Reason.tv: Here Come Da Judge! Andrew Napolitano on Lies The Gov't Told You & His New Fox Business Show


The fiercely libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano talks with Reason.tv's Nick Gillespie about his latest book, Lies The Government Told You, and his new show on Fox Business, which debuts Saturday, June 12, at 10 A.M. ET.

Shot by Dan Hayes and Meredith Bragg.

Approximately 20 minutes, in two parts.

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  1. Why can’t Napolitano’s and Stossel’s shows be on regular Fox News? Not nearly as many people get FBN as Fox News. Those two shows are the only things worth watching on Fox’s news channels.

    1. Seconded. I don’t get FBN. Or C-SPAN 2 & 3 for that matter. Fucking Comcast: “Our government at work, or another shitty shopping network? Decisions, decisions…”

      1. third’d.

        1. 4th
          Hear the lamintations of the Comcast customers!!!

          1. 5th’d

            And I get FBN I just wish they would get rid of Sean Hannity and replace him with Stossel.

            1. FBN is generally credible though, so it might be better to be on there than fox news.

            2. FBN is generally credible though, so it might be better to be on there than fox news.

            3. I would prefer them to get rid of Shep Smith….yuck!!! Love the Judge and Stossel.

      2. I have Comcast and I get all those channels.

    2. I suspect it has to do with offending the delicate sensibilities of the typical Fox viewer.

    3. Fox “Tabloid” News is geared towards providing propaganda to Neoconservatives and Christian Right true believers.

      The game is to pose every issue as a false dichotomy between the right and the left, and then let “you decide” what the manufactured consensus ought to be. But what viewers don’t notice is that both points of view are Authoritarian.

      FBN is geared more toward capitalism and providing investment information so it is promoted to a hipper crowd.

      Given the current political climate, I don’t understand why Judge Napolitano’s ideas haven’t been suppressed. Maybe things are not quite that bad yet.

      1. Excellent.

      2. Hey, we liberals can be authoritarian, too! In fact, that’s why I ran for president!

      3. Van is an idiot. Typical response of a left wing loon when confronted with truth about his precious Democrats.

        1. Nice ad hominem. He’s an idiot because he tells the truth?

          O’Reilly and Hannity are big government conservatives and I’m sure Hannity secretly endorses theocracy. (hyperbole? maybe)

          Oh, if you bothered to read his comment you would see that he’s libertarian, hence the disdain for Authoritarianism and respect for Judge Nap.

          1. You are quite right Jeffm. My political philosophy is libertarian. I normally vote a straight Republican ticket out of despair and have a Republican State Judge in the family. I have been employed for the past twenty years in the Defense/Aerospace Industry, that is, the Military Industrial Complex as a System Analyst.

            I’d like to pose the following questions to anyone who doubts my posting here.

            Who was Edward Bernays?
            Who was Edward Bernays Uncle?
            What member of the Freud family did Rupert Murdoch hire as his Public Relations man in England?

  2. It would make more sense to try and grab the libertarian crowd, since they like to swing both ways in elections ;). Get them watching the conservative media and they might be more apt to vote conservative. No one ever accused the media of being bright though.

  3. Lie? the Government doesn’t lie to us.

    1. Right. Only when their lips are moving.

  4. I can see how making “Business” the libertarian channel and “News” the Republican channel?without saying so?might be a good idea.

    It’s all “Faux!” to the audience Fox doesn’t pursue, but the reachables who have hangups about Beck or whoever (I have no idea who else is on Fox) could latch on to the distinction.

  5. No one is more consistent than the Judge with respect to coming down on the side of individual, personal liberty.

  6. This dude is awesome, especially his hair.

    1. The second video is a “hair-off”, and Gillespie is about to get schooled.

      1. He has more follicles per square inch than a seal.

  7. I got rid of my cable three years ago. Now that Fox gave first Stossel and now Napolitano his own show, I had cable set up yesterday and special ordered Fox Business Channel. I am writing Fox to let them know. I also am paying for Showtime so I can watch Bullshit, the new season started last night so that was good timing on my part.

    To clarify, I am not paying for cable JUST because of Stossel and Napolitano. Stossel and Napolitano now make it so there is enough programming on TV that I was willing to watch to make it worth paying for.

    1. What about the NFL network? It is a great escape!

      1. I refuse to watch the circuses, and I’m trying hard to get the govment to stop handing out bread.

        1. Hear no evil, see no evil… but is it delicious?

  8. It has been interesting to watch Glenn Beck educate himself (plus his audience) and become more libertarian in the last 18 months.

    I think the country is about to get an even better education from the Judge.

    1. Beck would be so much more effective without the Jimmy Swaggart style cryin’ and emotin’

  9. I don’t get anything but basic cable, but:

    Stossel is on Hulu, and I presume that the Judge’s new show will be also. You never need miss an episode.

    You can get showtime shows, such as Bullshit, on Netflix. Who needs cable?

    1. I have never heard of “Bullshit” but since people keep bringing it up, I will netflix it.

      1. A poster a reason hasn’t heard of Penn and Tellers tv show? It’s good. Favorites: drug ep and world peace ep.

      2. Prepare thyself. There are NO sacred cows on that show.

      3. That show significantly changed my life. No exaggeration.

  10. Libertarians and others who are proponents of personal rights and individual responsibility, should never undervalue what a prized rarity, His Honor, Judge Napolitano is. I cannot recall one other government adjudicator, whether active or retired, who has been so outspoken and consistent about the government’s systematic eroding of civil liberties. This man has devoted himself to the noble ideas of self-autonomy, constitutional freedoms and the right to privacy. He has propelled libertarian concepts swiftly forward and helped to further and legitimize this political philosophy. The Judge is just one striking sign of a libertarian renaissance. There are others such as John Stossel, Lew Rockwell, James Bovard, Walter Williams, Cody Willard, Jim Babka, Peter Schiff, Nick Gillespie and of course, Ron Paul and his Son, Rand. They are all receiving greater amounts of airtime now and making more people aware of free market theories and the principles of liberty. If the late, great Harry Browne were alive today, he would not only be hopeful but he may have to admit to finally being somewhat optimistic.

    1. I don’t disagree with your statement, but wish only to clarify that (imo) it is not accurate to call Cody Willard a libertarian. Granted I fell into that trap earlier on, but watching him basically beg Ann Coulter to not call him one raised my eyebrow. Follow that with some of the praise he has given for certain welfare programs and anti-trust regs (both of which would cause Rockwell to scream statist and force Stossel to explain the DWL created by both) from someone who’s degree is in econ is inexcusable. Just my two cents though. Great video. Always good to hear from the Judge!

  11. I’m not understanding the judge’s last comment that if you owned a business and you didn’t want someone(anyone) there you couldn’t call the cops to have them removed?? Should the owner shoot them if they don’t leave his property??

    1. I agree. If you cannot call the police to remove a trespasser, that is the same as the government saying you must admit anyone that wants entry. The Judge’s comments make no sense. Is he advocating that people can then take the law into their own hands? What?

      1. I’m thinking it’s a similar situation in which a retail outlet banning concealed weapons in a state where open carry laws exist. They don’t have to serve you, but it’s no legal offense in you push your cart around the store. Walmart took this tack in states where carry laws went into effect, posting red pictures of handguns encircled whith the dreaded slash through the circle. It means nothing, except the proprietor need not serve you. Wally soon abandon the signs.

    2. He said that in reference to not serving a particular group (Italians I think he used in the example). He said that he felt you shouldn’t be forced to serve anyone, but if you choose not to serve that person, you shouldn’t be able to call the police because that (insert group here) came into your establishment. You got it all twisted.

    3. his statement was on the governments unfounded right to enforce segregation even when put in place by privet citizens not your right to remove the individual by any lawful means.

  12. Give ’em the gun.

  13. Go Judge! Can’t wait to see Lew Rockwell and other anarcho-capitalists on cable tv!

  14. This doesn’t show up on my TiVo, meaning that FBN isn’t giving guide data on this show to Tribune. Way to go Fox.

  15. Free Market, people. I got sick of cable, so I got Directv. FBN is part of my regular programming.

  16. like many conservatives, the judge has areas to grow in. his example of not using the gov. in the diner when a black comes in thats not wanted is in correct. the police should take action if the black(or whoever) refuses to leave when asked by the owner or mngr., thats called trespassing. don’t be afraid of real freedom, it exposes evil, like predujice

    1. prejudice,sorry

  17. here’s a prediction about the judge and glenn. in the future they will see the error of their ways in limiting their corrective action against the gov. to non-violence/non-force.right now they both preach peaceful change. few if any gov. have changed to more freedom/human rights peacefully. sounds good, doesn’t work. ask the founders.BTW all the freedoms being discussed are from the bible, you know, “free will”, God’s the original author of “free to choose”.read matthew 20:1-16

    1. Since there is no god he couldn’t have authored anything. Friedman is the author of “free to choose.” “Free will” is a part of man’s natural rights.

      Carry on.

      1. and the natural rights also come from “our creator”(you’ve probably heard that before). unfortunately for you God says, the fool has said in his heart there is no god. but until you die you can still embrace His son Jesus as your savior from your sins.

  18. It was great discovering another Catholic pro-life libertarian in Andrew Napolitano.

    And yes, there are such libertarians, who also believe the “War on Drugs” is not only stupid but also immoral. (Just sorry to see that George Soros agrees with me as I despise Soros….)

  19. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  20. There is enough evidence on each one of these crooks to prosecute them for High treason, corruption, coercion – just to name a few. Why and how are they getting by with such serious crimes? Who is protecting the nation? The House should be – why are they not?

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