Spain Gets a Meat Vending Machine


True story: There is a vending machine for meat in Spain:

Said vending machine is located outside a 100-year-old butcher shop and allows customers to buy meat around the clock. The vending machine features meats, sausages, sandwiches and other goods on a seasonally rotating basis.

The butcher shop also apparently features multilingual touchscreens that help people who speak a variety of different languages order without the usual confusion.

I reviewed the Senate's hotdog vending machine, and hollered about the provision in the House health care bill requiring nutrition labeling on vending machines. I've celebrated veterans who get their beer from vending machines. I've also written about machines that vend gold in Abu Dhabi and pizza in Rome.

Wow. Apparently I'm obsessed.

Radley Balko reviewed the secret history of the vending machine here.

Via Courtney Knapp, my co-guestblogger over at Megan McArdle's site.