Don't You Go Calling Obama an "ex-state senator," Hater!



I don't spend much time either reading Media Matters for America or defending the delicate honor of my previous employer, but this MM attack on L.A. Times political blogger Andrew Malcolm–with the typically nuanced Media Matters headline of "Why does the Los Angeles Times hate Obama?"–illustrates the perhaps inevitable degradations of partisan media watchdoggery when the watcher's team is in power.

MM accuses Malcolm of "childish name-calling," in which he deploys "insulting phrases," "childish put-downs," and "sneering, condescending language to describe the president of the United States." Malcolm "routinely disrespect[s] the president in a casually insulting way," using "oddly inappropriate and flippant language" to "portray the president as some kind of punk" and "treat the president as a two-bit hood." He is a "pretty shallow" and "amateurish" "Michelle Malkin wannabe," a purveyor of "relentlessly partisan, right-wing junk" who is "clearly unprofessional," "excruciatingly lame," "uniformly dishonest and sophomoric."

So what's the evidence for this "Obama-hating"? Here is MM's damning list of Malcolm's "insulting phrases":

* "the United States' Democratic Smoker-in-Chief"
* "the Real Good Talker"
* "Smoker-in-Chief"
* "the community organizer"
* "ex-state senator"
* "The Smoker"
* "the nation's top talker"
* "what's-his-name in the White House"
* "Duffer-in-Chief"
* "the ex-senator from Illinois"

Really, that's it. Certainly a much milder collection of words about the president of the United States than what Media Matters used to characterize the blogger making them.

Why, Otis Chandler would be rolling in his grave if he knew that L.A. Times employees were disrespecting the president!

And do click on those links, too: The "ex-senator from Illinois" description, in addition to being (like many on this list) 100% factually accurate, was in a blog post about…Obama's comments contrasting famed Illinois basketball player Michael Jordan with L.A.'s Kobe Bryant. "What's-his-name" was in a post about how voters were punishing incumbents from both parties and rejecting the president's endorsements. The second "Smoker-in-Chief" reference was in the context of a reportedly Obama-supported health care reform provision "to develop a new national standard for restaurant menus."

None of which is to say that Malcolm doesn't use cheeky language and (shudder) stabs at humor to knock politicians down a peg–he does, constantly; that's part of his basic shtick. But if that list above amounts to "hate," then what modifiers do we have left to describe presidential assessments by Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, and Hunter S. Thompson, to say nothing of such lesser writers as Molly Ivins, Garrison Keillor, and Nicholson Baker?

Media Matters' Eric Boehlert then duct-tapes this "please kick me" sign onto his rumpus:

And I don't even have to do a Google search to know for a fact that when President Bush was in office, there was nobody on staff at the Times, and certainly nobody writing off the opinion pages, who was allowed to so casually insult the office of the presidency on a regular basis.

As the Internet kidz like to say, let me Google that for you. There'll you see a Bush-era L.A. Times columnist–one of the most consistently popular among the paper's stable at the time–who used these phrases to describe Obama's predecessor:

* "Bubble Boy"
* "willfully blind"
* "distracted and incompetent"
* "homegrown authoritarian"
* "Torturer-in-Chief"
* "a bad dream, a shameful, inexplicable interlude in American history"
* enabler of "the so-called Big Lie theory of political propaganda, articulated most infamously by Adolf Hitler."
* "if you dilute civilian control of the military, you end up with fascism or a Latin American-style military junta….we're already well on the way to having that kind of regime."
* "being a citizen in George W. Bush's America is like being a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver."
* "I don't hate George Bush. But I sure hate what he's done to my country."

And *this* hater even works for the government!

Incidentally, that columnist above, Rosa Brooks, has since gone on to take a job in Obama's Pentagon.

Media Matters would do well to heed a point Brooks made in that last linked column about accusations of Bush-hatred: "we need to stop letting the far right get away with dismissing all criticism of the Bush administration as irrational 'hatred.'" The same principle applies when the teams flip.

And I might append a further point: In the world of opinion journalism (and basic citizenry), there's nothing inherently wrong with hating on the most powerful person in the world, or using juvenile phrases like "George W. Jackass." What matters (or what should) is the quality of the critique. I would hate to live in a world where calling the American president an "ex-state senator" is far more beyond the pale than asserting, based partly on that evidence, that an entire newspaper, filled with very different humans with very different points of view, "hates" the president.

UPDATE: Eric Boehlert has issued a (pathetic) response here. See also various posts from Patrick "Patterico" Frey, starting here.

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  1. Its easy to explain. Media Matters was in a coma from 2001 to 2009.

    1. Media Matters = super, duper extra retarded fetuses.

      They need to be aborted multiple times.

  2. Man, this post is a sea of orange. Well done as usual, Matt.

    1. It’s kind of red to me.

    2. Try turning your desktop gamma down just a lil bit.

  3. The salty, salty tears of the Obama-fellators as he augurs in are so very delicious.

    1. The only group of people more thin-skinned than the Obama Administration are his cheerleaders in the press. It’s past sickening. Now it’s just comical.

      1. It’s still sickening. It’s only comical in the sense that, if I couldn’t laugh about it, I’d cry.

        1. “Comically Tragic”, That work for you?

          1. aka “tragicomic.”
            Yes, that describes it.

  4. You’d think that all of the endless anti-war protests over the past 18 months would have put that idea of rabid leftist partisanship to bed.

    They’re doing God’s work, Matt. Oppose them at your own peril.

    1. You’d think that all of the endless anti-war protests over the past 18 months would have put that idea of rabid leftist partisanship to bed.

      You noticed that too? Hippieville seems to have a credibility problem.

  5. Just call Obama the HNIC and be done with it.

    Man I’d love to see all the attention that would draw.

    1. “Head Nut in Charge”? That seems pretty tame.

      1. I would have guessed Nanny.

        1. Nagger. Because of the nannying, which makes him one of those “people who annoy you.”

          1. Racist!

  6. “some kind of punk” and “two-bit hood” sound like good descriptions for someone who threatens me with force if I refuse to give him my money or want to put things in my body he doesn’t approve of.

  7. Yet Matt sees it necessary to perpetuate the bitchery cycle.

    Matt Welch you’re a freedom of speech hating loser for calling Media Matters a loser for calling Malcolm a loser for calling the president a loser…

    1. STFU Tony. The Left ran around and called Bush every name in the book, which is there right. But they forfeited any right to complain about anything anyone has to say about the Zero. It is that simple. You cannot scream and throw shit like angry monkeys for eight years where you are out of power and then talk about the need for comity once you take power. It doesn’t work like that.

      1. You can do that, but then you deserve to be treated with absolute, total disrespect.

      2. I just don’t see the point of the whining…

        Call the president anything you want, I don’t give a shit.

        1. Poo-flinging bitch.

    2. Might have expected Tony to not tell the difference between Media Matters complaining while making factually inaccurate statements, and Matt complaining while making factually accurate statements correcting them.

      1. Regardless, he’s the President and you should respect the office, not the man. I don’t seem to recall this kind of vitriol and hate mongering coming from the left when George Bush was in office.

          1. Laugh all you want, but it’s true. There was strong and passionate debate about Bush’s policies, but there was almost no name calling or hate coming from the left. Sorry if you can’t tell the difference.

            1. What color is the sky on your planet?

              1. And can we drill for oil there?

            2. Tony|6.11.10 @ 1:28PM|#
              “…there was almost no name calling or hate coming from the left….”

              Tony, you’re reality check bounced.

              1. Tony? Tony Rezko? You got internet privileges? How many cigarettes did that cost?

              1. My exact response, Chimpy-McH*****, to Obamabots that whine about all the negative name calling.

              2. You forgot about these!

            3. Wow new low in stupid today for Tony. Did you not even look at the post. Whole laundry list of names for Bush. All of which were fine by me BTW.

              Respect for the office was a BIG Republican buzz phrase during the Bush years. You just picked that up and ran with it huh?

            4. Tony is experiencing a schism with reality for the moment. Please stand by until the psychotropic meds kick in, at which point he might be able to be elevated to the status of “marginally coherent”.

              1. Tony is experiencing a schism with reality for the moment. Please stand by until the psychotropic meds kick in, at which point he might be able to be elevated to the status of “marginally coherent”.

                How does he expect us to give him any credence when he discusses fossil fuels or climate change?

            5. “Tony”, troll, you have no contact with reality.
              For eight solid years there was never anything but pure hate from the left, ever.

              1. I’m the real Tony, and I agree, but then again he deserved it. He also deserves to be in prison.

            6. Tony got brain damaged from all the arsenic Bush put in the water.

            7. Wow. Those are some serious blinders you got on there.

        1. Just to test your actual grip on reality, do you reallllllly believe that or does it just sort of ooze out of your mouth?

        2. [spit take]

        3. Your kidding right, Tony?

        4. this type of comment convinces me you are a plant sent by reason HQ to drum up comments.

        5. That can’t be our Tony. Even he is not stupid enough to make such an inane statement.

          Spoofer for sure.

          1. I think he’s never been anything but a spoof.

            Regarding John’s comment above, I think the Angry Monkey Party is a good name for the Democrats’ current iteration. If they move back into traditional liberalism, then they can have their old name back.

            1. If they move back into traditional liberalism, then they can have their old name back.

              You mean White Man’s Party?

              1. Ouch.

        6. were you asleep for 8 years? How many bushitler refferences did you miss?

          1. McChimpy?

            1. McChimpy?

              Whereas comparing Obama to a chimp is somehow racist.

        7. I respect neither the office nor the man.

        8. Why in the cocksucking fuck should anyone respect the office of the President? Fuck the office of the President, and fuck the President, and fuck you, Tony.

          “But a president…well, why not shoot a president?”

          1. It looks like we got us a new member of the no-fly list.

          2. Bob is that you?

        9. Regardless, he’s the President and you should respect the office, not the man.

          If I didn’t respect the office, I wouldn’t care whether it was occupied by a lying fucktard. When was the last time I ranted about the incompetence of an assistant manager at a paint store?

          1. That time with the paint-shaker mishap?

        10. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!

          You gotta be frikkin’ JOKING!!!!!


    3. Tony,
      Should we cue the violins for you? That whine ain’t vintage.

      1. Hey, i’ve got some cheese to go with that whine. It’s a nicely aged block of Smegma.

    4. Just joining in this pile-on. My lawd Jeezus Tony. You’re fucked up in the head son.

  8. Which isn’t to say that Malcolm isn’t a really lame writer. One of his first pieces in the Times was a book review raving about Ann Coulter’s tome, “Slander”, and his work since then has been consistently lame and fact-free. Between Platchke and Malcolm, it’s a real battle to determine what’s the bigger embarrassment to the Times. He shouldn’t be canned because of his right-wing politics or because of his former role as a flack for the last Administration (qualities that would have one time described Bill Safire, btw), but because he has no wit.

    1. I am sure you are just outraged by the number of former Democratic flacks masquerading as journalists. Oh that is right, the rules don’t apply to the Left because they know better than everyone else.

      1. The problem with the former Democratic flacks masquerading as journalists is that many of them who were screaming “BUSHITLERHALLIBURTONGENOCIDALNOBLOODFOROIIILLLL!!!!” during the last eight years got jobs IN THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, and now they want to act like everyone played nice while George was in office.

        Such hypocritical fucks it’s astounding.

      2. former Democratic flacks masquerading as journalists

        Like former Obama Administration (“Fishy emails”) hack Linda Douglass, who went from TV news to The White House and now to The Atlantic? Is there a shred of objective integrity anywhere in high-level journalism?

    2. STEVESMITH is right, leaving politics aside the guy is a shitty hack of a writer*, and to even be mentioned in the same article as Mencken, Thompson, and Twain is more than he deserves. Go read the articles linked, the guy lacks the imagination and wit of a good satirist/muckraker.

      *please read this sentence over before you howl about libruls denigrating Bush, I could give a shit. Obama and Bush are both statist freaks who say “folks” too much…fuck ’em both.

  9. “sneering, condescending language to describe the president of the United States.”

    President should be capitalized.

    Don’t those hyperventilating douchebags have proofreaders?

    1. Everyone be hatin’.

    2. You gave me an idea.
      Instead of the “President” Of the United States, what if the title was “Douchebag” of the United States? Or better yet, “Mother-f*cking scum ball sucking dick licking ass hole eating pederast bitch spawn”

      It would elevate political discourse, while assuring that the elected offical who serves in the White House is addressed in a manner commensurate with the esteem most Americans hold for elected officials.

      1. “Mother-f*cking scum ball sucking dick licking ass hole eating pederast bitch spawn” is way too long. Gotta think in soundbites. Motherfucker, or Motherfucker in Chief would suffice.

        1. Motherfucker in Chief actually sounds kind of badass. Like something said in a movie in which Samuel L. Jackson is playing the president.

          1. I second this motion.

            I would much rather have a Samuel L. Jackson-esque Motherfucka’ in Chief who does nothing but fuck bitches and do blow–while leaving me alone–than what we have now.

            It would be both cool and practical.

            1. I miss Bill Clinton too.

              1. Bill Clinton?

                Hell, I’m starting to miss Jimmy Carter.

          2. Just call him HNIC. That will give the Left something to bitch about.

            1. What does that stand for, John?

            2. this is sooooo embarrasing…what does HNIC stand for?

              1. Since I was tasteless enough to post it above, I’ll be tasteless enough to post it again –

                head nigga in charge

                1. Oh. Well, that puts me in my place, I guessed “nanny.”


                  1. Also, to keep this in context, hater.


                Urban Dictionary is your friend.

          3. More like President Camacho in the film Idiocracy.

            1. Terry Crews for President.

    3. If I remember my Chicago Style manual correctly, tittle should only be capitalized when used in conjunction with a name.

      Correct: In case it’s not obvious, President Obama is a shit-addled fucktwattle who shouldn’t be trusted to tie his own shoes.

      Incorrect: The President is incapable of generating a coherent thought that wasn’t pre-chewed for him, let alone coming up with an original idea.

      1. Yes, that is the Chicago way. CMOS, 15th Edition.

        8.21 …title are capitalized when they immediately precede a personal name and are thus used as part of the name…Title are normally lowercased when following a name or used in place of a name (but see 8.22).

        President Lincoln; the president

        8.22 Exceptions may also be called for promotional or other contexts for reasons of courtesy or politics….A title used alone, in place of a personal name is capitalized only in such contexts as a toast or a formal introduction, or when used in direct address.

        8.23 When a title is used in apposition before a personal name, not as part of the name but as a descriptive tag, and often with the, it is lowercased.

        former presidents Reagan and Carter

        8.36 Epithets, or nicknames. A characterizing word or phrase used as part of, or instead of, a person’s name is capitalized.

        George Herman “Babe” Ruth
        Ivan IV, “the Terrible”

      2. AP Style says “in general, confine capitalization to formal titles used directly before an individual’s name.”

        If you use Chicago Style, you deserve what you get. Like health care reform.

      3. If I recall correctly, Chicago Style requires the use of a Louisville Slugger.

        1. Correct. It’s like Greek Style, but with more splinters and screaming.

          1. Actually, applied correctly, Chicago Style induces much briefer screaming.

  10. If I didn’t use sneering, condescending language to describe all politicians, I’d be left with nothing but profanity. I’m pretty sure MM would prefer we refer to him as “teh n00b” or “ex-state senator” than “ignorant cocksucker” or “stupid motherfucker”.

    I’ll probably use variations of all four, depending on my mood.

  11. “Obama’s comments contrasting famed Illinois basketball player Michael Jordan with L.A.’s Kobe Bryant” were “Oh, Michael! I mean, Kobe’s terrific. Don’t get me wrong. But I haven’t seen anybody match up with Jordan yet.”

    You oversold that. Like Hitler.

    I was expecting an expert academic breakdown that cleaves through the haze of race and capitalist mystification as only Obama can and shows Kobe’s not even as good as Ginobili. Instead I get “Mike is fuckin’ Mike, yo.”

    You put that in me. That “yo.”

      1. I thought it was just me.

    1. Time to readjsut the meds again.

  12. And I might append a further point: In the world of opinion journalism (and basic citizenry), there’s nothing inherently wrong with hating on the most powerful person in the world.

    In the world of American “opinion” journalism, there must be something inherently wrong with hating the One True Messiah. That’s how it works, Matt.

  13. “lesser writers as Molly Ivins”

    Fuck you, Matt.

    1. Yeah. That was an insult to lesser writers everywhere.

      1. Fuck you, John.

        1. Go back to France, you little cheese eater, Pip!

      2. You can’t argue with a palindrome.

        1. No shit.

        2. Tell it, bro.

        3. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

          1. A man, a plan, a canal: Panama

            This is fun, whee!

            1. Able was I ere I saw St. Helena.

              A man, a plan, a canal: St. Lawrence Seaway.

  14. “Respect my authoritas!”

  15. You have to forgive Eric Boehlert – when one uses the President’s ass-cheeks for ear muffs, one’s perspective is skewed. See, for example, Andrew Sullivan.

  16. This article is ridiculous. I know plenty of people who hate Obama. And plenty of people hated Bush!

    Guess what? They’re both cunts!

    1. You only knew two?

  17. There was strong and passionate debate about Bush’s policies, but there was almost no name calling or hate coming from the left. Sorry if you can’t tell the difference.

    I’m agog.

    1. I think someone is spoofing him.

      1. But it’s a quality spoof because you can’t be sure.

  18. …to say nothing of such lesser writers as Molly Ivins, Garrison Keillor, and Nicholson Baker?

    Mmmmmmm tasty.


  19. For those of you who didn’t click the link, enjoy Mark Twain on Teddy:

    Our people have adored this showy charlatan as perhaps no impostor of his brood has been adored since the Golden Calf, so it is to be expected that the Nation will want him back again after he is done hunting other wild animals heroically in Africa, with the safeguard and advertising equipment of a park of artillery and a brass band.

    1. How about Thompson on Nixon:

      There was no need to look anywhere else for the evil bastard. He had the fighting instincts of a badger trapped by hounds. The badger will roll over on its back and emit a smell of death, which confuses the dogs and lures them in for the traditional ripping and tearing action. But it is usually the badger who does the ripping and tearing. It is a beast that fights best on its back: rolling under the throat of the enemy and seizing it by the head with all four claws.

      That was Nixon’s style — and if you forgot, he would kill you as a lesson to the others. Badgers don’t fight fair, bubba. That’s why God made dachshunds.

      1. Sort of off-topic and tangentially related – has anyone here seen the movie Black Dynamite?

        1. That movie was true to form. Sucked just like a real 70s movie.

      2. In Nixon’s case it turned out he wasn’t faking that smell of death.

    2. Or Mencken on Teddy:

      “Roosevelt, for all his fluent mastery of democratic counter-words, democratic gestures and all the rest of the armamentarium of the mob-master, had no such faith in his heart of hearts. He didn’t believe in democracy; he believed simply in government. His remedy for all the great pangs and longings of existence was not a dispersion of authority, but a hard concentration of authority. He was not in favor of unlimited experiment; he was in favor of a rigid control from above, a despotism of inspired prophets and policemen.”

      1. Thanks for those, Warty, but I have a simpler one on Teddy: Teddy Roosevelt was a horses ass. Of course, this is why I will never be regarded as one of history’s great writers.

    3. “I think the President is clearly insane in several ways, and insanest upon war and its supreme glories. I think he longs for a big war wherein he can spectacularly perform as chief general and chief admiral…. Mr. Roosevelt is the Tom Sawyer of the political world of the twentieth century; always showing off; always hunting for a chance to show off; in his frenzied imagination the Great Republic is a vast Barnum circus with him for a clown and the whole world for an audience.”

      This was Twain’s assessment of McCain’s role model of a president, but a pretty good description of most presidents since then. Perhaps Silent Cal was an exception.

      Oh, it appears that Mark Twain also capitalized president.

      1. Um? It also seems he inhabited a parallel universe where McCain was president and they were contemporaries.

        Or have I missed something again? Sometimes I feel so outclassed here…

        1. McCain’s role model

  20. If I remember my Chicago Style manual correctly, tittle should only be capitalized when used in conjunction with a name.

    My (non-Chicago derived) recollection is that a reference to the “President of the United States” is always capitalized. Lesser presidencies, such as Kiwanis Club, or National Socialists, no.

    1. You capitalize God, right? Then you should capitalize the greater office as well.

      1. Well are we talking about “a” god, or “the” God?

        1. There is only one God, and the American press is His prophet.

          1. If someone asks you if you are a God, you say Yes!

            1. Sir, I am not programmed to impersonate a deity.

    2. “tittle should only be capitalized when used in conjunction with a name.”

      You mean like: ” Man! Suzy’s got great tittles!”

      1. Should “knobs” be capitalized?

        1. It depends on how big they are.

      2. No, “Suzy’s got great Tittles!”


        1. [shakes fist]

    3. Unless they’ve changed it very recently (which I doubt), AP style is for “president” to be lower-case unless it’s “as a formal title before one or more names”. The actual office or organization is irrelevant.

  21. So basically what we have here is yet another newspaper with an overly inflated sense of self-importance.

  22. The maple bars were irresistible.

  23. AP style is for “president” to be lower-case unless it’s “as a formal title before one or more names”. The actual office or organization is irrelevant.

    I was taught English in the olden days, by a succession of persnickety old hags who would, more likely than not, have characterized the Associated Press as a bunch of godless illiterate hoodlums.

    1. Isn’t being barely literate redundant with being a journalist?

  24. US News and World Report survey:
    George Washington worst president in history with 72% of the vote. Got to love the internet.…..sults.html

    1. Wow, that should be proof positive of how absolutely useless Internet polls are.

    2. Could be hijacked. There are more than a few groups that like to hijack internet polls.

    3. Considering that George Washington invaded Pennsylvania at the head of the U.S. Army and threatened to put its inhabitants to the sword if they didn’t begin paying an unconstitutional tax on whiskey, I think a low ranking is quite appropriate.
      Let’s not ignore his unilateral attack on a French fort that became the casus belli of the French Indian war which caused so much misery to the colonists. In many ways Washington was a glory hound that created horrible, huge messes and was thought a hero for his small part in cleaning them up.

      1. I’ll give you the Whiskey Rebellion, but still, the worst President of all time? Also, what ever he did or didn’t do in the French and Indians War, happened long before he was President and is of no relevance to his performance as President.

  25. It just so happens that I have a copy of A Carnival of Buncombe within easy reach. Mencken routinely capitalized “President” in reference to the supreme executive office of this fair land. Good enough for me.

    Fuck the AP and the Chicago Manual of Style (and that Strunk character, too- whoever HE is). I shall cling to my idiosyncracies.

    1. HEY! Don’t leave me out!

  26. Interesting to see individualists invoking what amounts to a typographical dictatorship to support their personal preferences.

    If you write that “My dog is smarter than the president,” it’s not clear which president you’re talking about. If you write “My dog is smarter than the President,” then it’s obvious (in American culture at least) that you’re talking about the current president of the United States. So there’s justification for the capitalized version in my mind, style guides be damned.

    Maybe I’m just bitter because I lost my 4.0 in high school partially because of a term paper where I repeatedly made the “mistake” of using the singular form of a verb to describe non-collective actions of a group. Such as, “The team celebrates their victory,” is correct in the case of a baseball team celebrating on the field after a walk-off home run, but it is not correct if my team in some online game wins, and each of us celebrates in a different way in our various locations. In that case the correct usage is “The team celebrate their victory.”

    God bless the MLA? NO, God DAMN the MLA.

    1. Crap. The first example should have been, “The team celebrates its victory.” I can’t even illustrate my mistakes correctly.

    2. Is it considered bad usage if your selection of words put me to sleep twice while reading it?

  27. I can’t even illustrate my mistakes correctly.

    Don’t worry, Tulpa; I presume everything you say is wrong.

  28. “famed Illinois basketball player Michael Jordan”

    I first read that to mean you thought Jordan went to Illinois instead of UNC.

  29. I don’t give a crap about capitalizing President.

    What frosts my knickers is the way we continue to give the title to people who used to be President.

    There has not been a President Clinton since January, 2001. Its a job, not a lordship.

  30. If Media Matters got $100,000 for every time someone gave it a good fisking in a post like this, how would things be any different from how they are now?

  31. Liberal Dude Is a Hypocrite! News at 11:00!

  32. Is it OK if we call him by his true name, Barry Soetoro?

  33. Don’t spit in the well.
    You may have to drink the water!

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