit Bull is a Pit Bull.
    Owners need to be more diligent about keeping their dogs contained to their premises. Had Mr. Mays (the owner of Cammie, the bulldog) not allowed the dog to “escape”, this particular incident would not have transpired.
    Did the end justify the means? Absolutely not.
    The LaGrange officers that shot the dog WERE animal control, as it’s LaGrange PD’s function since the city has no lone-standing animal control department, per se.
    That makes it even MORE hard to swallow, since the two officers both looked scared to death of the docile dog.
    The sad fact is, the dog could have been walked into the truck while on the leash, and probably would have just jumped into the cab and went for the ride.
    It is my experience with my dogs, that given the opportunity, a cop is more likely to shoot than not.
    For every one officer that “liked” my dogs, two acted arrogantly and either intimated that they would, or outright threatened to, shoot them.

    1. The LaGrange officers that shot the dog WERE animal control, as it’s LaGrange PD’s function since the city has no lone-standing animal control department, per se.

      That’s interesting — so a group of people authorized to use deadly force and given zero animal control training whatsoever are officially in charge of…..animal control. Nice.

      I agree that owners should be really careful for their own good (and the good of their pets). But fuck, you know? Dogs get out sometimes. It’s no reason to perforate the poor things.

    2. If you go to Youtube you can see the first part of the video were the cops are actually petting the dog.

      1. Please tell me you are joking. Seriously. Sick fucks.

  18. What the shit? They had to wait until the dog wasn’t moving to shoot it, but they felt threatened by the thing? Jesus.

  19. Seriously, those cops could’ve planted explosives under that dog. I’ll be sure to include such a scene in Trannyformers 3. KABLOOM!

    1. Well then I’ll just record you on video….oh wait….

    2. To be fair, at least we’re not shooting PEOPLE.

      At least, not when you aren’t armed and flakjacketed up the wazoo.

      Even if we did, we’re untouchable!

      Hope you aren’t looking for a paid vacation right now.

  20. (The police definition of “pit bull” often seems to be “any dog we shot.”)

    So true. They learned it from the retards in the media, of course, who routinely call any dog that attacks someone a pit bull. I remember reading that someone followed up on some of those stories, and discovered that the dogs in question included a German Shepherd and a Collie.

    My pit is a rescue dog. Her mother was shot by cops doing a dynamic entry. Its a miracle they didn’t gun down the litter of puppies, too. After all, they might grow up to frighten a cop someday. Best to be on the safe side.

    1. Pit bulls are the canine version of “assault rifles”.

    2. “Dynamic entry” means “SWAT assault with deadly force” right?

  21. The Missouri Video is actually WORSE than what Balko linked. Perhaps someone already posted it in the comments, but there is the longer version of the same video that shows the cops petting the dog while it is chained to the trailer. The dog is very pleasant and wagging his tail. Something happens and the video restarts with the dog chained to the back of what appears to be a police video which is where the video Balko linked up begins. I would love to have more background on this shooting if anyone knows where to find it…

    1. Here is more info for anyone interested. It appears that the DOG OWNER was charged and convicted for keeping an unregistered vicious dog. The video was shown in court. Everyone should rest assured though. the Missouri Humane Society investigator promised to investigate.

      1. I think the article says that the owner acted as his own attorney and the video was not shown in court. He was also convicted of having a vicious animal not muzzled or on a leash.

        1. derr- thanks. I meant to say that the video was NOT shown in court. Thank you for that important correction!!

        2. Now now, don’t interrupt our two minutes hate on the justice system with petty facts.

  22. The more I know cops, the more I like dogs.

  23. While we’re talking about cops being douches…


  24. I have a 7 month old black Lab, and these kinds of videos scare the crap out of me! I guarantee she would be shot if the cops ever entered my house for whatever reason, just because she hasn’t been trained well yet and acts like any Lab puppy does and jumps up on “new” people and licks/plays with them. Of course that doesn’t go over well since she’s also already 85 lbs and doesn’t know how big she is, but I shudder to think what a cop would do walking into my house like that!
    And it really scares me to think what kind of violence I’d let loose on a cop in that situation!

    1. Best not to invite them in.

      1. They invite themselves in, warrant or not.

    2. Labs, especially Chocolate Labs, seem to have a gene which tells them “everyone wants to play with me.” Unfortunately, cops seem incapable of distinguishing a playing dog from one that is a genuine threat.

      (If I wanted to get away from a lab, I’d just throw a tennis ball as far as I could, then go the opposite direction. Of course, when I stopped, I’d probably find a slobber-covered tennis ball at my feet and the dog waiting for me to throw it again.)

    3. Train your dog retard.

      1. I plan to, you ignorant goober. I’ve only had her for 5 months and haven’t had time to get her to training yet. Regardless, an untrained puppy shouldn’t be shot for acting like a puppy.

        1. Get her to training? Train her yourself moron. You’ve wasted 5 months. You should have been working with her a little bit everyday. Now her bad habits are going to be harder to correct. It’s jerks like you that give dogs a bad name.

  25. Any cop that needs to shoot dogs in the situations described here is simply a pussy. Pussies should not be cops; even if they do have the requisite razor burn.

  26. I sooo beat Balko to this nut kick.

    Here’s a cop that deserves a medal. And as usual it’s sad that I think a cop doing his job is medal worth.

    1. did you see how the lady thought he might hurt the dog though? It is good to see that is the default position of the public.

      Im a dog lover

    2. I hope he got to keep it

  27. OTOH, if a person injures or kills a police dog, it’s a major tragedy and society mourns.

    1. More than that. I’ve read in the past (too lazy to dig up links), that people have been charged with the death of a police officer when killing a police dog.

      Once again the hypocrisy of the state shines through.

      1. I think it’s assault of an officer, not murder that those people were charged with. Still ridiculous, but not quite that ridiculous.

  28. That bitch was asking for it.

  29. The simple fact is that some people like shooting things, living things in particular. Cops rarely get a chance to shoot people, so when they get a chance to shoot a dog, they do. When I was in Vietnam, the Army had a problem with guys shooting water buffaloes during fire fights. The buffaloes weren’t dangerous, but you could see them, and you could shoot them, which you usually couldn’t do with the enemy. It’s human nature, really. Why carry a gun if you can’t shoot something with it and watch it die?

    1. It is not “human nature”. It is small-minded sadism.

      There are millions of gun owners who enjoy shooting their guns, but they do it responsibly at firing ranges. And 99% of them would be horrified at the thought of killing a living thing for no reason.

  30. I’m sick about this. The dog was laying on the ground, injured, and wagging its tail after the first bullet and the officer still felt so threatened that he had to put another bullet in the dog? Both that cop and his partner need to be fired and prosecuted.

    1. Well, at that point he needed to be put of his misery. I thought he should have done it right away.

  31. They need to be nailed to a cross and set on fucking fire. After they watch me strangle their kids with a fucking catch pole.

  32. My German Shepherd Fritz actually bit a cop once and lived to tell. Of course the cop was surrounded by armed people at the time, including me…

    1. I would LOVE to hear the rest of that story.

  33. Everyone should send this to everyone they know. People need to become appalled.

  34. It turns out that the video was edited to cover up several illegal activities the dog was engaged in before the shooting. Here is a still frame that portrays the disturbing picture.

    1. Har-de-har-fucking har.

      Go eat a bag of baby dicks, motherfucker.

  35. Fuc∈’ ignorant pigs….

    1. And did I say how ignorant these fuc∈’ pigs are?

  36. land of the free?

    1. Free to Die.

  37. I know a few cops and we get what we pay for, especially in smaller towns and small cities. Most of the locals could not get a decent job anywhere but on the force; they’d be asking if you want fries with that if they weren’t cops.

  38. Cops are awful PR people. They’re always yuckin’ it up, usually in front of witnesses and/or on tape, after aerating a dog whether it was justified or not.

    True dumshits, man.

  39. The next time one of you gets robbed or needs help, may I suggest you call the Humane Society. God know those cops might shoot your dog. In fact, I might shoot your dog because you are so stupid.

    1. Try it motherfucker. I guarantee you will bleed out before my dog does. Last time I called the cops because I got robbed they couldn’t be bothered to show up to take a report. The next asshole that tried to rob me got a .45 ACP pointed at his face and he left for parts unknown. Fuck you cop worshiping cock sucker.

  40. Can’t they just give the dog some narcotics to calm the thing down for a few hours?

  41. A police videotape of the shooting is on YouTube and has created a stir because it shows officer Doug Howell shooting the dog twice after it became agitated while on a catch poll….Howell testified that he cited Mays on March 30 for failing to register a pit bull and failure to muzzle or leash a vicious dog. Howell said the pit bull and the American Bulldog were the same dog.

    Unfortunately, most people think cops are superheroes even though most of them on the douchebag side of average.

  42. Dead dogs tell no tales.

  43. Howell shot one round into the chest since he was close to residences and it offered the “biggest target.” After waiting for about 30 seconds, he shot the dog in the head “because I did not want it to suffer.”

    Being a police officer means never having to say you’re sorry.

  44. Makes want to vomit. I would seriously wait until I saw the officer in plain clothes and enact revenge on behalf of the dog. Did you see this guy? He couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag without that gun. Damnit this really pisses me off. To make matters worse, both officers walked. I do not know the full story of why they were there but the dog clearly shows no threat to their activity of enforcing the law.

  45. As an appraiser I am often confronted with territorial dogs- most likely at least as often as police are. Notice I say territorial and not agressive- dogs have been selectively bred over millenia to protect their peoples homes. Yet in all the years I’ve done this, a firm voice and absence of fear is all I’ve required to handle hundreds of dogs that have growled or acted “aggresively” towards me. Cowards are what these officers are, on top of trigger happy criminals.

  46. Of course there will be cops who misbehave in any circumstance, but as a general practice, you just can’t be hard on cops for shooting dogs. A dog CANNOT clearly communicate that it will not attack. In fact, certain breeds (mostly fighting breeds) are bred to “fake out” animals/people they will attack.

    Dogs are a luxury. Yes, they’re alive, and they are intelligent. But you have to honor a person’s life over an animal’s.

    1. But you CAN be hard on cops for shooting a dog that is chained and/or already subdued on a catch pole. That’s ridiculous.

    2. no you’re wrong. Dogs, for the most part, are incredibly “honest”. They communicate clearly what they are feeling and what they may do. The problem is that people don’t understand dog language.

  47. I hope somebody shoots that cop in the head. Fucking pig deserves to die a terrible death.

  48. As I was reading the article, you could probably replace ‘dog’ with ‘person of color’and it would read in a eerily similar way. The stange thing is that there’s no mention of “mistakenly” killing police dogs. That gives dogs an advantage as officers of color are shot at an alarming rate by police officers.

  49. Sadly, another one


  50. Those cops are extremely violent and so cruel. That’s another sad news of police mishandling situation and show no respect to life. Those police should suffer true kind of penalty..

  51. My aunt had her dog dragged out of a cage and shot 6times, just to “prove a point”. The point being made was that the cops extradited a warrant for “marijuana”. They found nothing in the home and her son(whom the cops thought was the drug dealer because of the traffic in and out of the home)was being a smart as* and being disrespectful to the officer.. So the officer dragged the dog out of its cage and shot it 6 times. Just so happens it was a pitbull. who would of guessed? Since then my aunt has filed a report but we all know nothing will be done about it.

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